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Initech's Journal
Initech's Journal
March 31, 2021

Capitol Riot Headline Of The Day:


$10 says they were caught by posting selfies on Facebook.
March 27, 2021

Armageddon Update: Biden Bumbles?

Titus takes on the gun industry and shows what a real president looks like!
March 27, 2021

Democrats should own cyber security the way republicans own guns.

Let's think about this - conservatives OWN the gun issue. They have a monopoly on it. If you support guns you vote R, that is all there is to it. But the Dems, we need an issue to drive voters to our side. I think that very thing could be cyber security. What got me thinking about this is the Solar Winds hack. Seriously - the mainframe was hacked because they had the password "solarwinds123". Really, you shouldn't have a mainframe password be the same as what you use to buy the latest Avengers movie from Amazon.

Conservatives use NRA to their advantage. So let's use IBM to our advantage! The next war isn't going to be fought with tanks and missiles. It's going to be fought with mainframes and routers. Hell, we saw what Russia was capable of in 2016 and they overturned an election and turned half the country against the other half without firing a shot! Right now you're more likely to be the victim of a cyber attack than a terror attack.

But let's face it, we've all been hacked at some point or another in the last 10 years. I've personally had my credit cards hacked multiple times and ridiculous items have been charged that have maxed out those cards and then some. Getting that sorted out with the bank is always fun (not). And if infrastructure is going to be a huge part of our platform going forward, let's include cyber infrastructure in it. We're not prepared for another event on the scale of Solar Winds. And if that happens things are going to get worse.

The next 9/11 that is going to cripple the country isn't going to be a terrorist attack. It's going to be a DDOS attack. It's not going to come from Iraq or Afghanistan. It's going to come from China or Russia. And when that happens it will hit before you know it and send all of us back to the stone ages. That will be a very costly war to fight for which we are very under prepared. If computers are going to be our gateways to the world, we need to protect them the way we would protect our children or our land.

Right now we're fighting a war. It's being fought on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. It's not being fought with bullets, but with words, memes, and GIFs. This war is being fought with targeted advertising designed to flip people's deepest political beliefs to the side of batshit crazy. It's not being fought with the US or Russian armies. The troops on this battlefield are people who you consider to be friends and relatives. People are getting uglier, meaner, ruder, and crazier, and it's because Russia and China have weaponized social media politics. Parler got banned from Apple, Google, and AWS, so where did it go? Russian servers. MAGA supporters get banned from Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, so where do they go? They go to Telegram which is a social media site owned and operated on - wait for it - Russian servers.

We even saw cyber warfare being fought on January 6th. Both the Washington Post and the New York Times noted that the insurrectionists got most of their funds to pay for their trips to the Capitol through cryptocurrency and dark web resources. We saw Russia fueling vaccine fears by floating bizarre theories that 5G towers were responsible for giving us COVID and that the vaccines contained microchips that were going to track your every move. Conservatives are even mobilizing in rural areas and going through military training in case there's an attack on our power plants. This is all happening without a shot even being fired.

Democrats can own this issue. It should be at the forefront of every campaign. And it would be relatively easy to do so. Forget building a great wall. Let's build a great firewall. Let's keep foreign influence out of our internet. Let's secure our passwords and work from home applications. And unlike Trump's unbelievably poorly planned effort to build a "great wall", which blew into Mexico, the Great Firewall won't ruin landscapes or displace properties. It will create jobs and make things better for people working at home and at work. It'd be like building a cyber suit of armor around the country. Forget Space Force, we really need to start a Cyber Force. And unlike make believe space battles, real life internet battles are actually a thing. Let's make building cyber infrastructure as important as building a new infrastructure! If we're going to be commuting on the information highway instead of the actual highway, let's secure it. If you want a more secure internet and a more secure America, then vote D!

March 25, 2021

Southwest pilot on hot mic goes on expletive-laden rant against the Bay Area

In a hot mic incident recorded over the Mineta San Jose International Airport’s air traffic control scanner, an unidentified pilot was heard delivering an expletive-heavy rant, according to the travel site One Mile at a Time.

In the March 12 recording, the pilot says, “F—k this place, goddamn liberal f—ks.” He then continues, making several other curse-word-laden comments before being interrupted by what seems to be an air traffic controller.

