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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 03:11 PM
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OMG, I get sent to Twitter jail for posting this Simpsons clip.

Meanwhile I alert MAGAs everyday for posting extremely vile stuff and threatening Biden and other Dem Congresspeople, and nothing happens. WTF.

MAGA: How it started / how's it going?

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/two-men-pepper-sprayed-officers-capitol-riot-wept-sentencing-2022-7

Why aren't we calling out Fox News more? Let's talk about them for a minute.

And the increasing damage they are doing to this country. They are becoming a direct threat to the security of the United States. So let's lay out the facts as to what they are doing.

1. They spent 5 years convincing us that the most incompetent, grotesque excuse for a "leader" is somehow a god and the greatest president the US has ever had.

2. They were controlling this president's every move while he was in the White House. He even had a direct line to Sean Hannity every single night.

3. They jeopardized and compromised the Supreme Court, who are now hell bent and aggressively rolling back 100 years of human rights progress to the stone ages.

4. They are getting people elected to school boards who are banning any book that might express something negative to white people because of this "critical race theory" bullshit hysteria that they made up. God forbid that kids have an independent thought about anything.

5. They are encouraging the US to build a wall along the border because of made up hysteria and excessive and grotesque fearmongering about illegal immigrants.

6. They have doxxed abortion providers and even got some of them killed.

7. They compromised the Secret Service the day of the insurrection.

8. They are steering America down a dark path that embraces fascist authoritarian leaders like Viktor Orban who will do their every bidding.

9. They've actively encouraged people not to take the COVID-19 vaccine and other critical vaccines. And during COVID instead of doing the responsible thing, they suggested that people should take hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin - both "cures" that did absolutely nothing and even got people killed.

10. When mass shootings happen, they encourage people to buy more guns out of the fear they may be taken away. Which only makes the next mass shooting that much worse.

11. They have compromised states like Florida, Texas, and Ohio who are writing some ridiculously degrading and dehumanizing policies that the rest of the world would recognize as "cruel".

12. They have encouraged their candidates running in elections to not accept the results of the next election even if it means them losing.

13. They've potentially brought us to the brink of Civil War.

So much of what's wrong in the world can be traced back to the damage that this one news network has wrought on us. They are a danger to this country and a threat to the United States. It's way past time we start treating them like the threat to the US that they are. All of this shit can actively be traced back to Fox News. They are one of the worst things that's happened to this country in the last 20 years. And we need to start dealing with them and calling them out, or things are only going to get worse from here.

Hey right wing MAGA nutjobs, just admit you don't care about kids.

You say that you care about kids. You say that you are enabling these psychotic policies dictated to you by Fox News and AM talk radio because they're "good for the children". You say that nearly half the country and all of our celebrities and left wing politicians actively engage in child sacrifice and that your man, Donald Trump, will "save the children". Well, I got news for you - he hasn't saved one child. At all. Not even his own. Hell, he wanted to date his own daughter.

Let me tear down that wall for you. You haven't saved one kid. In the last 3 weeks, we've seen a 2 year old witness both of his parents get murdered in a mass shooting. Meanwhile, a 10 year old is forced to carry her rapists' baby to term because our insane Supreme Court decided to go medieval on our asses and overturn Roe V. Wade. On top of that, we saw an 11 year old testify about her role in saving her own life in a mass shooting in a session before Congress. But we can't have a same gender couple kiss in a cartoon movie because that would be too traumatic.

As if you can't get the message enough, allow me to spell it out for you: THESE ARE CHILDREN!!!! Fucking hell! No one should have to go through any of what these kids are doing. But they're doing this all because of reckless conservative policies that have made average Americans feel completely unsafe in this country! Sure, you can blame it all you want on everything but your own damn selves.

But you know what the hottest new accessory for the 2022 fall semester? Bulletproof backpacks! That's right, kids now have to wear fucking body armor to school because some nutcase with a gun could ransack your child's school and take out an entire classroom, because thanks to reckless conservative policies, right wing Congress is too chicken shit to do anything about guns because they might wind up on the NRA's blacklist and lose their jobs! Come on, what is this, TMZ?

So just admit it - you don't care. At all. You're not saving one kid. You haven't apprehended one sex trafficker. You haven't stopped one pedophile. Know how I know that? Because that case in Ohio that I mentioned earlier? That's an actual case involving real pedophilia and you MAGA nuts are oddly silent about it. That whole thing about there being an elite ring of underground satanic pedophiles and sex traffickers? You made that whole thing up to placate your massive ego. Just admit it, you made that whole thing up and it's about you. It's not about your kids. George Carlin was right - "When you're pre-born you're fine. When you're preschool, you're fucked!". In today's conservative world, life begins at conception and ends in a mass shooting.

Armageddon Update: Freedom? Or Asleep?

Damn... Titus nails this one! Why doesn't he have his own show on Comedy Central yet?

Funny, I always thought that the right wing was against flip flopping?


Also hilarious that My Pillow has become a janky Amazon.
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