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Profile Information

Name: Nanci
Gender: Female
Hometown: Redondo Beach
Home country: United States
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 6,241

About Me

I've been a member of DU since the very beginning....after that horrible fiasco - the sElection of 2000. My first user name was Lindsey, then I changed it to Nirvana555, and now it's Upthevibe. I had devices crash and I ended up having to change my user name. I've never been one to make a whole lot of original posts, but I consider myself a very active member in that I come to DU almost every day and read the wonderfully informative threads. I can't imagine what life would have been like over the past two decades without DU!

Journal Archives

Vaping....I used to be a heavy smoker. I've mainly been a non-smoker for 30 years...

(My main question is below in all caps if folks don't want to read all of this-I'd really appreciate what you know regarding my question). Anyway, I've had a few relapses but the last one I had (about 5 years ago) I was able to easily quit because Chantix really, really completely worked for me; I actually lean more towards being a health nut. Anyway, I went to a reunion of sorts with life long friends a couple of months ago and one of them is trying to quit smoking so she was vaping. I tried it and really liked it (but not the tobacco part, more for the sensation). Anyway when I got home I bought the vaping device and the ejuice (with 0% tobacco). I really, really enjoy it. It helps me with my oral fixation and also helps me regarding overeating as I'm trying to loose weight. Anyway, the main reason I'm posting is because the ejuice that I ordered online came in today and my roommate brought it in to me (Side note - I have a roommate because I want to live in the awesome beach city of Redondo Beach, CA and wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise). This roommate can be really difficult sometimes (a complete B BUT most of the time she's okay). I love everything about my apt. and don't want to move unless absolutely necessary. Anyway, she said, "Are you vaping?!?!?! I said I'd tried it and mentioned my experience with my friend at my reunion. She became furious and said you will NOT VAPE here and started giving me the 3rd degree (She's a TOTAL control freak and I try to overlook it). I'm almost 60 years old, I completely pay my 1/2 of everything, have NEVER, I repeat NEVER been late on ANY bills, etc. The reason she has control is because the lease is in her name as I moved in while she was already here (I found her through a service). I've lived here for about 3 1/2 years. I've been around her more lately because I'm in the kitchen more because of my diet. Also, neither of us works right now as she's retired and the company in which I worked went out of business. So, the more I'm around her, the worse it its. After all of this, my question is:


(The really FUNNY thing is I've been vaping in my room/office for two months and she's never noticed a thing)! LOL!
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