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Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 05:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,528

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Jeffrey Lord: King of false equivalency and tortured historical analogies

His latest is MLK and Trump being the same on healthcare. Thats his entire game which usually looks something like this.

CNN host: Jeffrey, what about Trump backtracking on cheaper prescription medications?

Lord: He's just following the trade views of Franklin Pierce who was of course a Democrat.

He used to make me angry but as the Trump admin slips slowly into the abyss I find myself wondering what he'll come up with next.

I'm getting that icky 2003 vibe again from the cable nets

Lots of war porn, snazzy graphics, cruise missile experts and MMQ'ng on Obama's policies.

A special GFY to Brian Williams and Andrea Greenspan.

"Navy SEALS rock!"

Update: Williams is now quoting Leonard Cohen.

Hugh Hewitt is the canary in the coal mine

When that bloviating weasel turns on Drumpf you know it's all over for him. There's no pretzel shape Hugh is incapable of assuming to spin spin spin for Drumpf like the servile dog he is. When that stops you know Trump is more or less screwn.

Hugh was just on with Brian Williams and said it was actually a "good week" for Trump.

WHy didn't Drumpf bring up Comey at his event tonight?

Chris Hayes said there was no mention. Was all about healthcare, which is another terrible issue for them. You know shit is grim when they're running to that for cover.

Summing up today

Late October
GOP congress pigs "Comey goooooooooood!

"Comey baaaaaaaaaaad!"

The modern GOP: Party first. Always and forever.

Does Sean Spicer have a 3rd nostril?

He has this very unusual "slit" directly under his nose. I find it mesmerizing.

Asking for a friend.

Steve Kornacki: The human kidney stone

Outside of Greta maybe the single most irritating person ever to be a regular on MSNBC.

"Look how unpopular Hillary still is! Look at these numbers! Reality check!"

He's like a kidney stone that just won't pass or a double ear infection that just won't go away. Deeply and profoundly irritating on a global level. See: sandpaper on sunburn.

I'm finding it hard to believe Ben Carson was ever a "brain surgeon".

This man's stupidity is breathtaking and it's making me wonder how any human being could survive a procedure done by him. I realize that makes me sound like a CT loon but It's just not believable. I wouldn't trust him to stitch up a simple cut let alone someone's cranium.

Guess what nobody's talking about?

Trump's bigly Tuesday night speech.

Trump's "presidential moment" erased in what, less than 24 hours?

I'm sure Crazy Van Jones is still towing the line but I'll wager nobody's going to be talking about his TelePrompTer speech and the widow prop this time tomorrow!

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