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Liberal_in_LA's Journal
Liberal_in_LA's Journal
July 9, 2016

The US? We're in bad shape': squeezed middle class tell tales of struggle

Life comes in threes for Latonia Best. She has three bachelor’s degrees, is raising three children on her own and has been working for three years as a special needs teacher.

Once upon a time, this middle-aged professional, who is putting her daughters through university too, would have been considered solidly middle class. Yet that full-time teaching job pays just $3,333.33 a month, a household salary that is now below official definitions of middle income – even when adjusted for the relatively low cost of living in a town such as Goldsboro, North Carolina, where she works.

When tax and medical insurance are deducted, her take-home figure drops by more than a third, after which money for food, housing, a car and college tuition has to be found. To make the numbers add up, she has to work three other jobs a week.


On the 3rd of the month, you can’t walk in the door downstairs for people with benefit checks,” Parr says. “One large employer locally estimates it processes $300,000 to $400,000 a month in garnishments from employee paychecks.”

A county-wide hotline number to offer emergency advice saw 31,000 calls between March and June, with 35% looking for help with utility bills, 27% seeking housing assistance and a growing minority looking for food banks.


July 9, 2016

Now video emerges showing off-duty NYPD cop shoot black man within seconds of road rage row breaking

Now video emerges showing off-duty NYPD cop shoot black man within seconds of road rage row breaking out - CONTRADICTING witness who said father 'beat the s***' out of officer

Small can be seen reeling back before staggering across the road and falling down between two cars
In the footage, taken from a surveillance camera overlooking the scene, Small can be seen climbing out of his car and walking toward Isaac, who is sitting in his car.
A split second after bending down to look in the window, Small stumbles backward, staggering across the road before collapsing between two parked vehicles.
Another car, sitting parallel to Isaac, speeds off across the junction while pedestrians on the sidewalk run up the street.


Roger Wareham, lawyer for the Small family, said the footage 'clearly demonstrates the cop lied', adding that Isaac looks down at Small's body 'as if he had just stepped on a roach.'
Wareham told the New York Daily News: 'If the cop's story is obviously false, why haven't they arrested him?'
Isaacs had just finished his shift and was on his way home in his own car when the attack happened.
Small was pronounced dead at the scene but his body remained on the street covered in a plastic sheet for around four hours after the shooting.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3681712/Video-shows-duty-cop-shot-black-man-seconds-road-rage-row-breaking-contradicting-witness-said-father-beat-s-officer.html#ixzz4Ds1FYgW8


An off-duty NYPD cop waited exactly one second before gunning down another driver in a Brooklyn road rage incident on Monday.

Exclusive video obtained by The Post shows the moment that Officer Wayne Isaacs fired two shots through his car window at Delrawn Small, who collapsed and died in the street.

The NYPD and the Attorney General’s office are investigating the shooting, which the victim’s family said is a clear case of excessive force.

The footage, captured at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street just after midnight, shows Small, 37, cross two lanes of traffic to reach Isaacs’ car.

He barely has time to look the cop in the eye or even utter a word before Isaacs opens fire, causing him to stagger backward.

He stumbles to the ground, gets up for a moment — and then collapses again for good.

Isaacs, meanwhile, lurches his car forward a few feet before slamming on the brakes and getting out. He appears to tuck the gun into his waistband as he walks over toward Small.

Isaacs looks in the direction of the dying man, pausing for a few moments near his body, before returning to his vehicle.

He is then seen pacing around and talking on the phone. Sources have said he called 911.

July 8, 2016

Tennessee highway gunman kills 1, injures 3, motivated by police shootings, authorities said


man opened fire on a highway in Tennessee because he was troubled by incidents involving black people and law enforcement officers, authorities said on Friday.

In a news release, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said initial conversations with the suspect, identified as Lakeem Keon Scott, revealed he was troubled by incidents across the U.S.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Scott is black, while the shooting victims are white.

Investigators say Scott killed one person and wounded three others, including a police officer.

Jennifer Rooney, a Bristol Herald Courier newspaper carrier, was killed after being shot while driving in her vehicle on Volunteer Parkway.
July 8, 2016

the astonishing scale of traffic stops which Castile had been subject to, 31 stops

Black man whose shooting death by police was streamed live by his girlfriend had been pulled over AT LEAST 31 times and hit with 63 traffic charges

Philando Castile's dying moments were livestreamed on Facebook by his girlfriend, causing outrage
The black 32-year-old's death led to protests in St Paul, Minnesota, and was decried by the state's governor
Daily Mail Online can disclose the astonishing scale of traffic stops which Castile had been subject to
Public records say that he had 31 encounters which resulted in charges, and had 63 separate charges
He was found guilty of 43, and would have paid thousands of dollars in fines
Relative says it is evidence that police were targeting him for DWB - slang for driving while black

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3679678/Man-shooting-death-hand-cop-streamed-live-pulled-31-times-charged-63-times-officers-near-home.html#ixzz4DqtgP3Jf
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July 8, 2016

cop faces charges 2 years after hitting woman in the face, video just made public

