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LAS14's Journal
LAS14's Journal
December 31, 2016

Mormon Harry Reid supports choir member who resigned.

Jay Chamberlin has shined a light on the fact that Trump is not just a person of particular political views. He has defiled human moral values. Proclaiming hate for members of our society is not the same as saying we should have less government or let the market have more power. No roses to Hitler! #RosesToHitler


December 30, 2016

Support the singer who resigned from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


Prior to her resignation, she launched this petition. Sign it. Then REPLY here to tell us you did. It's a tiny way to move beyond just talking.

There's little chance that this will keep the choir away from the inauguration, but it would be great to show lots and lots of support for acts of conscience such as this.

The started with a goal of 25,000. Then 30,000. Now they need 15,000 to reach 50,000.


December 30, 2016

Is this the beginning of the disintegration of nation states?

In fifty or a hundred years will we find that the official structures that organize our world are corporations, not countries? Is the buddy, buddy relationship of Trump and Putin a harbinger of a really fundamental shift in the way life on earth is organized?

Never mind about the sub-rosa structures of wealthy people and corporations. I'm talking about official changes.

December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas, Hillary


I want to say Merry Christmas to Hillary Clinton.

I am grateful to you for running a campaign on principle, patriotism, decency, honesty, intelligence, optimism, maturity, experience, care, and civility.

I am grateful to you for suffering such abuse from so many quarters for so many years and always coming back fighting — for us. You did it for us.
December 23, 2016

Is anyone else concerned/depressed by the plethora of posts with "Trump" in the subject?

At some point we need to re-direct our energies from venting to getting our country back on the right path. I'm watching for ways to follow Obama's lead. The crux of it is "We have a better argument."

Do you think his appeal would resonate with Sanders supporters?

From latest/last press conference.

I was heartened to hear this at a press conference. It echoed my thoughts after attending a Democratic town committee meeting after the election. We were making a list of things for Massachusetts Dems to push this year, and those of us who wanted to put "attend to the mid-state rust belt" couldn't even get it on the list. Finally a note was made in the lower right corner of the white board.

Does this excerpt from the press conference appeal to Sanders supporters?

What I've said is that I can maybe give some counsel advice to the Democratic Party. And I think the -- the -- the thing we have to spend the most time on -- because it's the thing we have most control over -- is, how do we make sure that we're showing up in places where I think Democratic policies are needed, where they are helping, where they are making a difference, but where people feel as if they're not being heard?

And where Democrats are characterized as coastal, liberal, latte- sipping, you know, politically correct, out-of-touch folks, we have to be in those communities. And I've seen that, when we are in those communities, it makes a difference. That's how I became president. I became a U.S. Senator not just because I had a strong base in Chicago, but because I was driving downstate Illinois and going to fish fries and sitting in V.F.W. Halls and talking to farmers.

And I didn't win every one of their votes, but they got a sense of what I was talking about, what I cared about, that I was for working people, that I was for the middle class, that the reason I was interested in strengthening unions and raising the minimum wage and rebuilding our infrastructure and making sure that parents had decent childcare and family leave, was because my own family's history wasn't that different from theirs even if I looked a little bit different. Same thing in Iowa.

And so the question is, how do we rebuild that party as a whole, so that there's not a county in any state -- I don't care how red -- where we don't have a presence and we're not making the argument, because I think we have a better argument. But that requires a lot of work. You know, it's been something that I've been able to do successfully in my own campaigns
December 21, 2016

Hillary applauded at the Carlyle.

As Tyrell sang, “Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race,” the entire room rose and gave a prolonged standing ovation to Hillary.


BTW - Does anyone know what control whether or not a link displays the picture that goes with it and the headline? I thought it used to do that all the time, but since the hacking I'm not sure it's ever done it. Info??
December 20, 2016

What we're going to do over the next 4 years.

If our taxes go down over the next four years, we're going to take the difference and give it to charities that support those who will have suffered from tax cuts.

I'd like to hear from anyone who wants to join in. I wish I knew how to make something go viral.... Do you think it's a good idea?

December 19, 2016

Is anyone else excited by Obama's post-election soon to be initiatives?

I've been scouring DU for causes to rally behind in this post-election desert. Not surprisingly I've found most signs of home coming from President Obama. I'm so glad he's going to continue to be a force! The three things below are EXACTLY the kinds of things I've been thinking about. Great minds...

Here are the 3 I know about.


To Rehabilitate Democratic Party, Obama Plans To 'Coach' Young Talent


The president said Democrats have "ceded too much territory" to Republicans in local races. Obama sees his role after leaving office as a "coach" for young talent in the party.

I'm still hoping to rev up some excitement for this as well. It's like the first but focuses on geography more than age.


The first bright message I heard was that he was interested in looking into gerrymandering, but I don't have a link for that.

December 17, 2016

OK, can someone suggest a different website?

I'm not abandoning DU, but I'm aching to talk about next steps, leaders to follow, ideas to change the landscape, but when I post such things I usually get 0 replies. I've concluded that the crowd here, is, for the most part, not into this approach. Are there other places where I could get involved? I've tried the Activism forum on DU, but it's comatose. An example of a no-replies post is this: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10028372441

Thanks in advance.

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