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ProudLib72's Journal
ProudLib72's Journal
January 30, 2019

Has Anyone Seen Anything About This Man Recently?

He seems to have dropped off the national radar rather abruptly considering he has 30 indictments against him, all in the name of the orange shitstain. The last article I could find was from November 18th.

Do ya think maybe, just possibly they want to make him go away because he represents the base?
January 26, 2019

How Long Till We Know the Full Economic Impact of the Shutdown?

And will it have an affect on the Rump's decision in three weeks time?

My best guess is mid-April. And it won't give the soggy orange toilet brush any pause.

January 25, 2019

Picture from my BIL of his meeting today with Pelosi

BIL works for the City of Boulder, CO. He and the mayor were meeting with Joe Neguse, and Joe decided to introduce them to Nancy.

January 23, 2019

Suppose Rump Shows Up at the House to Give SOTU

He was not invited, but does that automatically mean he would be prevented from entering without Pelosi telling the police to stop him? I'm thinking of the optics here. Wouldn't it look better if Pelosi didn't have to lift a finger against him? I just don't know how this would work.

January 23, 2019

Screw it, I'm Making My Statement About Kamala an OP

RW trolls, I'm taking a page from your own playbook. From now on, any and all negative comments about Harris will make me want to support her even more. So, please, keep it up trolls. I'm following your RW practice of digging in under fire. The difference is that, in my support for Kamala Harris, I know it is for the right reasons. You see, I know for damned sure that she is an intelligent, super educated, liberal minded, young but tested Democratic candidate.

So I Kamala. You make some negative comments and I will add another

I have your number fucking trolls!

January 20, 2019

I'm Angry as Hell about Covington Shitballs, But Exactly What Can be Done?

Let's just say I'm tired of waiting on people to take action that never comes. What can be done that is legal and moral? Evidently, doxxing the kids is immoral (though I think at 18 you are an adult). Writing to the school? How long will they "investigate"? A year? At least long enough for these kids to graduate and go off to college?

So what can we do? I'm seriously asking here.

January 18, 2019

This filmmaker spent months interviewing neo-Nazis and jihadists. Here's what she learned.

What’s the best way to fight racism and extremism?

The impulse to dismiss extremists as unreachable fanatics is strong and at times justifiable. But perhaps it’s not always the most effective means of combating them. Deeyah Khan, a journalist and filmmaker, has decided to engage them directly as human beings.

The results are stunning. At the beginning of White Right, for example, she says to Jared Taylor, a prominent white supremacist, “I am the daughter of immigrants. I am a Muslim. I am a feminist. I am a lefty liberal. And what I want to ask you is: Am I your enemy?” Taylor is an old hardliner and so he doesn’t buckle, but Khan’s interactions with other white supremacists go in surprising directions, and you learn quite a bit about who these people really are.

I spoke with Khan about her experience making these films, what she discovered about the nature of extremism, and how her thinking has evolved after sitting down face to face with her “enemies.”

A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows...


"Much of it doesn’t come from hate. It comes from a lot of other basic human needs that are not being met. To be sure, there are political and social and economic factors involved on both sides, but if you dig deep, you find that it’s about much more than that."

Read the rest of the transcript at the link. This Muslim woman befriended neo-Nazis, and her interactions with them caused several to leave the movement.

January 15, 2019

From 1000 Points of Light to 1000 Hamberders

This is exactly how far the GOP has fallen. These memes need to be posted far and wide. In fact, they should be front page material for all newspapers everywhere. Fucking vision of the future (no matter how absurd, it was still a nice metaphor) versus vision of fast food. We are truly living in Idiocracy.

These are direct quotes. The first from a rally. The second from his tweet.

Go team dum dum

January 15, 2019

Remember JFK's Faux Pas: Ich Bin Ein Berliner?

We've come a long way, baby!

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