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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 35,837

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Why Donald Trump will be known by all as the "Worst President Ever"

....It is very simple. The U.S. faced a crises of major proportions that could kill tens of thousands.
Donald Trump said this was not a crises, it was a hoax and would be gone soon even though he had information that said otherwise.

He could have contacted other country's leaders to find out what to do, and he did nothing for a very long time, but defend himself and his viewpoint.

...During that time we could have gotten everyone masked up and prepared for the very worse.
Which has happened. Far worse than anywhere else...He did the very worst in preparation and
warning us of what was coming. When it got bad, he still did nothing...People warned him,
but the federal government could have done much more in the very beginning, but Trump did

Even Dr Fauci warned him, but he did not listen. If anyone else was President of the U.S.A., you
or I, or Obama, we would have done something for nationwide preparation that would have saved thousands of lives. Trump did not prepare the federal government for this what he he knew was coming. And Trump knew it was coming because that is what he was told and could easily observe.
Last one, maybe most important: Trump did not care about anyone but himself

And that is why Trump will always be known as the ...Worst President Ever in history...

How a Nazi Symbol turned up at a Conservative/Republican Party Event

Please, Please, read the article at the link below...About how a Nazi Symbol became the stage of
the Recent Conservative/Republican Party event (on last weekend) that Trump spoke at..
(And yes, I did NOT know the stage was a Nazi Symbol) I read about it today in Democratic Underground.

This is at: Editorial & Other Articles at the link below, posted by..... Dalton99a

Thank You for reading this,...... please hit link below:


I heard just one sentence from Trump.. "We recieved x number of votes...How is it possible we lost?"

He said this live, a few minutes ago...I was at You Tube and connected for that one sentence, (I was at You Tube watching something else...at the bottom there was a live link to him speaking, so I thought I
would listen for a moment...heard that sentence live &...then I shut it down..

...... Then, I came back to post this. That is what I heard and watched for about 15 seconds.. Trump is still pitching that lie...over and over....He is clearly a total idiot, liar and awful person..

............Had to share what I just heard.......

Repeat...3 cartoons..for a laugh...each is worth watching..(we all need a laugh!!)

When you get to the site, scroll down to see the cartoon mentioned...Yes it takes a while to load,
I think it is worth it..Also ............................................................

Take a break from the day to day worries..please enjoy

Here are some recommendations on some of the funniest toons ever produced during the golden age of Hollywood .. I have attached direct links to the toons..

Below this description is a direct link..., "Tweety Pie".. one of the best Sylvester and Tweety Toons, very funny. 1947...more info on this one:
..Tweetie Pie is a 1947 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Friz Freleng and produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons, depicting the first pairing of Tweety and Sylvester. Tweetie Pie won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film..
Direct Link to this cartoon... https://www.b98.tv/video/tweetie-pie/

"A Tale of Two Kittens" It is the very first Tweety Toon ever made...Also there are two cats in this called .."Babbot and Costello" a take off on the great comedy team..Abbot and Costello. If you watch it you will see some great lines..one of which is, Who get the bird?.. This one is great toon, lots of fun, Tweety is mean! Made in 1942.
Here is a direct link : https://www.b98.tv/video/tale-two-kitties/

"Birds Anonymous" that also won the Academy Award for best cartoon.. Our friend Sylvester decides to go to meeting to get rid of his Tweety addiction..1957....more coming.........Here is a direct link to Birds Anonymous : https://www.b98.tv/video/birds-anonymous/

This is the site itself, where you can see all the choices available ...

Masks vs Seatbelts?.....Idiots are always .. "IDIOTS"

...No, I am not going to do it. Why should anyone make me do it? I have freedom of choice...!!!!


We have heard this before...late 80s, early 90s when failure to wear a seat belt became against the law..

.....Keep it simple stupid, if you don't wear a mask, you are a ............. Very Stupid Idiot

Massacre In The Mountains...warning: graphically describes killing in Ethiopia..


Editor's Note: All of the witnesses to this massacre have been given pseudonyms at their request due to fears of retribution

Abraham began burying the bodies in the morning and didn't stop until nightfall.

The corpses, some dressed in white church robes drenched in blood, were scattered in arid fields, scrubby farmlands and a dry riverbed. Others had been shot on their doorsteps with their hands bound with belts. Among the dead were priests, old men, women, entire families and a group of more than 20 Sunday school children, some as young as 14, according to eyewitnesses, parents and their teacher.

Abraham recognized some of the children immediately. They were from his town in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, Edaga Hamus, and had also fled fighting there two weeks earlier. As clashes raged, Abraham and his family, along with hundreds of other displaced people, escaped to Dengelat, a nearby village in a craggy valley ringed by steep, rust-colored cliffs. They sought shelter at Maryam Dengelat, a historic monastery complex famed for a centuries-old, rock-hewn church.

On November 30, they were joined by scores of religious pilgrims for the Orthodox festival of Tsion Maryam, an annual feast to mark the day Ethiopians believe the Ark of the Covenant was brought to the country from Jerusalem. The holy day was a welcome respite from weeks of violence, but it would not last.

