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Home country: Ireland
Current location: Ireland
Member since: Mon May 23, 2016, 04:42 AM
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Journal Archives

Thank you Bill Weld

He's on CNN, and completely defends Hillary on this latest Comey scandal.

Comey 's letter and Anthony Wiener

Really interesting tweet on the Sam Stein twitter stream

jason shevrin 🎃💀 ‏@jasonshevrin
@samsteinhp maybe from Anthony Weiner’s phone, emails to Huma at the Clinton domain? FBI is investigating Weiner.

Makes a lot of sense, but would an horrific act by Comey thru sins of omission in his letter.

Drum roll please....Top story on Morning Joe is .....

Wikileak emails/Clinton Foundation/Speaking fees

Wow, there's a surprise.

IF the polls in Utah say Trump then McMullin then Hill, should Democrat voters vote for McMullin?

Trump Ad (not so helpful!) on my local Main Street

MSNBC say that yet another Trump victim will be announced this afternoon.

It's Friday, it's Donnie's judgement day

We need one more killer recording to finish Trump off. Will it happen ?

It's one thing for all these brave women to come forward with their harrowing stories, but when it is countered by the Denial Bluster of Trump and his surrogates, they deliberately create a haze around those stories.

That's why Donnie's words caught on tape couldn't be run away from, and it stuffed him in the polls. Another one like that would kill him off, and hopefully affect the down ballot races as well, but will it appear ?

The Media focus should now switch to Mark Burnett

Hit him on the threats he has made to his employees that if they leak tapes of Trump, it'll cost them $5m. Jimmy Kimmel already had a go at him, at the Emmys, and with a Democrat dominated industry, sure pressure can be applied ?

Morning Joe : Incredible

Wow seriously wow.....Joe gone into bat for Trump !!! Bigly !

It's Saturday night, so before you head out for the evening just remember....

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