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John McAfee Found Dead After Extradition Ruling


John McAfee Found Dead After Extradition Ruling
Spanish authorities say 'everything points to death by suicide'

On Wednesday, Spain's National Court ruled that John McAfee could be extradited to the US to stand trial on criminal tax evasion charges. Hours later, the antivirus software pioneer was found dead in his prison cell. The Catalan justice department confirmed that the 75-year-old had been found unresponsive in the Brians 2 prison near Barcelona and efforts to resuscitate him failed, the Guardian reports. The department said the death is being investigated, but "everything points to death by suicide." McAfee—a former NASA programmer who founded McAfee Associates in 1987 and resigned from the company in 1994—was arrested at Barcelona's international airport last year and held in custody pending extradition hearings.

US prosecutors said he failed to file tax returns from 2014 to 2018 despite earning millions from sources including consulting work and cryptocurrency ventures, reports CNBC. He was charged in March with failing to declare income from cryptocurrencies. The charges could have sent him to prison for up to 30 years. In a hearing earlier this month, McAfee argued that the charges against him were politically motivated and he would spend the rest of his life in prison if he was returned to the US, reports the AP. The Spanish court said Wednesday that there was "no revealing data or indication that Mr. McAfee could be subjected to any political persecution," per the New York Times. (Read more John McAfee stories.)t on this

Raid at "stop the steel" house



Los Angeles Mayor's top aids derided icon Dolores Huerta: "i hate her", "jealous old lady","old bag"


What do the messages say?
The Times reviewed only some of the posts , which criticize officials including labor icon Dolores Huerta, Sen. María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles), former Assembly Speaker John Pérez and Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo.

Ana Guerrero, Garcetti’s top aide, said of Huerta, “I hate her,” and used a Spanish term that translates to “jealous old lady.”

Huerta, 91, a cofounder with César Chávez of the United Farm Workers, wasn’t spared the derision of Solid Gold’s members, according to posts reviewed by The Times.

Under a photo of Huerta, Guerrero and three other people, Guerrero wrote, “I hate her. You hate her.”

“Viejita envidiosa!” Guerrero added, which translates to “Jealous old lady.”

Cecilia Cabello, a onetime Garcetti employee, chimed in: “I can’t stand that old bag.” Linda Lopez, who formerly headed L.A.’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, wrote: “Has been.”


How has Garcetti responded?
In a statement Tuesday, Garcetti said he had asked Guerrero, his chief of staff, to “step away from her executive management responsibilities in the office so that she can make things right with the people addressed in these comments.”

Footage of Amazon destroying thousands of unsold items in Britain prompts calls for official investi

Footage of Amazon destroying thousands of unsold items in Britain prompts calls for official investigation

LONDON - British lawmakers are demanding a meeting with tech giant Amazon's country manager after an investigation at a warehouse in Scotland revealed that thousands of unsold or returned items - including televisions, books, sealed face masks and laptops - were being destroyed by the company.

Footage from the undercover investigation by ITV News at a warehouse in the Scottish town of Dunfermline, also showed drones, headphones, jewelry and countless other high-value products being placed into boxes labeled "destroy," before huge trucks were followed carrying the stock to landfill sites and recycling centers. The investigation said it amounted to the destruction of millions of products each year.

One ex-employee told ITV News that workers were expected to get rid of an estimated 130,000 items a week. The broadcaster described the practice as "waste on an astonishing level."



The Name Karen Drops Significantly On A List Of Popular Baby Names

Calling someone a Karen has become shorthand for a person — usually a white woman — who uses their privilege to be a jerk. The name fell 171 spots on the Social Security Administration's list.


Good morning. I'm Noel King. Calling someone a Karen is loaded these days. It's become shorthand for a person, usually a white woman, who uses their privilege to be a jerk, someone who asked to see the manager or something worse. Last year, the name Karen fell 171 spots on the Social Security Administration's list of most popular baby names. I guess people are taking the advice don't be a Karen literally. It's MORNING EDITION.


driving while black with cough drops

long sad tale of how trooper Michael Gagnon and John Dailey locked up two men for weeks for having cough drops and suffered no consequences. Sadist Sergeant David Nims participated also.