A group of Eritrean soldiers opened fire on Maryam Dengelat church while hundreds of congregants were celebrating mass, eyewitnesses say. People tried to flee on foot, scrambling up cliff paths to neighboring villages. The troops followed, spraying the mountainside with bullets.

A CNN investigation drawing on interviews with 12 eyewitnesses, more than 20 relatives of the survivors and photographic evidence sheds light on what happened next.

The soldiers went door to door, dragging people from their homes. Mothers were forced to tie up their sons. A pregnant woman was shot, her husband killed. Some of the survivors hid under the bodies of the dead.

Why "Solitaire" should be taught in every grammar school in the U.S.A. & maybe high schools too.

...Yes...Solitaire...that card game that you can play on the computer, and then you play again and
again, sometimes until you finally win a game. And then we feel relieved that we won, until we play
again, and again...(We used to play it with real playing cards, but playing on the computer is much
easier...and easier...and easier ..so we can play ....again..and again..and again and again....

...WHAT IS THE POINT???................????.......?????....................

...If you play for a while, you know you will win some and lose many. As we learn different forms of
....SOLITAIRE...and play the games, we all learn one simple quality in life that many people lack, and that skill is extremely important in business, education, and just dealing with people each day.
Many people lack that skill or life quality, but we all need it in order to thrive & live a good life..

Have you figured it out yet?...Well you needed that skill to get this far.....Yes, you did !!!!

...........THE IDEA IS PATIENCE......you know, being able to wait awhile and awhile longer....

We are in a world that says you can have it ...NOW, NOW AND NOW.............AND ALWAYS NOW!!

So many people in the world lack..PATIENCE. Some lucky people have a life experience that demands
PATIENCE..AND MORE PATIENCE... And the outcome of that life experience is a totally wonderful
outcome if everything goes right...got that one yet??? Many reading these words have had this
experience..and everyone reading these words has been part of the experience..PATIENCE..!!!

...When a woman gets pregnant and the baby is growing inside, the wait is OK, and the outcome
is a wonderful baby. The family wants to wait the full 9 MONTHS.. because that is what we do. People
learn patience with this experience and then forget it in the hurry of living the NOW LIFE...BUT...
mothers and dads want their children to grow up healthy & wise so much of the growing process
involves patience.. Then, patience is lost because of the ..NOW LIFE!!!!

We all want the ...INSTANT NOW LIFE...in one way or another..We learn it. The computer needs
start NOW...The car needs to start NOW!!!. I don't want to wait in line, I want my burger NOW!!

Think it over..This quality of PATIENCE..is very important, and we all need to learn and accept it
to live each day. Why? So many experiences take time, lots of time..and so many people are
in a rush that they forget the ........IMPORTANCE OF PATIENCE....


...One more point: We all know people who have NO PATIENCE,
and dealing with those people is often very difficult and sometimes almost impossible.

About Trump being nominated in 2024, He won't be, because Trump cannot win any election.

No one would be stupid enough to nominate him for anything. (take that back, Yes, there are a whole
lot of stupid people out there..a whole lot!!!
) ???

How Russian spies hacked the Justice, State, Treasury, Energy and Commerce Departments: CBS News

President Biden inherited a lot of intractable problems, but perhaps none is as disruptive as the cyber war between the United States and Russia simmering largely under the radar. Last March, with the coronavirus spreading uncontrollably across the United States, Russian cyber soldiers released their own contagion by sabotaging a tiny piece of computer code buried in a popular piece of software called "SolarWinds." The hidden virus spread to 18,000 government and private computer networks by way of one of those software updates we all take for granted. The attack was unprecedented in audacity and scope. Russian spies went rummaging through the digital files of the U.S. departments of Justice, State, Treasury, Energy, and Commerce and for nine months had unfettered access to top-level communications, court documents, even nuclear secrets. And by all accounts, it's still going on.

Brad Smith: I think from a software engineering perspective, it's probably fair to say that this is the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen.

Brad Smith is president of Microsoft. He learned about the hack after the presidential election this past November. By that time, the stealthy intruders had spread throughout the tech giants' computer network and stolen some of its proprietary source code used to build its software products. More alarming: how the hackers got inů piggy-backing on a piece of third party software used to connect, manage and monitor computer networks.

The last 4 words in the last sentence in paragraph 1 above are very frightening:"It's still going on.

The second paragraph is also very frightening...................:
Brad Smith: I think from a software engineering perspective, it's probably fair to say that this is the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen.

Also think about these 2 sentences, beginning of paragraph 3:........Brad Smith is president of Microsoft. He learned about the hack after the presidential election this past November.....Well the president of
Microsoft didn't find out about this until November 2020, while the attack started in December of 2019..

Please, Please, and Please..Don't Use Abbreviations That All Do Not know..Please...

..Yes, the abbreviations are easier to use, but some of them are very difficult to interpret. I often
need to look up many of them, and finding the meaning is often very hard. Don't assume we
all know the meaning of the abbreviations, because many of us do not know the meaning.
...Consequently, the full meaning of a post is often lost. I respectfully request that we use full
words unless everyone knows the meaning. For example: we all know the meaning of the G.O.P.,
but there are so many we do not know the meaning of. Thank You for reading this...
....Stuart G
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