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ghostsinthemachine's Journal
ghostsinthemachine's Journal
December 1, 2015

Same Team! We are all on the same team!

To borrow phrase from the jamband scene in order to diffuse the "my band is better than your band" argument, we all need to realize we are all on the same team no matter who in the Democratic primaries we support. It is not productive to try to take down one candidate via personal biased attacks. We need to remember that we are all on the same team...albeit with different ideas, but still we must keep a positive message.


November 30, 2015

Songs for The Donald!

Dancin in the streets:
Grateful Dead from what is considered as their all time greatest show 5-08-77

Stevie Wonder at the White House!

And the original Martha Reeves and the Vandellas!

The only time I ever saw people dancing in the streets was after the SF49ers beat the Dcowboys in 81 (the Catch) after the game in San Francisco. You couldn't drive anywhere, people just flooded out of their homes and danced. Never seen it since.
November 12, 2015

Black Friday's Matter! (How long till we see this one?)

I should be in advertising I think.

November 7, 2015

Was Ohio's Marijuana Vote Stolen? TV Screen Shots Show Massive Number of Votes Flipping

Televised screen shots taken Tuesday night of live election returns in Ohio provided by the Secretary of State's office showed hundreds of thousands of votes flipping from the "yes" to "no" column of Issue 3, the ballot measure to legalize marijuana.

When seen against the backdrop of Ohio's longstanding history of Republicans manipulating the vote count to obtain the outcome they seek, such as in the 2004 presidential election when Ohio returns elected George W. Bush to a second term, there are compelling reasons to question the official result where the pot measure went down to defeat.

To understand the context for this likely chicanery, you have to understand the backdrop of current Ohio politics.

According to the election night returns provided by Secretary of State Jon Husted, the people of Ohio defeated a November 3 proposition to legalize marijuana by a tally of nearly two-to-one.

MORE HERE: http://www.alternet.org/drugs/was-ohios-marijuana-vote-stolen-tv-screen-shots-show-massive-number-votes-flipping

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