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Bumper crop this year. I have Scaley Bark, Ali Baba, and some Crimson Sweets that re-seeded from last year. The Scaley's are all at least 30 pounds. If one lasts me 3 days, you know its huge! All are luscious.

I gave this wagon full to the guy that cuts my grass to set up his own roadside stand.


Indiana Shelter Director Told Staff to Freeze Cats to Death

Bridgett Woodson is a lifelong animal lover who was thrilled to be hired by the Spencer County Animal Shelter in Indiana earlier this year.
Unfortunately, that dream job quickly turned into a nightmare. Woodson began noticing red flags, like minimal veterinary care for the animals and the shelter not contacting rescue groups when it was full.

Then the unthinkable happened: Woodson says her supervisor, shelter director Christina Payne, told her to put a live kitten inside the freezer.


Why isn't this woman at least charged with animal cruelty?
I think this is more common than anyone realizes. I worked for a vet many years ago. Total sociopath, so I didn't last long. I saw him put a dog down, and then throw it in the freezer while it was still breathing. He also kept a dog alive that had been brought in to be put down several days to use it for transfusions to another client's dog. And on and on. What he did behind closed doors was way different than his public face. I tried to report him to the ASPCA after I left, but didn't get anywhere. He eventually opened a second office.

It snows here every Sunday.....

When I do the maximum grooming on our 3 Great Pyrenees, Bear, Duke, and Chloe.

Everybody is blowing their coats now.

My Sugar Bear

Chloe, our newest rescue addition

Dukie Cool. Always lays with his paws crossed.

Sure they're a lot of work, but we loves'em!!

'Humanizing the badge'

FDPD releases lip sync video Friday as part of nationwide challenge.

The Fort Dodge Police Department’s version of the lip sync challenge was released on video Friday.

In it, police officers lip sync the song “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

Cory Husske, Fort Dodge assistant police chief, said these types of lip sync videos involving law enforcement are sweeping the nation and serve as a way to humanize police officers.

“When Chief (Roger) Porter took over, we made a personal mission to humanize the badge,” Husske said. “That’s important to us. Be human beings first, and our job is law enforcement. Along with that, we call ourselves law enforcement, to protect and serve. We have tried to reverse those terms — serve and protect.”


Maybe its a start.......

Bag worms

Anyone ever dealt with bagworms in their evergreens? We have a row of 60+ foot high cedars that act as a screen and windbreak. This year, the bagworms are overtaking them, no matter how much we spray (you can only get so high on that tall a tree). A couple look like they're dying, others have big brown areas. We've hand-picked thousands of them off. They're even getting in the landscaping shrubs.

I hate losing these nice old trees. Ideas?


AND for the entire clip:


Florida Schools Ordered By Law To Display 'In God We Trust' Signs

The sponsor of the state House bill cited the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as one of the reasons for displaying the words.


Come on, ACLU!!

The definitive ranking of 2020 Democrats

Because Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump, a lot of attention has been paid to his hostile takeover of the Republican Party -- and how he continues to consolidate that power.

What that focus on how Trump killed the old -- and by that we mean the 2012 -- version of the Republican Party misses is how much the Democratic Party has evolved -- and is evolving -- in its own way.
Like Republicans, that change sped up -- rapidly -- in 2016. It was led by an unlikely figure -- Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. To say Sanders was lightly regarded when he started running against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to do a disservice to the term "lightly regarded.


Joe Biden, far and away, still in First Place.

Unemployment in Texas?

If anyone can answer some questions, please PM me.


Welcome to your future space home.

By late 2030, NASA wants to 3D-print one of these houses on Mars.


I'm thinking these should be built on Earth first.....
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