The audio is archived online at Live ATC, a website that livestreams air traffic control audio transmissions. Though the audio is fuzzy and the context of the remarks unclear, the pilot can be heard repeatedly cursing.

“F—king weirdos, probably driving around in f—king Hyundais, f—king roads and s—t that go slow as f—k,” and, “You don’t have balls unless you’re f—king rolling coal, man, goddamn it.”

Seriously, what is wrong with some people?
March 20, 2021

Trump's private Boeing 757 sitting idle in disrepair at New York airport: report

Former President Trump's personal Boeing 757 is sitting unused at an Orange County, New York airport, unable to be flown, CNN reports.

The full-size passenger airliner, which bears Trump's name across the side in large block letters, has fallen into disrepair. One engine is shrink-wrapped and the other is missing parts, according to the outlet.

Getting the plane, which was 20 years old when Trump purchased it in 2010, back into flying shape could reportedly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Flight records obtained by CNN signal that Trump hasn't used the plane since leaving office in January.

Trump's Boeing 757 was a staple during his 2016 presidential campaign. Since becoming a private citizen, he's been flying on his smaller 1997 Cessna 750 Citation X corporate jet, according to CNN.

That's sad, that plane deserves better.
March 18, 2021

'This Government Is Not God': Marjorie Taylor Green Explains Why She Refused to Honor Those Who Pro

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to award Congressional Gold Medals to the Capitol Police, the D.C. police, and the Smithsonian Institution in recognition of their service in protecting the U.S. Capitol on January 6, when it was attacked and overrun by Trump-loving insurrectionists bent on preventing Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

Only 12 House members voted against the resolution, all of them Republicans. Among them was right-wing conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, who took to Facebook following the vote to explain that she had opposed it because, among other things, the resolution referred to the Capitol as “the temple of our American Democracy,” which she felt was an insult to God.

“There were a few things in this bill that really bothered me and caused me to vote ‘no,'” she said. “Number one: Nancy Pelosi called the Capitol ‘a temple.’ You know, it’s the Democrats that worship government as if government is some kind of God. And the government will never be God, and it can never be God. There’s only one God and he created all things that we know and see and hear and feel and experience in our life. God created creation. This government is not God and this Capitol is not a temple. I will not vote for that. I will not give that a stamp of my approval, and I know for a fact that people back home in my district in Georgia will not give that a stamp of their approval. We do not believe the Capitol is a temple, so therefore I cannot vote for that.”

This woman is the word "deplorable" personified.

And no, we don't view the government as a god, you idiot.
March 10, 2021

Mike Lindell Rumored To Start Own Social Media Site


Oh yeah? I'll start my own social media site! With blackjack! And hookers!

March 8, 2021

Johnson & Johnson's vaccine has some unique features that make it the single best tool for ending th

In years to come, the COVID-19 vaccination rollout will be seen as a historic effort between the public and private sector, but for now, the Biden administration and states have their work cut out for them. Vaccinating an entire country is no easy feat; it requires coordinated planning between manufacturers and distributors. And a successful rollout can occur only with a strong, transparent supply chain. The logistical requirements for production and the increased public demand for timely vaccinations are at an unprecedented scale, but the approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may be the jolt this effort needs.
Injecting optimism in our supply chain

From a supply-chain perspective, the J&J vaccine is one of the most efficient tools available for accelerating the end of the pandemic. The newly authorized vaccine creates supply-chain benefits that allow for fast, efficient, and safe production, and production of any vaccine is the first step to the pandemic's end. But unleashing the full potential of the J&J vaccine to reach target vaccination goals will depend on transparent distribution and planning by the federal government and states.

The J&J vaccine offers several advantages for realizing vaccination goals. The vaccines in production — the messenger RNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — were developed faster but require technological upgrades for some existing production facilities. The J&J vaccine, on the other hand, mirrors the types of vaccines that have been produced for years and years, so existing plants can start making it right away — with the potential of producing 100 million doses for the US vaccine supply chain from mid-March to June. Once produced, the J&J vaccine will be easier to store and ship, as existing cold-chain technology will suffice and extremely cold facilities will not be necessary.

For those of you doubting the J&J vaccine, doubt no more. This is big and it could be huge for ending this nightmare and getting us back to normality. The J&J vaccine is one shot, does not need a follow up appointment, and can be produced and modified without resorting to being stored at sub zero temperatures. If you can take it, get it!

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