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Botany's Journal
Botany's Journal
July 30, 2022

The wife of Prince Bandar bin Sultan the Saudi Ambassador to America paid for the room ....

.... and board along with their training on how to fly a passenger plane. She also had 2 members of Saudi's
intelligence service pick up 2 or 3 of the hijackers @ LAX and drive them to San Diego where they stayed in
an apartment or condo prior to the 9/11 attacks. As the hijackers stayed in San Diego Saudis who worked @
Saudi Embassy in D.C. and @ the Saudi Consulate in L.A. were in contact with the future hijackers and helping
them because they could not speak English.

Trump, “nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11, unfortunately.”

July 29, 2022

The made up non story that the MSM will be pushing

... for the next 8 weeks. THE UPCOMING HALLOWEEN CANDY SHORTAGE. Good God in Butter there will be plenty of candy for the Trick or Tweeters. There will be plenty of sugar, chocolate, licorice, mints, nuts, and peanut butter to make the candies and the factories are not shut down too.

Although I'm worried about a shortage of Frisk Reisling.

Btw I will be headed to KY in a week or 2 to do some volunteer work there. The flooding there is a real story.

July 28, 2022

Are the rats starting to flee the "Trumptanic?" Tom Brady I haven't talked to Trump in years.

Tom Brady hasn’t spoken to Donald Trump in ‘lot of years’ and says their relationship was ‘mischaracterised’

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, 44, was often pictured golfing with the ex-president before Trump took office in 2017, and had a conspicuously placed ‘Make America Great Again’ hat in his locker while with the New England Patriots two years earlier.

When asked about the relationship in a new interview with Variety, Tom admitted he hadn’t seen Trump for “a lot of years” but added he didn’t want to disparage anyone.

He said: “My personality isn’t ever one to insult anybody... I have plenty of my own flaws. I’m not here to point out anyone else’s flaws.

“There are things that I agree with. There are things that I don’t. There are things I agree with my wife about.


1st Rupert and now Tom Brady.

July 26, 2022

We might be able to tell on August 16th if Trump is toast as per ever running again.*

Because if Liz Cheney wins the August primary in Wyoming then Trump's political
future is finished because Cheney's opponent is running on her support of Trump
and opposition for Liz putting the Constitution and the Country over the republican


* TFG's criminal and civil penalty woes are not going away no matter what happens.

July 25, 2022

It is time to go after "those people" Hammer and Tong starting with "the Moscow 8"

How many of them are running for re-election this fall? Every last one of them should be
made to have Vlad Putin as his or her running mate. Even in the reddest of the red states
where they have > 90% of winning put the truth out there for the voters and make them
explain why the turned their backs on America on the 4th of July to hang out with Putin's

I know that Wisconsin's Ron Johnson and Rep. Kay Granger (Tex.) are running this fall.
Take the gloves off and hang Putin around their necks.

“What does July 4th mean to me? Freedom,” Sen. Ron Johnson chirruped on Twitter on Independence Day.

For the Wisconsin Republican, it meant, specifically, the freedom to spend July 4 in Moscow with seven other Republican lawmakers posing for propaganda photos with Russian officials. On the same day it was reported in Britain that two more people had been poisoned by a Russian nerve agent British officials say came from Vladimir Putin’s regime. On the day after the Senate Intelligence Committee affirmed the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the election to help Donald Trump.

So, what do we call these Red Square Republicans? My interlocutors on Twitter suggest “Moscow Mules.” Or, given the position they put themselves in before our masters in Moscow, perhaps they should be called the Prostrate Eight: Sens. Richard C. Shelby (Ala.), Steve Daines (Mont.), John Hoeven (N.D.), John Neely Kennedy (La.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), John Thune (S.D.) and Johnson, plus Rep. Kay Granger (Tex.).



July 22, 2022

Melania Trump was 'unaware' of the January 6 riot because she was busy photographing a rug

(CNN)Former first lady Melania Trump said in a new interview with Fox that she was "unaware" of the ongoing riot on January 6, 2021, because she was too busy photographing a rug in the White House.

"On January 6, 2021, I was fulfilling one of my duties as First Lady of the United States of America, and accordingly, I was unaware of what was simultaneously transpiring at the US Capitol Building," she said.

Trump said it was her "duty" as first lady to archive the contents of the White House, which is not exactly true. The White House curator and the White House Historical Association are predominantly responsible for keeping a record of the contents of the official White House collection.

"As with all first ladies who preceded me, it was my obligation to record the contents of the White House's historic rooms, including taking archival photographs of all the renovations. Several months in advance, I organized a qualified team of photographers, archivists, and designers to work with me in the White House to ensure perfect execution," she continued. "As required, we scheduled January 6, 2021, to complete the work on behalf of our Nation."


Edit: In response to Trump's statements, (Stephanie) Grisham told CNN, "Everything she said is bullshit and she knows it."

July 20, 2022

Timeline and questions about the attempted coup.

Timeline and ?s

Shit took place on 1/5 and 1/6/21
The S.S. were told to preserve their texts on 1/16/21
The inauguration of Joe Biden took place on 1/20/21
The S.S. texts were deleted on 1/25/21

On 1/4/21 or 1/5/21 Chuck Grassley said he did not think that that Vice President Pence
was going to be there (@ the Capitol) to oversee the county of the electoral votes on 1/6/21.

An investigation has begun into the removal of panic buttons from the congressional office of Ayanna Pressley prior to last week’s storming of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.

Of the 658 windows on the US Capitol there were 12 that had not been upgraded to be bomb proof
and the 1/6/21 rioters hit each one of those windows.

Just how deep does the rot go?

July 19, 2022

I have found true love

I just got this email:

Hello......... You have a positive vibe around you and you rub some of that on me as well... whenever we meet. How lucky I am to have you in my life! Can’t imagine my life without you!

And she wants to meet me soon all she needs is a credit card # for her protection.

July 18, 2022

Trump Tells Team He Needs to Be President Again to Save Himself from Criminal Probes

Source: Rolling Stone

When Donald Trump formally declares his 2024 candidacy, he won’t just be running for another term in the White House. He’ll be running away from legal troubles, possible criminal charges, and even the specter of prison time.


Trump has “spoken about how when you are the president of the United States, it is tough for politically motivated prosecutors to ‘get to you,” says one of the sources, who has discussed the issue with Trump this summer. “He says when [not if] he is president again, a new Republican administration will put a stop to the [Justice Department] investigation that he views as the Biden administration working to hit him with criminal charges — or even put him and his people in prison.”


Trump’s most recent legal headaches stem from his role in inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection. Capitol and Washington, D.C. Metropolitan police officers have sued Trump over the physical and emotional damages they suffered during the rioting. The former president also faces two separate suits from Democratic members of Congress. The suits accuse the president of violating their civil rights by conspiring with extremist groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to prevent the count of electoral votes.


In the face of the investigations, many in Trumpworld have hoped that former aides could face prosecution for the efforts to overturn the election instead of the former president. In particular, Trump associates have tried to distance him from Eastman. And as Rolling Stone, reported last week Trump’s legal advisors also view former chief of staff Mark Meadows as a potential fall guy for the former president’s post-election activities.

Read more: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-2024-criminal-probes-jan6-1384379/


Could the GOP so craven as to run Trump in 2024 with the meme:
Vote Trump so he doesn't go to prison?

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