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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,367

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Let's keep a tight hold on that Congress, ok folks?

Hold it like your very life depends on it.

Let every future election follow the pattern and strategy set forth in the Georgia runoff.

Never again. Mitch shall NEVER again in his life control the Senate.

Help make it so, DU!

These 2A die-hards made the strongest argument against their needing guns

Don't they always say that they need their arsenals to defend against tyranny?

And didn't they manage to storm the Capitol without firearms, coming a hair's width from actually capturing and perhaps killing many government high-ranking officials??

Apart from their rank incompetence and utter buffoonishness, didn't they mount an insurrection, and nearly actually accomplish a coup d'etat???

And is there any doubt, that had they shown up armed to the teeth, they'd have been stopped a mile away from the Capitol, would have never even been able to step a foot on the grounds????


Because it seems that way to me.

Trump is our modern-day Icarus

This bad boy is only now beginning to feel the heat from the approaching sun.

Just wait 'til he's a civilian again. I can't think of anyone as ill-equipped to reenter society, except perhaps those ending very long prison sentences.

Impeach me once, shame on me

Impeach me twice, shame on the Senate.

Was watching a video of 1/6 DC, and saw a guy launch a 4x4 at police

that struck the officer in the head.

I don't use Twitter (etc) where I know they are compiling such evidence for investigation, so will post the leads here.

This is the video. At 11:53 lower center of frame, a guy (black jacket, grey ball cap, grey backpack) picks up the board and hands it off to a young guy (red sweatshirt, light blue 'Trump' hat, blue backpack, white mask below his nose) who then, at 11:59 launches the board that strikes the officer in the head.

Hopefully this info gets where it needs to be and accomplishes what it should.

Rep. Boebert (R-CO) tweeted at 11:18am that Pelosi had been moved from the House Chambers

Why did she tweet that?

Was she trying, as some suggest, to comfort everyone that Pelosi was safe?

Was she trying, as some suggest, to tell the Invaders to look elsewhere, not waste time trying to enter the House chambers?

Or, was she herself still in that location, and trying to protect herself?

Her preceeding tweet was from just one minute earlier, 11:17am, saying they "were" locked in the chambers. Did she mean "were" as in before, or as in, "were locked in by (eg, security)"?

If she was, at 11:18am, still locked in the House chambers, then my assumption is that her tweet was purely self-serving: she was scared shitless and didn't want the hoards entering the room, especially because their prime target was not there anyway.

I don't begrudge anyone's self-preservation, but I gotta say, she strikes me as someone you wouldn't want to share a foxhole with. She'd be the person who would trip you as you were both running from zombies.


About the camo guy with zip ties and 'Punisher' logo

When I was watching the live coverage, around the time when law enforcement backup was finally arriving, I saw one video of a line of FBI agents walking through the crowd towards the Capitol. At least I think they were FBI--I think I saw "FBI" emblazoned on whatever they were wearing (vests?) on their chests.

What was odd, though, was there was another guy, dressed similarly (dark tactical gear) walking sort of with them, but not ecactly. They were all walking single file but this guy would jump the line, trying to get ahead of them.

I noticed two things about him: the skull "Punisher" emblem, and the bundle of white zip tie restraints hanging from his side. At the time, I assumed he was law enforcement of some sort, because of his proximity to the line of others I took to be FBI, and because of the zip ties.

I don't know if it was on CNN or MSNBC, as I was switching between them. I also don't know if it was live footage or from earlier. I know that they showed the video around the time when law enforcement was finally showing up.

So, later when people started posting pics of ziptie guy, I thought: yeah, he was LEO, no big deal.

Bur now, I don't know.

Does anyone know the video footage I'm talking about? It was filmed outside, from slightly above, in front of and to the right of the advancing single file of "FBI" agents. This guy passed that line to their right to jump ahead.

I just saw the thread of the "Oathkeepers" walking single file through the crowd (from behind), advancing towards the Capitol, and it looked very similar to that, so I may have been mistaken about the "FBI" on their chests, but it was something similar.

We're so inwardly focused... but do you really realize how utterly vulnerable we are, right now?

I mean, from an *external* enemy threat??

The House Speaker has communicated to the military brass about nuclear codes and an unstable POTUS.

If *any* foreign malign actor wanted to take advantage of a situation, I can hardly think of a more opportune time!

Holy fuck, right this ship IMMEDIATELY! No talk, just ACTION! NOW!

Best practice for posting Tweets on DU?

Has anyone got a handy reference for tips and tricks on posting content from Twitter?

For example, when a video is in a "retweet" and the retweet is posted, for me (mobile, Android, Chrome) clicking on the video results in Twitter app being opened and video playing there, instead of within the DU post.

If the video is in the tweet that is posted, then the video plays with DU, for me.

While on Twitter, if you context-menu (right click) on the video, you'll see an option to "Copy Video URL" and this will get you the correct link to post on DU, that will play inside DU.

Also, if there's an image/graphic on Twitter that you want to embed (hotlink) in a DU post, if you open that image in a new window (while on Twitter) and then copy the URL, often you can modify the URL slightly to get it to hotlink (eg, move the ".jpg" to the appropriate position in the string, removing attributes).

If anyone can simplify and expound on the sorts of issues I'm referring to (and communicate them better!), it would be really helpful. TIA.

So really, now, what *exactly* will be enough for removal?

Firstly, for Trump, but secondly, for future presidents.

'Cause right now, I don't see *any* guardrails anymore.

WHEEEEEEEEEE we're in freefall, yaaaaaaay....!!

Seriously. W.T.FUCK??
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