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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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OPEC agreement. Drop of 1% of global oil markets but will raise the price

to $60 a barrel. Russia agrees to cut too. Putin must be thrilled.

So Carrier and Trump made a deal that did not include tariffs. Isn't Trump just

letting the cat out of the bag on this? Will it not make other corporations fake a deal to move to mexico in order to get like concessions? I thought Trump was against the enemy knowing what your plans are? That is why there is a system of laws...so nobody can take advantage of the system.

Why wouldn't other corporations fake a move to Mexico to get the same deal. Why

there is a system of laws and regulations...so corporations can't game the system. But Trump doesn't know that. Cause he doesn't understand systems.

Still. Trump is president for now. The Dems should learn from what happens

when and how Trump is attacked. Trump went ballistic. Pence was gracious. I wonder if this is not a new underground presidential race between Pence and Trump....where Pence plays the sober second thought and tries to attract those that are afraid of Trump to him. So that when the great impeachment of 20172018 happens, people will feel relief Pence is the most famous adult in power and mistake that for an attachment to Pence.

We should reach out and interconnect every time Trump, or his followers, do

something divisive or racist or hateful or mysoginistic. Every single time donate or call the victim or join a group or reach out to your neighbours, shovel a driveway, buy a coffee for a homeless person. Every single time we should react to hate with love. If all liberals did that the USA would be the best country in the world in no time.....and all to spite Trump and weaken him.

Trump is dyslexic so he is all about form in his brain.

Not language. And he pulls down human created fictions (like the constitution, diplomacy, the law, democracy, that the GOP claimed to not be racist) because he cannot learn them (he lives only in a concrete world). And he then replaces the system with something simpler he can understand that comes from the gut. So by pulling down the old, he endears himself to people who are afraid of all the complexity.

(I have not read the whole article as i cannot print it off. I will get back to it once I have fixed my printer).

I am so upset. I am looking for a forum to discuss

evolutionary psychology. Seems many are labeled as liberal, conservative or objectivism. This is not science (well the liberal one probably is). I can just see the perspectives of the non scientific ones trying to prove that we humans do not have so much in common. Or that sadism and hate are equal emotions to love and cooperation. Same as they talk about in political forums. If the split starts right at the scientific forums what hope is there for bridging the divide politically. I am guessing the climate forums are equally divided. And we are just supposed to lay back and take it as science is destroyed so that people will follow the psychopaths who are after power (when the psychopaths have proven to be the worst leadership in the history of the world). Love and cooperation are better than sadism and hate -am I right

He wants oil prices to go back up.

That's not good. Remember the 'shy elephants' who did not say they

voted for Bush in 2004 exit polls? Making Kerry look like he was winning in a landslide by 2PM. Keeping lazy democrats home after work. So Bush won?

Trump wasn't the first Republican to pull down the structure

of democracy. The GOP went after the notion that "politics stops when it comes to foreign policy" when Obama became President. They extended the election season to the whole time during George W. Bush's Presidency. They erased that 'government is here to help' under Ronald Reagan. And now they destroy how the Supreme Court works or threaten to. Don't let them fool us into blaming Trump for democracy's sudden precariousness when Trump loses. The GOP has been pulling down the norms of democracy for 30 years.
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