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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 12:18 AM
Number of posts: 74,624

Journal Archives

Simple yet effective sign at Michigan student rally against gun violence.....

Michigan students protest to end gun violence through nationwide March For Our Lives movement

Hundreds marched Saturday morning — many in blue March For Our Lives and orange Oxford Strong T-shirts — from Centennial Park in Oxford to the high school where four students were fatally shot.

"It should not be our job to march for sensible change that has not occurred seven months after our school shooting," said Dylan Morris, an Oxford High senior and march organizer. "Our mission today is to push legislators to enact sensible gun laws, safe storage, numerous background checks, red flag laws." .............(more)


Man bitten by alligator after mistaking it for dog on leash

A Florida man was bitten by an alligator he thought was a dog while outside of a motel Tuesday morning, reports say.

The man was walking outside at Warm Mineral Springs Motel in North Port when he saw a dark figure moving along the bushes, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office told WFLA.

He thought it was a dog on a long leash and didn't move out the way, then the alligator bit his leg and ripped out a piece of his muscle tissue.

According to WWSB, the man found a deputy responding to a nearby call who called emergency personnel to take the man to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. .........(more)


Man hunting for flying discs in gator-filled lake found dismembered


The body of Florida man who ventured into an alligator-infested lake in search of flying discs was missing three limbs when recovered by authorities, according to a report.

Sean Thomas McGuinness, 47, was found dismembered on May 31 at Taylor Lake in Largo, where he frequently waded into water to retrieve wayward flying discs from a nearby disc golf course to resell, cops told Spectrum Bay News 9.

“When Sean McGuinness was recovered last week, he was observed to be missing three limbs,” Largo police spokeswoman Megan Santo told the outlet. ..............(more)


Jan. 6 hearings are the jolt of reality Republicans need. But they'll ignore it

Jan. 6 hearings are the jolt of reality Republicans need. But they’ll ignore it

UPDATED JUNE 10, 2022 3:11 PM

It comes at the end.

After his supporters march on the U.S. Capitol chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!” after they breach police barricades, after they smash windows and climb through, after they chant “Hang Mike Pence” and erect a gallows for that purpose, after one of them yells, “White power!” after police are beaten and sprayed and left pleading for backup, after congressional aides flee for their lives, after the proud old American tradition of a peaceful transfer of power has been laid waste forever in an unprecedented bacchanal of carnage. After all that, the voice of Donald Trump is heard in an interview given five days later.

“They were peaceful people,” he says. “These were great people. The crowd was unbelievable. ... The love in the air, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

That moment of cognitive disconnect caps a video played during Thursday night’s televised hearing by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection last year. That committee has multiple missions: to determine the causes, to establish a record of events, to evaluate the performance of law enforcement. But that video — and, more to the point, that moment at the end where Trump lauds the “love” of a mob ransacking the seat of government — suggests another purpose:

Inviting Republicans to return to our shared reality.


Unfortunately, the more deeply people are invested in the comfort of lies, the less use they have for the challenges of truth. So it seems likely the committee’s appeal for Republicans to rejoin reality is destined for meager success at best. .........(more)

Read more at: https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/leonard-pitts-jr/article262371372.html#storylink=cpy

Canada geese a problem in your neighborhood? Take a gander at these DNR tips to deal with them

They can be found in every county in Michigan. In some parts of the state people see them and hear their honking (or hissing) year-round.

You can’t escape Canada geese.

And in June and July, these birds are often found on lakes and golf course ponds, feeding on lush lawns while molting - the annual loss of their flight feathers - which takes about two weeks.

Canada geese are unable to fly during molting and as such could be hanging around your pontoon more often.


1. Make your yard less attractive for geese

Urban and suburban developments with manicured lawns, abundant water bodies and refuge offer all the resources geese need to thrive. Geese are especially attracted to heavily fertilized, watered and mowed lawns.

"If you live on a lake and geese frequently visit your yard, try making your lawn less attractive to them by allowing your grass to grow long and cutting down on fertilizer and water, or try planting shrubs to create a barrier between your lawn and the water," said Barbara Avers, a waterfowl and wetland specialist with the DNR. ............(more)


Chicagoland: CTA, Pace, Metra release new regional connect pass

A new fare product is being offered by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra and Pace that, when coupled with Metra’s new Super Saver monthly pass, will give Chicago area residents unlimited rides on all three systems at a reduced cost and with greater flexibility.

The Regional Connect Pass will cost $30 and will be sold to holders of an unlimited ride Metra monthly pass. The Regional Connect Pass will provide unlimited rides all month on CTA and Pace with no day or time restrictions. The new pass replaces two current passes available to Metra monthly pass holders: the Link-Up Pass, which for $55 a month provided rides on the CTA during weekday rush hours and on Pace at all times; and the PlusBus Pass, which for $30 a month provided unlimited rides only on Pace.

