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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: TX-Texas
Home country: United States
Member since: Sun Dec 10, 2017, 02:39 PM
Number of posts: 2,155

About Me

old. Boring. Too complacent to realize my full potential.

Journal Archives

I use Sling

as my main source of TV viewing. I have it set to DVR all episodes of Seinfeld since Hulu f'd me over and will only let you watch Seinfeld if you pay $60 a month.

Anyway, the channel it records from is FOX 6 out of Milwaukee (I think) so I get to see all these commercials for Menard's, Gruber Law Firm and Todd and Tod! I love hearing the accents! If it's not Wisconsin, it's some accent similar to it. Being in Houston, TX i don't hear it that often.

Well, I'm heading back to finish my episode of Seinfeld. Looking forward to the commercials!

I live a few miles down the road

from Intercontinental Airport Houston, so literally hundreds of planes fly over my house daily. It's not as bad as it sounds, I don't really notice them usually.

Some days, like this morning, my 2 year old and I will hang out on the swing outside and he will point out every plane he sees flying over with his funny way of saying, "See one!" It's a fun and relaxing activity he and I share.

With all the anxiety and anger I am prone to feeling in this day and age, I sometimes have to stop and let it go in order to remind myself there are moments to take in and just "see one".

Corny i know, but it's real.

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but

there's currently a petition on Change.org to not allow Jeff Bezos to return to earth after he's taken his short trip into space.

I signed it. It's almost at 50,000 signatures.



Our central AC unit in our house needs replacing. I've seen estimates online ranging from $5,000 - $13,000. We have had 2 different companies give us estimates, and both companies said $24,000! Doesn't this sound unreasonable?! Does anyone have any knowledge on the subject, or any advice? Even if I could easily afford the $24,000, I wouldn't pay that much. By the way, our house is 2400 sq.ft. and 2 story if that makes a difference.


Not only do 5 of my neighbors still have up their t**** flags, but now one of them has a flag that says F@#$ Biden. Surely HOA wouldn't allow that. I'm about to report it. We'll see what happens.

I hope for at least the next 4 years

to open up DU and read posts like, "Boy, my bran flakes were good this morning." Or, "Ugh! I'm struggling with which brand of printer paper to purchase!" How about, "Paper clips. Are they still the greatest invention?"

I had an encounter with 2 anti mask customers

at my job today. The company i work for has told us if another customer complains about someone not wearing a mask, we as managers are to offer the non mask person a mask. If they refuse, we have to let it go. They don't want us possibly getting into a violent situation.

So I offer this guy a mask and he looks at me stupidly and says "Nope!" His wife just shakes her head at me as I try to offer her one. I was livid at how they reacted, but I just walked away.

My District Manager comes in about 10 minutes later and asked me how I was doing. I told him I was fed up with these non mask wearing people and told him that he can fire me if he wants, but that I had just texted my store team and told them they are not obligated to treat these idiots nicely. Yes, we have to let them shop, but just scan their groceries quickly and get them out of here. If they ask you where something is, just point in its general direction, etc.

He wasn't very pleased that I had done that, but too bad. I understand they don't want us getting into violent situations but damn i wish they would hire armed security to deal with these idiots. But they won't because businesses are looking out for their bottom line. That's the problem with government leaving it up to businesses to enforce these mandates.

This is in Texas by the way.

4.3 million

(and growing). That is the current difference in popular vote total between Biden and the dipshit. And we are all still waiting on pins and needles to see who wins the presidency. Shaking. My. Damn. Head. Yes, I spelled it out. In what normal democracy would this make sense? Electoral college gots to go.

Two elections in a row.

The Democrat receives roughly 3 million more votes than the republican (this year may actually be more than 3 million), and we still lose, or come extremely close to losing the election. Who in their right mind could look at this and think, "yeah, that's a good system for picking the leader of a country." ? There needs to be a real serious push to get rid of the electoral college.

This election has changed my mind completely.

I live in a red state, but in a solidly blue county. I've decided I can't trust that voting early or by mail is the right thing to do anymore. It seems republicans have developed ways to sabotage those methods. They've fucked with the mail and I think they have lots of time to fuck with ballots cast early. I'm gonna hate doing it, but I'm voting on election day in person moving forward. I think republican voters know something we don't. That's why they all vote on election day.
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