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Member since: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 03:46 PM
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I won't contribute to NPR again

There was an interview with Mara Liasson on NPR this morning. She was truly nasty in her discussion of the Comey scandal. You won't get harsh tone of voice, but here is the end of the piece......

LIASSON: Well, this really is "Back To The Future." The campaign started with the emails. It's ending with the emails. All the threads of the Clintons' 30-year political story seem to be coming together - the penchant for secrecy that led her to choose a private server; her penchant for defensiveness; her tone deafness and the way she initially dealt with this, which only exacerbated her image as dishonest and untrustworthy; and then the sex scandals that always seemed to dog the Clintons and the ongoing investigations that often end up turning something else. So it's all there, the messy drama that seems to always be part of the Clintons' story.

MARTIN: Mara Liasson, thanks so much.

LIASSON: Thank you.

I have never understood why NPR thinks Liasson, who is a FOX-shill, is a value to their operation.

Nina Turner refighting the primary on Brian Williams show

Williams seemed to lose interest when she started doing it.

CNN is pushing the email 'scandal' as overshadowing her FL rally with Gore

What nonsense!
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