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Member since: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 01:23 PM
Number of posts: 2,848

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I apologize.

I posted something rather vulgar yesterday and it was taken down by DU. For that, I apologize to my fellow DUers, and promise to curb my frustration. It was uncalled for.


Has anybody heard any more about the young Ballarusian ďsex trainerĒ who was imprisoned in Thailand and recently released to go home, but was on a plane that was diverted to Moscow for her ďdetention.Ē She allegedly had serious info on Deripaska related to Trump. Our State Dept. supposedly went to Thailand to interview her, but they were not allowed access to her in prison. Odd? I thought the good old US of A had clout.

Videos of her on a yacht with Deripaska and two wealthy (duh) men with distinct American accents that she had taken were shown on the media. Iím just wondering if our government will black out of any further information (censored). She made be already be dead and buried. Iíd like to know if anybody has read more about this.

Contact Pelosi? Nope

A few minutes ago I posted a reply to the Home Page post referring to Brennen as concurring that Trump is a ďclear and present dangerĒ. I suggested DUers contact Pelosi and Schumer to demand that we, the public, get to see the final outcome of the report in its entirety, as we have endured scandal after scandal for the past two years and have been conditioned by the Joke In Chief himself to handle the ultimate outcome of Muellerís report.

I was unable to directly contact either Pelosi or Schumer as I not reside within their constituency, and was directed to contact my Representative, one of whom is Ron Johnson, who gives a ratís ass what I want to see. The other is Steil, who again is a rubber stamp for corruption.

So, screw me.

I heard a good line on CNN yesterday.

About the only time Trump isnít shooting himself in the foot is when heís reloading the gun.

What a stupid interview.

CNN; Cuomo and Kellyanne, ridiculous. I turned it off. All they were doing was talking over each other. Poor.

Chief Of Staff???

Excuse me if I am wrong, but it appears that Trump is considering Jared Kushner to become the next Chief Of Staff. Is this by any chance the same Jared Kushner who could not get a security clearance previously?

Id like an answer on the Jill Stein thing.

Why was Jill Stein seated with Michael Flynn at the table with Putin before the election? Was she part of the plan to siphon off votes from Clinton?
Iím not proposing a conspiracy theory. Itís nothing other than a question. Teflon Jill Stein has escaped the scrutiny of the American public. Not a word about her, yet there she was. Why? Who paid her way? Is the Green Party corrupt?

The Internet Isn't Impressed by Donald Trump's New Grammar Rule.

Source: Getty News

If you've taken a look at Donald Trump'sTwitter account lately, you may have noticed an interesting style choice. The president, for reasons best known to himself, has apparently taken to sometimes capitalizing the word "country" when tweeting about the US of A. (See this tweet from Friday, in which he claims that "Congressman Andy Biggs is doing a great job for Arizona and our Country!"

Well, someone must have called him out on it because on Friday morning, shortly after penning the Biggs tweet, Trump published a tweet confirming his departure from established grammar rules.

"When referring to the USA, I will always capitalize the word Country!" he wrote. (He has yet to explain his reasoning behind this.)

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/the-internet-isnt-impressed-by-donald-trumps-new-

Another brazen act of idiocy.

Why is America's leading liberal magazine publishing its pieces with a Russian propaganda outlet?

Source: Think Progress

I have not fact checked this article for authenticity. If this is true, it may be time to give second thoughts to the Nation.

Read more: https://thinkprogress.org/the-nation-is-publishing-with-rt-434f02f16bde/

2nd Amendment Under Seige

Source: Milwaukee Journal May 5

The unpopularly elected current resident in the White House, John Barron, or is it David Dennison, or is it John Miller ( hard to tell these days ) recently spoke at the NRA convention in Dallas and made the incredibly stupid statement (any surprise?) that ď 2nd Amendment rights are under seige.Ē I nearly wet my pants.
By whom is it under seige, President whatís your name? Could it be the Republican led House of Representatives, or perhaps the Republican led Senate, or the Republican controlled White House, or the Republican dominated Supreme Court? Your guess is as good as mine, but wait, I just had a revelation. It must be Obama and the deep state, still secretly in control of the country, and poised to confiscate every known firearm ever manufactured.
Unfortunately we again must bear witness to inflammatory statements spewing from the mouth of the biggest prevaracationist ever to occupy the Oval Office. This type of inflammatory rhetoric does nothing more than add gasoline to the already flammable political atmosphere in which we live - and, the vitriol comes from the one who is reputed to be OUR ďleader.Ē Integrity be damned! Honesty be damned! This is not leadership, itís mutiny against the country fueled by an idiot. Oops, did I just say that, or was it John Kelly, or Rex Tillerson? Donít know. Donít care. Iím just plain paranoid about what will happen next. This fool needs to be removed from office. He does not represent by any stretch of the imagination the ideals or governance that this country and our Constitution stand for, the ideals for which thousands have died to preserve.

Read more: Link to source
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