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Member since: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 08:31 AM
Number of posts: 24,277

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My dog is training ME

to fetch .......

We play catch in the living room with her favorite blue ball until it rolls under the couch .... then she gives me the whimper and the sad eye look which is my cue to get the yard stick out and push the ball back out.

I think we're gonna need a bigger ball. (tip of the hat to Roy Scheider in "Jaws"

Angelina Jolie meeting the Queen. Very proper and elegant.


Trump's Trade War catches Michigan in its cross hairs

"General Motors now sells many more cars in China than it does in the United States, and the largest exporter of cars from the United States by value is not an American brand, but BMW. By some calculations, the car with the highest proportion of United States and Canadian-made content is the Honda Odyssey — and even that includes roughly a quarter of foreign-made parts. Companies — and their workers — say they recognize there are certain risks from sharing their technological secrets with Chinese competitors, but they say it is no longer a choice whether Michigan, the automotive capital of North America, should engage with China, the world’s largest auto market.

“You can’t separate the two,” Jerry Xu, former president of the Detroit Chinese Business Association, said of China and Michigan. “You’re going to kill the industry if you try.”


Angry Canadians vow to boycott U.S. goods and travel

Who can blame them? Thanks, Asshole.


"When we asked Canadians how they were reacting to the increasing tension, we heard from nearly 2,000 people across the country, the vast majority of whom said they were frustrated, upset or simply baffled.

Here is a selection of the responses, condensed and edited for clarity."


Melly finds the Baby Blimp "mortifying"

Not sure how accurate this web site is, it appears to be a gossip column.... but still

“Melania has seen photos of the Trump baby blimp, and she doesn’t find it funny in the slightest, she thinks it’s mortifying,” a source close to the first lady tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The fact that something so blatantly mocking and disrespectful to the most powerful man in the world would be permitted to fly in the air whilst he is visiting a foreign country speaks legions to her about how her husband’s presidency is viewed internationally.”

Trump’s wife is also concerned about how the British people will be viewing her and her husband during the trip. Our insider adds: “Melania feels that given all the protests that will be going on, and this huge monstrous embarrassment flying in the sky above them during their visit, that she’s not going to be able to shake off the feeling of people laughing at them behind their backs, and that the British public see the Trump presidency as little more than a joke.”

Guess what Melly! You and your disgraceful orange husband ARE a joke! And the whole world knows it!


So that you don't forget your cake

Here is a new product to help you take it anywhere.


When I left the house for errands this morning

the Shell station down at the corner showed $2.79/gal

Upon my return home, I did a double take .... Two hours later gas had gone up to $2.96/gal!

(sorry, I edited post ... made huge mistake.....)

I really wanted to see Ringo Starr

He's going to perform at a place about an hour away from me in September. He and Paul are the last remaining Beatles, the band that first steered me toward my love of rock n roll. He's 78, and who knows how much longer he'll be performing.

I was so disappointed to find out the tickets are in the $200 to $400 range. I can't afford that. Plus upon further investigation, the show is nearly sold out anyway.

I guess I'll just have to add concert tickets to the long list of "things that are becoming unaffordable."

Kasich Welcomes Immigrants to Ohio

Gov. John Kasich has established an Office of Opportunities for New Americans, paired with an advisory committee of 12 representatives from immigrant communities, business leaders and nonprofit immigration advocates, to provide resources for legal immigrants in Ohio to obtain job skills and employment opportunities.

To Republican Gov. John Kasich, an immigrant and a new American are one in the same.

That much is clear with the outgoing governor’s most recent creation, one that will help immigrants find jobs in Ohio by breaking down barriers — often set up by state government — that can make life even more difficult for immigrants experiencing a life-changing transition.

The Office of Opportunities for New Americans, paired with an advisory committee of 12 representatives from immigrant communities, business leaders and nonprofit immigration advocates, will provide resources for legal immigrants to obtain job skills and employment opportunities.

Joining the committee in their discussions and recommendations are leaders from the Ohio departments of Education, Higher Education, Job and Family Services, Commerce, Development Services Agency and Office of Workforce Transformation, giving the committee an interconnectedness between state agencies and the immigrants they aim to assist.

In sharp contrast to President Donald Trump, Kasich is opening his arms to immigrants and the economic benefits he says they can bring.

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