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I_UndergroundPanther's Journal
I_UndergroundPanther's Journal
March 21, 2022

This is my favorite fruit

I have tasted so far..In the whole world here on my counter.

A chermoya.

If you never ate one get one and eat it,you won't regret it. They are like banana,pineapple and mango but they have a flavor all thier own.

March 20, 2022

My breakfast

Just told me,I ❤️ you.

March 19, 2022

Othello discovers

If it doesn't fits he can't sits..

March 18, 2022

A cool house for some

Neighborhood strays..

March 17, 2022

Feds protected russia and defied

Sanctions by making sure russia didnt default on its debt. In other words the fed broke sanctions to blunt the impact of sanctions imposed by Biden.. WTF!

This story needs bigger legs,MSNBC you listening?


Suprising the amount of republicans in the fed.


March 17, 2022

I'm about to scream

After the fed let russia skirt sanctions,the stoopid ad from gangrene,putrid whining about russia being cancelled.
I have had enough of thier sniveling, incel trash,thier guns, manbaby behavior, the abuse and crime,the fucking ogliarchs,the abusive karens,the trucker losers,grifters putrid lovers, the war crimes and propaganda..ugh.

Can we just get all the narcissists,sociopaths and authoritarians and dump all of them on an island in the middle of the ocean and leave them there? Leave them to kill each other off?

March 17, 2022

I was just watching 11th hour

They were talking about putrid's address.. he claimed Ukraine wanted to CANCEL russia... Hmm where have we heard that talking point cancel before regarding "culture"..?

March 17, 2022

I got sooo pissed off today

I swear walmart profiles the people they choose as they are leaving the store to check their receipts.

I got my stuff like everyone else walked over to a cashier to pay for my shit,I headed to the door.

They stopped me again and they hit me up for my receipt.

This time out of many times I have been stopped by the same fucking guy I couldn't find it. Emptied my bags my pockets looking for it .I told him to check with the cashier over there(pointing at him) I think I wasn't given a receipt.

They see me there at least once every week sometimes more because I dont drive and they know this because I shoot the shit with the workers there. hell I knew the guy who asked for my receipt.

All these other"normal" looking people are just walking on by sashaying out the door. I have NEVER seen joe q conservative style ever standing by the door looking for a receipt.All the times I have been there. Saw a goth lady my age with her kids, fishing out her reciept however.

The people working there know how I look.
Still they ask me every other visit for my goddamn reciept.

He let me go after he talked to the cashier.
I was irritated but not pissed..yet.

I decided to go out the side door because my bags were heavy and I was carrying a mop.
It would save me considerable distance in the heat with awkward heavy bags wrestling with a mop pole walking home.

I asked him would it be ok if I go out the side entrance,he said yeah go ahead you shouldn't have any problem.

I proceeded to walk out the side entrance and again at the door I was asked for the receipt.

I was pissed off at this point. I didnt have a damn receipt because after that exchange up front they didnt bother to give it to me. The cashier handed the reciept to the guy who was asking me for it.

I was pissed off now. I told her I dont have a damn reciept because the guy at the front door has it.

She insisted I look for it.

Opened my first bag and stopped said loudly this is bullshit.

I come in here every godamn week and you choose to check my ass for my fucking reciept like every other fucking time I come here.Why me?
Why do I always get picked for this bullshit for?

This feels an awful lot like walmart has some shitty policy of profiling certain people based on appearance.

Yeah my jacket looks scaaary but it has my fucking name on the back of it with a panther head on it for fucks sake!
Yall can read it every time I am here . Yall even complimented me on it!
This is fucking goddamn bullshit.

The lady waived me on through.


I walked home ranting to the empty sidewalk.

When I got home Othello noticed something was going on and jumped on the counter with that concerned look. I put down my stuff and snatched him off the counter to hug him. I so love him.

Next time they pull this shit ,the county has a law against discriminating against people for how they look,I'll tell them all about it.

Maybe I will finally get to walk out the door unmolested. Damn.🖕

Thanks for getting this far.

March 15, 2022

Manchin is a scumbag

How coal is destroying west virginia. And manchin's greedy hands has created alot of that misery.


March 15, 2022

Having dreams..

In the dream,a plane flew out of the direction of a military base near me. Didn't look like any plane I saw before flying around there.

The plane came right tword my apartment building right above the trees and the building got shot at with missiles. I saw it through my bedroom window it happened in the afternoon .

This dream was before the war in Ukraine,about 3 months before.

I had another dream last night. I was in an open field near here walking along the road by it. Soldiers were patrolling around. I went up to one asking whats going on and they cuffed me.
I asked why. They said nothing.

They led me into the field
I felt like running away or fighting them but I didnt.
We got to a clearing in the thickets than I was shot in the back and it hurt. I got woozy and hit the ground. Than I woke up sweating and dizzy.

Later today I heard booms at the proving ground. Booms I remember from when I was a kid.

It went on for a couple of hours . Then a couple of planes flew over and a helicopter. They are so loud you cant miss it. Those booms always made me feel bad even as a kid.

I just hugged Othello and cried.

Another thing
I take Prazosin to control nightmares. Haven't had any nightmares or dreams break through the medications effects except for these two.

The last one that broke through before these two was about the big tusanami in Japan awhile ago. I had no clue that happened in Japan when I woke up,but the dream had me upset. I went to talk to a staff in the hospital about that dream

She asked me if I knew about what happened in Japan. I said no,I had no clue,she walked with me to the dayroom where the TV was on and my dream was on TV. Freaked me right out. Didnt know what to make of it.

I hope those two dreams I had 3 months ago and last night are just bad dreams.

Anyone else having these kinds of dreams and feelings too?

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