Retired cop filmed hitting a woman in the face and swearing at her for being drunk in public faces criminal charges after her daughter posts footage online two years later
Michelle Anderson, now 43, was arrested for public intoxication in 2014
Video of incident only emerged this week when her daughter put it online
After she asks why she has been arrested, the officer spins her around and strikes her in the face, leaving her lying face down on the grass
He then tells her to 'shut the f*** up b**** and tells her: 'you're an idiot'
Authorities are now considering criminal charges against the retired officer and are trying to pinpoint what went wrong internally

Shocking video footage has emerged of a retired Salt Lake City police officer striking a woman in the face and yelling expletives at her while her young daughter watches on.
Michelle Anderson, now 43, was arrested for public intoxication in October 2014 but the video only surfaced this week after her daughter, Jasmine, posted it online.
In the footage, Ms Anderson asks the officer why she has been arrested, to which he replies: 'Remember the warning I gave you [about not disturbing the neighbors]?
The officer then suddenly spins around and strikes her in the face, leaving her lying face down and she screams 'oh my god'.


Authorities are now considering criminal charges against the retired officer and are trying to pinpoint what went wrong internally and what prevented them from finding out sooner.
Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown said the actions seen on the video were abhorrent and not reflective of how officers are taught to handle situations.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3678092/Officer-seen-body-cam-striking-woman-yelling-expletives.html#ixzz4DnbLPvB6
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July 8, 2016

Trump polling historically poorly in California. Trailing Clinton by 30 pts


Trump, who at least temporarily has shuttered his California campaign offices, trails Clinton by 30 points in a two-person race and by 24 points when Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is thrown into the mix.

Moreover, Trump is faring "historically" poorly with independent voters, Democrats and Latinos, Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo said.


"If Clinton had been indicted, things might be different, but as it stands now, Trump has virtually no chance in this state," said Jack Pitney, a professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College.

And if his polling doesn't pick up, Trump could make it challenging for several GOP congressmen in California to keep their seats, said Bill Whalen, a former Republican operative, who is now a research fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution.


But it's hard to fathom Trump prevailing when the poll shows him trailing Clinton among California Latinos 75 percent to 12 percent in a two-person race. With Johnson included, Trump's share of the Latino vote sank to just 9 percent.

That's a long slide from the days of Ronald Reagan, who won 40 percent of Latinos in 1980.

"When you are getting single-digit support from a constituency that is 25 percent of registered voters and increasing, that is almost insurmountable," DiCamillo said.

July 8, 2016

Two New National Polls Show Hillary Clinton With Huge Leads Over Donald Trump

Two New National Polls Show Hillary Clinton With Huge Leads Over Donald Trump
By Sean Colarossi on Thu, Jul 7th, 2016 at 8:54 pm
Two national surveys out Thursday show Trump continuing to lose badly to Clinton. Sad!

Two new national polls released Thursday show Hillary Clinton dominating Donald Trump in head-to-head matchups.

According to a survey released by Pew Research Center, Clinton beats Trump by nine points – 51 percent to 42 percent. In a three-way contest that includes Clinton, Trump and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, the presumptive Democratic nominee’s margin over Trump remains the same.

The Pew poll indicates that voters aren’t all that thrilled about their choices this fall, but a record number of respondents (74 percent) said that “it really matters who wins the election.”

Although Trump is seen as the change candidate, the survey found that a plurality of Americans believe he would change the country for the worse.

While three-quarters of Democratic voters believe the party will unite behind Clinton, only 38 percent of Republicans believe the GOP will solidly unite behind Trump – a terrible sign for Trump as the Republican National Convention approaches.

A second poll out Thursday has Clinton defeating Trump by 11 points – 44 percent to 33 percent. The survey, released by Reuters/Ipsos, has Clinton leading by 9 points with Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein included in the results.


July 7, 2016

Firefighters investigating smoke find man trying to hang woman

Firefighters sent out following reports of smoke from the bottom of a canyon in Utah ended up saving a woman from a man who was allegedly trying to hang her from an overpass.

Crews from the Unified Fire Authority had been sent out to Parleys Canyon, in Salt Lake, on July 1 but turned back after failing to find anything.

As they performed a U-Turn their route was blocked by a car on the underpass.

The four-man crew went to investigate what was happening and found a man pulling a rope that was 'strung over a metal pipe with the other end of the rope around a female's neck'.

According to the Salt Lake County Jail report, 'the female was crying and attempting to grab at the rope that was around her neck'.

After the man saw the firemen he bundled the woman into his car and tried to escape.

But the firefighters intercepted and detained him until Utah Highway Patrol troopers arrived at the scene.
The man has been named as Juan Echeveste Alba, 22, of Salt Lake City, and he was arrested for attempted murder and aggravated kidnapping.

The woman was treated for cuts and bruises, but was otherwise unharmed following her ordeal.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3679303/Firefighters-rescue-kidnapped-woman-discovering-man-trying-HANG-overpass-Utah.html#ixzz4DlaLhBkx
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July 7, 2016

GOP having already having trouble keeping the email "scandal" at the top of news

even most rightwing radio didn't stream the hearings live

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