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Member since: Sun Aug 20, 2017, 02:01 PM
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Another positive sign in Maine

I have a friend, a retired guy, a diehard Republican, who was a sensible conservative until he lost his mind to Fox and the cult of the orange goon; he fell for the really crazy conspiracy stuff, hated Fauci, became an anti-masking antivaxxer even after nearly dying of covid. It was difficult and dispiriting sometimes, but I kept the lines of communication open, cause heís been such a decent man for so long. We donít talk politics much anymore, though I have called out the BS as I can, so I have no explanation for this.

In this very red corner of this western Maine county, he has a lawn sign for Jared Golden, the Democratic congressperson.

I nearly went off the road when I saw it, and had to take a picture to share with incredulous friends.

If he has turned back to the light, thereís hope for us all.
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