The next day, at a hearing for the case, Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Christopher Cook officially dropped the prosecutions of both men. “[D]ismissal of this case is in the interests of justice,” he wrote in a filing. Suddenly, the charges and the case were gone. Torres had spent close to six weeks in jail, lost his job, missed two of his children’s birthdays, and spent upward of $10,000 on an attorney—all for absolutely nothing.

There would be no consequences for Dailey and Gagnon, however. Even though they had locked two men up and charged them with felonies on the basis of no substantiated evidence, they have faced no discipline.

In fact, the state police stand by their work.
In a statement, Procopio said the state police “commonly see powder narcotics pressed into pill or tablet form” and that the white substances contained in the Halls wrappers were “consistent in appearance with suspected illegal narcotics.” When asked about the discrepancy between the weights recorded by the police and the forensic scientist, Procopio said, “I presume the weight on the police report is the gross weight of all five [ovals] with their packaging material.” It is not clear why packaging would count toward the official weight of narcotics—nor is it clear whether the packaging even weighed enough to account for the discrepancy.

The state police do not claim to have any evidence in the case besides the five Halls cough drops and the male sexual enhancement pills, which the forensic scientist Erin Finch also tested, confirming that they indeed contained medications commonly used for erectile dysfunction. “Based on the totality of circumstances,” Procopio wrote, “the Troopers acted appropriately and lawfully in stopping the vehicle and charging the occupants.”

Many Restaurant Job Applicants Aren't Showing Up For Interviews

With a skyline view, and a Scandinavian kitchen, the Hewing Hotel is back in full swing. Like almost every restaurant around, they’re hiring. Nyle Flynn is the executive chef at the hotel’s Tullibee restaurant.

“As executive chefs, it’s our jobs to take cooks and turn them into sous chefs, take sous chefs and turn them into chefs, and that’s how you keep people in the industry for a long time,” Flynn said.

But lately, that’s gotten really tricky. Take last week for instance.

“Out of the 12 interviews, three showed up, nine no-called, no-showed, and never answered for a follow-up phone call,” Flynn said.

He’s had an increase in applicants and a decrease in people following up — something he’s never seen in his 16 years in the industry.


With closure of Tahoe Kmart, only one store will be left in all of California

This means Grass Valley will soon be the only community in California with a Kmart. Up until recently, Kmart had six locations in California, but the Costa Mesa, McKinleyville and Ramona stores all closed in the past year.

Kmart began life in the late 1800s as a five and dime store in Tennessee. Its first Kmart-branded store opened in 1962 in San Fernando, and at its height, Kmart had thousands of locations nationwide.

But things soured in the 2000s. In 2002, Kmart filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and laid off tens of thousands of workers in the restructuring. Two years later, Kmart bought another struggling retailer, Sears, and merged the two companies. But that move didn't slow down Kmart's woes, as the retailer continued to shutter stores year after year.

There are only a few dozen Kmarts now left in the United States, although don't trust the Kmart store locater to give you an accurate count. It's still listing permanently shuttered locations as open.


Ron Johnson getting booed..video



California's prison boom saved this town. Now, plans to close a lockup are sparking anger and fear

California’s prison boom saved this town. Now, plans to close a lockup are sparking anger and fear


Then in April, the state announced it would close the California Correctional Center, which provides nearly 1,100 jobs and among the highest wages in this impoverished, shrinking town of 8,000 residents, excluding prisoners.

Scores of “for sale” signs have popped up on front lawns. Owners of restaurants and hotels — which rely on inmates’ visitors — fear business could plummet. School leaders are bracing for families with children leaving, which could lead to a cut in funding.

“It’s going to devastate the whole community,” said Gary Bridges, a Lassen County supervisor and third-generation logger.

The California Correctional Center, which houses more than 2,300 inmates, is scheduled to close by June 2022. Inmates will be transferred; there will be no expedited releases because of the closure, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


Few places rely on a prison as much as Susanville, the only incorporated city in Lassen County. The nearest city, 86 miles away, is Reno.

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