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Profile Information

Name: Yoshida Yui
Gender: Female
Hometown: San Francisco
Home country: USA
Current location: Northern California
Member since: Mon Sep 9, 2013, 03:28 AM
Number of posts: 40,070

About Me

Japanese/Hawaiian native- born in San Francisco. Dean Democrat. Previous student in Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Yoshida family originally from Miyazaki Japan. Liliko'i family from the big Island of Hawaii, Buddhist: Jodo Shu ("The Pure Land School"). Cannabis User (Medical).Asian music lover! favorite band: D'ESPAIRSRAY, SONG : Yamini furu Kiseki ! On twitter: @yuiyoshida1987. Favorite movie of all time:Shin Godzilla. Favorite Game: Monster Hunter Word: Iceborne. PLAYING now: Ghost of Tsushima -- by birthright I am an Onna Bugeshia! Faito!! Ganbarimasu.

Journal Archives

【ギター】そこに鳴る「極限は刹那」Sokoninaru / kyokugen ha setsuna(

HAHAHA...I LIKE her Spirit!!


She gonna walk the walk!


She gonna WALK THE WALK!


The Way Of The Ghost [Ft.Clare Uchima] Ghost Of Tsushima ♪ Ending Credits Song (Complete) [HQ]

LADIES, THIS IS FOR YOU!! (LADIES...jump in on this , at TWITTER!!)



Anyone up for a second CIVIL WAR? didn't think so...


Posting this again, cause yeah, these folks have the right idea

ANYONE WANT some puppies??? hehe


We are living in INSANE TIMES.

DESPITE THERE BEING OVER 210,000 dead Americans, Trump is slaughtering people not with a gun on 5th Avenue but on the every day streets of the United States... Millions HAVE COVID-19. MILLIONS!!. AND yet he and his Republican cronies want people to go bout their business even if they die in the streets ....

He should have never been President. Hillary should have been President, but for our ELECTORAL college system to allow this asshole to basically without impunity, murder people by telling them its all going to go away, just go about your business. This is MANSLAUGHTER on a scene that even TED BUNDY would admire.. Hitler may have killed 6 million jews, but Trump has killed 210,000 Americans because he wants to be a fucking KING.

Emperor Orange ASSHOLE HAS TO GO! He has to pay for his crimes, his financial as well as the HUMAN TOLL because of this presidency.

Yes I am speaking to the Choir. (I am Buddhist. What do I know about Choirs??) ... but I Had to have my rant out...its making me
physically ill to think about what is going on..
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