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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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Never forget this was in the Mueller Report



4 shot in Cleveland, Texas, including sheriff's deputy

Source: CNN

(CNN)A Liberty County sheriff's deputy and three other people were shot Wednesday at two locations in Cleveland, Texas, the county sheriff's office said. The incident started with a shooting at a plumbing company along Highway 321 in Cleveland, where deputies found a dead woman, said Capt. Ken DeFoor, a sheriff's spokesman. Two others were shot and their conditions are unknown. A deputy followed the suspect and, as he pulled into a veterinary clinic parking lot down the road, gunshots were exchanged, DeFoor said. The deputy was shot in the neck and was life-flighted to a hospital in Houston in stable condition.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/29/us/cleveland-texas-shooting/index.html

One more day in gun loving America home of 2nd amendment freedoms.

Global Climate Change. No doubt about* it these storms and late last winter/early spring's floods

.... are a taste of things to come. Melt the arctic ice cap on the top of the globe and all
kinds of hell can break loose because the jet stream and other "normal factors" are no
longer in place like they used to be.

* I have a 2.3 in Environmental Biology/Botany from Ohio U.. I know things.

So Trump went to Japan for trade talks that he knew were never going to happen?

I saw a news note on the bottom of the screen saying that no trade talks w/Japan
would happen before July as a clip of the "Marine 1" helicopter was taking his fat ass
out for a round of golf.

Good God in butter when does this thing end?

It is like we had Americans helping out the Japanese during the attack on Pearl Harbor

From the comment section after an article about Trump's Rose Garden meltdown in the Washington Post.

You missed one of the most important slips - Daddy admitted to receiving phone calls from Jr BEFORE and AFTER the trump tower meeting. Listen again.



*********** Edit
Trump Jr. Says Dad Never Knew He Was Going to Meet Russians
Bloomberg MarketsTV Shows
May 16th, 2018, 10:45 AM EDT
Donald Trump Jr. stated that he did not alert his father before meeting with Russians in a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, according to transcripts of interviews released Wednesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Bloomberg's Kevin Cirilli reports on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)


The most accomplished President ever.


For 2020 we should have one simple question for all republicans:

Do you stand w/Donald Trump who betrayed America and helped a hostile foreign
power attack America?

A Harris & Warren ticket or a Warren & Harris ticket?

Smart and they speak truth to power.

Romney, "I just don't think that there is the full element that you need to prove obstruction ..."

“I just don't think that there is the full element that you need to prove an obstruction of justice case," Romney said.
“I don't think impeachment is the right way to go."




The 10 times Trump may have obstructed justice, according to Mueller

"The campaign's response to reports about Russian support for Trump"

“Conduct involving FBI Director Comey and Michael Flynn"

"The President's reaction to the continuing Russia investigation"

"The President's termination of Comey"

"The appointment of Special Counsel and efforts to remove him"

"Efforts to prevent public disclosure of evidence"

“Further efforts to have the Attorney General take control of the investigation"

“Efforts to have McGahn deny that the President had ordered him to have the Special Counsel removed"

“Conduct towards Flynn, Manafort, [Redacted]"

"Conduct involving Michael Cohen"

AM Joy: If the Russians got into 1 county then they could have gotten into all the other 66 counties

The reason being is that each county's election supervisor (not sure of the title) is electronically
linked to all the other county supervisors voter d-bases.

Looks like Bill Nelson was right about the electronic hacking of our vote.

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