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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Florida
Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 04:52 PM
Number of posts: 5,136

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What Frightens me About the Texas Lawsuit

I know it is ludicrous on legal matters but I have a hard time dismissing it for this reason.


That is the number of people standing between it and success. Five Supreme Court justices that are not reasonable people. Five SC justices that are hyper partisan. Three of which owe their job to Trump. My fear has gotten worse when I see multiple states and hundreds of politicians piling on to give the Supreme Court political cover.

Even though I expect it to fail, I find myself fearful that the line of defense comes down to these five people that I do not trust.

I would add that I never thought they would interfere in 2000 either and I was blindsided when they did. So I don't take anything for granted.

As a related topic, are we even going to talk about whether the Trump appointees should recuse themselves? I know it is a non-starter but it seems painfully obvious to me that they should. Especially Barrett who was expressly appointed by Trump to protect him.

I hate these assholes.

College football player out with myocarditis from COVID-19

Miami Hurricanes CB Al Blades Jr. to miss remainder of season with myocarditis


Miami Hurricanes junior cornerback Al Blades Jr. will miss the remainder of the season with myocarditis, he announced Tuesday night.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle and one of the potential complications from COVID-19.

“As of last week, I was going through COVID protocols when doctors had some concerns about my bloodwork,” Blades wrote in a Twitter post. “After undergoing an MRI on my heart, I have been diagnosed with myocarditis. This will cause me to be out for a minimum of three months.

“It hurts to not to be out there with my brothers, but I will always be a Hurricane. I’m looking forward to returning to the field in 2021.”

This was always the fear of putting young people at risk to resume sports. Of course, he could have been exposed in his regular life even if he never played football this year. Only time will tell if this is a long term problem or just an extended recovery.

I have been on record as supporting Football coming back. I would be hypocritical not to recognize that this was potentially a mistake. We will see.

As a Hurricanes alumnus, I wish Al Blades Jr. the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

What now for Pete Buttigieg?

First let me say that I am more than happy with Biden picks so far. It is refreshing to read resumes and feel like I am in good hands. While many of the names have been unknown to me, I always figured that would be the case. We at DU loved the speculation game but I always laughed to myself when the only people considered seemed to be the other Presidential Primary candidates.

Having said that, I have been holding out hope that they find a worthy spot for Mayor Pete. He has been such a good surrogate for Biden and has been willing to go directly into the belly of the beast at FOX. Frankly, I think he is just too damn smart and politically talented to waste. And unlike many of the others discussed (Sanders, Klobuchar, Warren, etc.), he is currently a free agent without a position to put his talents to use.

Personally, I had thought he would make a great chief of staff as a place where his talents could really be put to use. But I completely understand why the long term relationship and trust that Biden has with Klain makes perfect sense.

Secondarily, I thought the Press Secretary role would be good. He is excellent at that but would probably not utilize his full potential. I even felt like the United Nations or Secretary of State would be a possibility but agree that the highly qualified career diplomats are a better choice there.

I know the cabinet isn't full yet and I think he could perform well in virtually any of them. But I have not seen hid name linked to any of those positions so I don't think it is even being considered. Not to mention, the Biden Administration's laudible goal of diversity is certainly working against him.

Part of this is that I would like to see some resume building career path for him. Coming out of Indiana will make it difficult for him to rise through statewide office. I would like to see him in the Federal Government just to see what his upside might be.

At this point, I could see him landing at a think-tank or network commentator. Which would be fine but I think would underutilize his abilities and stall his career path.

So what do you think? Is there a place for him in the Biden Administration? What does his future hold?

So I have a question about Campaign Finance Laws

So this article got me to thinking


In a nutshell, large outlays to a sketchy company that has no track record or accountability.

Of course the implication here is that this is done to hide the ultimate destination of where the money is going. The mind immediate leaps to the question of whether the actual investment was spent on campaign elements like ads or whether it ended up in somebody's pocket.

But I am asking myself couldn't the inverse also be true. What if a company like this was actually run by a rich scumbag (say Rebekka Mercer) who wanted to outlay more money than legally allowed directly helping a campaign. Couldn't she set up a company like this, absorb some amount of actual campaign cash and then use it as a smoke screen to spend much more than that. Do we have any way of knowing that an outfit like this didn't actually spend $100 million compared to the $42 million they took in?

The former is a grift against a campaigns donors which ultimately only hurts the campaign itself. The latter would be a circumvention of federal law and would hurt all of us.

