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Are_grits_groceries's Journal
Are_grits_groceries's Journal
June 26, 2015

Millenials are now referred to as 'snake people.'

This nickname may stick.
This began because an autocorrect began changing millenials to 'snake people.'
So if you hear the term, FYI.

@voxdotcom: Snake people outnumber baby boomers, and 6 other facts about America's changing population http://t.co/BvwWnuH7sq

June 26, 2015

Rev.Clementa Pinckney and the 2000 flag compromise

I am now seeing eleventy billion messages about Rev.Pinckney and his vote in 2000 for the compromise. It moved the Confederate flag from the top of the Statehouse to its current position. Nobody was happy.

Many are saying that if Rev.Pinckney didn't vote "no" then why should it be removed. They seem unable to grasp the term COMPROMISE. The debate was rancorous and epic even for South Carolina. It ate the entire 2000 legislative session.

I thought there would eventually be actual skirmishes if it kept going with the tone that was set. I heard people who I know were reasonable on many social issues become almost unhinged over it. The rhetoric on both sides was flaming hot.

This was why Rev.Pinckney and most of the Senators came up with the compromise. Nobody who voted for it liked it. However, feelings were running very high and showing no sign of abating. This was passed as an interim step to allow the temperature to be lowered.

The vote on the compromise was just as heated. It did pass. Rev.Pinckney did not vote for the flag. He voted for a compromise which was in character for him as someone who tried to bridge differences.

I'm glad the flag is going to come down(knock on wood). I am also glad that it doesn't apoear that too many people will be lighting matches and throwing gasoline. It is beyond sad that 9 people had to lose their lives to bring a glimmer of sense to this topic.

The Civil War began in Charleston. Perhaps it is fitting that it hopefully will finally begin to end here. The price was very dear though. Nine.........

June 23, 2015

An update on Tiger Tim(the abandoned cat) it's not good.

Tuesday night update for Tiger Tim
Please forgive the delay in posting this update. It has been very hard to write and we keep getting emotional and having to pause.

The news is not good.

Last night we got the first biopsy report back. It was bad – cancer.

Because we had heard this before, only to be told that it might be a strange infection instead, we immediately requested a second reading of the samples.
We got the second reading tonight. It was even worse than the first.
Tiger Tim has metastasized carcinoma. It’s a death sentence.

To us, the news has been devastating. To Tiger Tim…even after getting a definitive diagnosis of a deadly cancer, this cat continues to confound the ICU staff. He doesn’t look deathly ill. Quite the contrary. “He looks good,” the vets keep telling us, with more than a hint of bafflement. He is resting comfortably. He ate tonight (we just checked with the ICU staff). Far from being lethargic, tonight he decided he had had enough of the catheter and tried to pull it out. That’s why he is wearing the cone - and complaining loudly about it. He even seems to want to play.
Tiger Tim has a will to live.

Tomorrow we speak with the oncologist to evaluate our options. Once we know more, we will post more. From now on, all our efforts will be aimed at keeping him as comfortable as possible. We want to keep him near us, since we want him to continue to be seen by our vet, whom we love and trust. He will be fostered by one of our volunteers, a nurse who can provide a level of care that most of us cannot. In her home Tiger Tim will be surrounded by love and attention at all times, because there will always be somebody there to cuddle him and tell him what a wonderful cat he is.

He will be loved for however long he has left, whether it’s days, weeks or months. We will make sure that until the very end he will get the best care. And we promise that we will not let him suffer.
And now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll go cry some more.

He is with a great foster mama who he loves.
June 23, 2015

The SC Senate Could Be A Roadblock To a Flag Removal

The South Carolina House of Representatives is expected to move quickly this week to amend an adjournment resolution so that lawmakers can immediately take up the latest controversy surrounding the Confederate flag. According to our sources, the House has the two-thirds majority necessary to address the flag by amending the legislature’s “sine die” resolution – which went into effect when the S.C. General Assembly adjourned earlier this month.

(This is precisely the scenario we laid out – and encouraged – in this column).

But will the State Senate follow suit? S.C. Senator Lee Bright has made it clear he opposes taking down the flag – referring to the effort to remove it as a “Stalinist purge.” Meanwhile the Senate’s majority leader – Harvey Peeler – angrily left a meeting on Monday with S.C. governor Nikki Haley, who reversed her prior support for the flag and called for it to come down (news of which was reportedly exclusively here on FITS).

Peeler did not stand with Haley at her press conference Monday afternoon.

Nor did S.C. lieutenant governor Henry McMaster – who presides over the Senate and (despite calls for him to withdraw) remains a member of a prominent “whites only” country club in Columbia, S.C.
Read more at http://www.fitsnews.com/2015/06/23/sc-senate-could-be-roadblock-for-confederate-flag-removal/#i20QEiJISkbO55PL.99

If Haley tries to lead them, she could sink the whole thing with her skills. She has called for people to vote several of them out and they are GOPeas. They are also Senators with a lot of power.

She couldn't round up a BBQ sammich in Columbia much less votes.

June 23, 2015

"So it begins. The great battle of our time."

State Senator Lee Bright will fight the 'Stalinist purge' of the Confederate flag
For State Rep. Donna Hicks, R-Spartanburg, now is the time for the flag to be removed from the Statehouse grounds. Hicks said she supports the governor's call to have the flag removed and agrees that it should be placed in a museum because the flag's symbol has been used in “so many incidents of hate.”

Haley also has support from State Rep. Derham Cole, R-Spartanburg, to have the flag removed.

Bright has the brains of a brick. You know how some people are called the conscience of the so and so. Bright is the Sphincter of the SC Senate.

His name is an oxymoron. However, others in that area support taking it down.
Now we will see the backlash. I have no idea how large it will be but it won't be pretty. The toads are emerging.

The legislature is in session next week to consider Haley's budget vetoes. If they don't take it up then, she has said she will call a special session.

June 22, 2015

About Nikki Haley removing the Confederate flag.....

I'm sure there is come thing in the law that would allow her to remove it for cleaning or to stretch some statute to take it down. However, the lege HATES Nikki Haley. The GOP wouldn't spit on her if she was on fire.

If she was to remove it through some interesting move, they probably would pass a law to have it fly on the statehouse again.

There are calls now from RWers and others to take it down. Now is the perfect time to bring enough people together to remove it. Then it won't be the libruls alone that can be pointed to. A United group would be much better.

June 22, 2015

SC House leaders agree on plan to remove flag. Momentous if true.

@fitsnews: BREAKING: SC House leadership agrees on plan to remove Confederate flag from SC State House grounds. Details to come on FITS ...

@sentomdavis:Charleston murders have brought a festering issue back to the surface, and it simply can’t be ignored...http://t.co/UsPRkRbuIR

Davis is a big RWer. If he is calling got it to come down, it will come down.

I don't know if y'all understand how momentous this is if it happens without a fight to the death.

June 22, 2015

Nikki Haley may comment on Confederate flag:

@fitsnews: Sources:
Nikki Haley to call for Confederate flag to come down at 4:00 p.m. press conference.

Fits is waaaay plugged in to SC politics.
However, the state lege hates Haley with a passion.

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