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Member since: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 03:46 PM
Number of posts: 9,582

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Nan Hayworth (R-Crazytown) on Stephanie Ruhl now

Talking conspiracies within FBI. She's a motor mouth and Ruhl lets her blather too long, IMHO, before the other two guests are allowed brief responses.

Did Rachel set a record tonight? 24 minute opening.

She's a good interviewer but a bad monologist. My forensic instructor could give her pointers. :
First guest at 28 minutes.

AM Joy needs to leave the preachers (Burns yesterday, non-racist Rev Forbes today) at the church

If I wanted to be preached about "God said all people are created equal" I'd go to a church. We will never be treated equal if it is left to the church. We need laws and enforcement, not prayers.

OMG! SNL has Joe and Mika down perfectly.

Why does AM Joy have that lying Trumpster Mark Burns on?

All he does is lie in defense of Trump.
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