I am grateful for one thing in this mess

Thank goodness the margin is fairly solid. If this were like 2000 when it all came down to a few hundred votes, I don't think we would survive it.

If we had the 2000 totals in the 2020 environment, it would have been ugly beyond belief. I lived through that shit 20 years ago and this would have been x10.

A plan for the Georgia Senate ground game

Let's flood the state with millions of college kids.

All of them have at least 3-4 weeks off leading up to the election.

Many of them have been cooped up at home or in dorms all semester.

Many of them are actively engaged and motivated.

They are the safest cohort in the COVID environment

They shouldn't be going to visit their grandparents during that time anyway.

We will have more money than we know what to do with so lets leverage a few thousand paid staff into 10's of thousands of adult volunteers bolstered by an army of college kids.

What Trump is doing is incredibly dangerous

We knew all along that he planned to declare victory even when it was not valid. We just hoped that we had a large enough lead that he would be obviously pissing in the wind.

But here we are with a few states representing the margin of victory and he has made the outrageous claims that he is the winner and that the vote counting is illegitimate.

It isn't about the validity of his argument or the chance of his success (although we would be foolish to discount what the courts might be willing to do for him)

This is incredibly dangerous because we have two sets of people ready to throw down at the drop of a hat. Either way it goes, there will be a danger of violence. If it goes against him, his followers will be ready to declare revolution because they will have been told that he is the righteous winner. If he shows even a whisper of success, the BLM and friends crowd will be in the street also overflowing with righteous anger. Worse case scenario, both are out and clashing with each other.

Part of me even believes he wants it this way to set the backdrop for a power move.

It looks like we have won this thing but I think it is going to get ugly before it gets fully resolved.

I am shocked by this


The campaign to re-elect Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a reliable ally of President Donald Trump, appears to have received a deep discount on lodging at Trump International Hotel in Washington during the Republican National Convention in August, federal records show. Such a discount would violate federal election law barring corporations from contributing directly to campaigns, according to campaign finance experts.

Recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show the Gaetz campaign made four separate payments, ranging from $216.20 to $261.47, for lodging at Trump's hotel on Aug. 27, the last of four nights of the convention when Trump gave his acceptance speech from the White House lawn.

On that evening, the price for rooms for one adult through Hotels.com began at $795 and ran as high as $2,070, The Daily Beast reported. On the three convention dates prior to Trump's keynote address, the hotel priced its cheapest room at $695 a night. (Rates for rooms this week range from $695 to $895.)

It appears the hotel cut the Gaetz campaign a discount far below market rates. Even if the campaign had booked the cheapest room available, it appears to have paid about one-third of the market rate, saving anywhere between $470 and $530. Such a discount would represent an in-kind donation to the Gaets campaign, courtesy of Trump Old Post Office LLC. (The FEC treats any item of value as money.)

Don't get me wrong, I certainly believe that Gaetz and Trump are doing something illegal.

I am just shocked that Trump would give a discount to ANYBODY for ANYTHING. I would be more likely to believe that he charged more since it was suckers (ie donors) paying for it.

Meanwhile, the evil continues in the background

This just pisses me off


The U.S. Department of Justice sued Yale University on Thursday, accusing the Ivy League school of illegally discriminating against Asian and white applicants in undergraduate admissions.

The lawsuit escalates the Trump administration's push against affirmative action in admissions to elite universities, after it publicly supported a lawsuit by Asian-American students accusing Harvard University of discriminating against them.


Applicants must be "judged by their character, talents, and achievements and not the color of their skin," said Eric Dreiband, an assistant attorney general for civil rights. "To do otherwise is to permit our institutions to foster stereotypes, bitterness, and division."

So our Justice Department is using the Civil Rights Division to sue a private university under the Civil Rights Act to disallow diversity admissions.

That is just evil. And I am a white guy who just had a white daughter go through an college admissions.

Let's game this out

Assuming for the moment he actually does go back to the White House today...one of three things will happen.

Possibility #1 - he actually gets better. So be it. This was always going to be the statistical probability. Even old and unhealthy people have a good chance of survival. Then we can go on and talk about all of his other failings including the several hundred thousand that were not so lucky.

Possibility #2 - He takes a turn for the worse and needs to go back. The progress of this disease is not always linear so it is a definite possibility. The optics of this would be even worse than before.

Possibility #3 - He takes a turn for the worse and needs to go back but refuses to out of stupidity and concern for optics. This would put him at higher risk than necessary and could end up making him worse.

#1 has always been a probability. But he has increased the chances for #2 or #3 by being a terrible patient with awful motivations for everything he does.

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