“CTA led the way in offering ultra-affordable passes to our customers last year and we have seen a tremendous response,” said CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. “As the transit landscape evolves in response to the pandemic recovery, our agencies are working together to position public transit as the most affordable, most convenient way to travel around the region.”

The Regional Connect Pass will be sold alongside Metra’s new Super Saver monthly pass, which will cost $100 during a three-month pilot program starting in July 2022. That means the price for unlimited rides on all three systems will be $130 a month. ..............(more)


Why school lockdown drills can do more harm than good

Why school lockdown drills can do more harm than good
"Surprise" drills, and poorly managed ones, can make children more stressed and depressed

PUBLISHED JUNE 11, 2022 10:00AM

(Salon) In 2019, news broke of a very disturbing lockdown drill — colloquially referred to as an "active shooter drill" — at an elementary school in Indiana.

A member of the sheriff office's SWAT team played the role of a gunman during the drill. Teachers were reportedly left bruised, cut, and traumatized, after being shot with airsoft guns during the drill conducted by the sheriff's department.

"The teachers displayed obvious signs of anguish and physical pain, but were humiliated to find the law enforcement officers joking and laughing at them," a complaint later read. "The terrifying and inexplicable experience left the teachers with lasting physical and emotional injuries."

Such drills are purportedly designed to try to stave off violent shootings like the one that occurred on May 24, 2022, when 19 children and two adults were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. It was the deadliest school shooting since 2012, when a gunman killed 26 people as young as 6 years old at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The horrific tragedy in Uvalde marked the 27th school shooting in 2022.


Lockdown drills, which aren't always specifically designed around the possibility of an active shooter, are estimated to be used in over 95 percent of American K–12 schools today. While they started to become a more common practice after the Columbine High school massacre in 1999, they have become much more prevalent since the 2015–2016 school year. Despite their prevalence, little federal guidance exists on best practices for these drills. ...........(more)


Cinema Detroit and Detroit Hives celebrate bees with help from a Nicolas Cage cult classic

(Detroit Free Press) "Oh no! Not the bees!" If you're not up on your Nicolas Cage memes, this snippet of dialogue is screamed by the actor in a scene from 2006's "The Wicker Man." It's one of his more buzzworthy cinematic moments, at least in terms of social media sharing.

It also explains the name of the event "Yes, The Bees!," which is happening Sunday in Detroit and includes a movie and a field trip illustrating the importance of bees to all living things.

Cinema Detroit is hosting this bee-dazzling journey that will begin with a screening of "The Wicker Man," a moody thriller that involves a scary mystery on a small rural island filled with creaky barns, cursed crops and an eye-popping ritual that rival 2019's eerie "Midsommar."


After the film, the real world of bees will be explored during a presentation by Timothy Paule Jackson and Nicole Lindsey of Detroit Hives, their nonprofit venture devoted to helping create sustainable communities by turning vacant lots into inviting spaces for bees and pollinators.

Then comes the day's most innovative part — a visit to Detroit Hives and an exclusive tour with round-trip bus transportation. ............(more)


Millions in Southwest bracing for 'dangerous and deadly heatwave'

While temperature records this spring have already fallen across much of the country, a potentially deadly heat wave will take aim at the southwestern U.S. over the coming days, the National Weather Service is warning.

The latest heat wave will affect California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado over the next 24 hours before pushing east into Texas and states in the Central Plains.


Triple-digit temperatures are forecast across several states. Las Vegas is expected to hit 111 degrees F on Friday and Saturday. Highs in Phoenix will be even hotter, hitting 113 on Saturday and Sunday, and 114 on Monday. Austin, Texas, could reach 107 over the weekend and Dallas could hit 105 on Sunday.

In all, an estimated 22 million people are expected to be affected by the high temperatures over the next few days. On its website, the National Weather Service is advising residents of Phoenix to “avoid strenuous activity” and to “postpone/cancel outdoor activities” over the coming days. ..............(more)


House January 6 panel shows it still has surprises in store in televised hearing

(Guardian UK) The House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection proved on Thursday night that it still has bombshells to share with the country despite a year of inquiry and intermittent revelations from behind closed doors.

In its first public hearing, in prime time, the committee also laid the groundwork for its argument that Donald Trump played a central role in the planning of the deadly insurrection.

The hearing included several new revelations that surprised even those who have been closely following the committee’s work.

The Republican vice-chair of the committee, Liz Cheney, revealed one witness told investigators that Trump made comments endorsing insurrectionists’ chants to hang Mike Pence over his refusal to block the certification by Congress of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.


The violent footage of the insurrection shared by the committee, much of it never before shown publicly, emphasized how Trump’s words played a key role in the attack. In one clip, a rioter with a bullhorn on the steps of the Capitol, with the mob streaming past him, is seen yelling out Trump’s tweet criticizing Pence for refusing to block the certification of the election results, just moments after the president had posted it. ..........(more)


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