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Demovictory9's Journal
Demovictory9's Journal
October 1, 2019

Fact checking Trump's 'Impeach this' map


The Trumps seemingly did not produce this map themselves -- it appears it was published in 2016 on HuffPost, a website usually critical of the President. But it is not correct.

Facts First: The map the Trumps tweeted inaccurately displays multiple blue counties won by Hillary Clinton as red counties won by Trump.

The Clinton-won counties the map wrongly shows as Trump-won counties include Orange County, California; Washoe County, Nevada;
Lake County, Minnesota; Gallatin County, Montana; and Whitman County, Washington.

It was also not the first time Trump has displayed an inaccurate county-by-county election map; he also displayed one in early 2018. And it was far from the first time that Trump has tweeted information from others without verifying it himself.

As numerous analysts have pointed out when Trump has previously touted county-level maps, such maps provide incomplete information. Specifically, they do not distinguish between a county with millions of residents and a county with a few thousand. Clinton earned about 3 million more votes than Trump even though he won far more counties.
October 1, 2019

Don't key a Tesla. Its 9 cameras catch woman keying car

Little did the woman realize she was being filmed by the smart car's nine on-board motion-detecting cameras

Woman is caught keying a Tesla in school parking lot causing $2,000 worth of damage - by the car's NINE on-board cameras
Colorado man Alan Tweedie's Tesla Model 3 car was keyed on Saturday
He left the car parked at a local high school in Broomfield during his daughter's soccer game and later discovered the scratches
His smart car's nine on-board motion-detection cameras caught the culprit
Footage shows a middle aged woman walking near the car with a key in her fist
She left a deep scratch that ran along the side of the vehicle and several scratches on the rear of the car
Woman will likely face felony charge for the damage estimated at $2,000

When he pulled up footage from his 2018 model car's nine motion-detecting cameras located in strategic places, he was shocked to see a woman walking suspiciously close to the side of his vehicle with a key in her fist.

‘Then I found one where a woman distinctly came around with the key in her hand. Stuck it right in the side, walked all the way around. Very angry, very purposeful, definitely trying to conceal it. You can see she’s got it down by her hip,’ Tweedie said.

Tweedie said he doesn't recognize the woman in the clip, who appears to be a middle aged woman with white hair, wearing sunglasses, a yellow T-shirt and a plaid button-down.

Although Tweedie doesn't know why the woman would destroy his car, he's sure it wasn't a random incident.

October 1, 2019

Devin Nunes files yet ANOTHER lawsuit

Devin Nunes Sues Reporter, Hearst for Article About Family’s Iowa Dairy

California Representative Devin Nunes asked a federal court in Iowa Monday to award him $75 million in damages in a defamation and common law conspiracy suit against reporter Ryan Lizza and Hearst Magazines.

The House Republican and ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence claims in the suit that Lizza defamed him in a Sept. 30, 2018, article he wrote for Esquire titled “Devin Nunes’s Farm Is Hiding a Politically Explosive Secret.”

The article focuses on Lizza’s investigation into Nunes’s family’s dairy in Sibley, Iowa. In the piece, Lizza, who is now Politico’s chief Washington correspondent and an analyst for CNN, asks why the Nuneses and others would “conspire to hide the fact” that the family had sold its farm in California and moved to Iowa. The reporter also describes being followed by members of Nunes’s family and says two sources told him that the dairy – called NuStar Farms – relied partly upon undocumented labor.

Nunes, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, refers to the article throughout his complaint as the “Lizza Hit Piece.” The congressman claims the article was an attempt to target him ahead of the 2018 Congressional election, to retaliate against him for “exposing corruption, including the DNC/Clinton campaign’s role in funding the salacious ‘Steele dossier,’” and to “interfere with his official duties as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.”

“The Lizza Hit Piece ascribes and imputes to Plaintiff conduct, characteristics and conditions, including dishonesty, deception, lying, conspiracy, corruption, bias, lack of integrity and ethics, that would adversely affect his fitness to be a United States Congressman and/or businessperson,” the 25-page complaint states. “The strong defamatory gist and false implication from the Lizza Hit Piece is that Plaintiff was involved in, covered-up, used his office to cover up, conspired with others to conceal, or was aware of criminal wrongdoing.”

Nunes is also suing Lizza and Hearst, which publishes Esquire, for common law conspiracy. He claims Lizza conspired with members of the media, including his girlfriend Olivia Nuzzi – who is New York Magazine’s Washington correspondent – to promote and republish the article on Twitter and elsewhere.

October 1, 2019

A judge has ruled a jury can consider the "Stand Your Ground law" in 'wrong apartment shooting'


BREAKING: A judge has ruled a jury can consider the Castle Doctrine - basically a Stand Your Ground law - during deliberations to determine whether a Texas woman should be punished for entering the wrong apartment and fatally shooting an unarmed Black man.
October 1, 2019

Trump Says If There Is Another Civil War He Will Get a New Note from Podiatrist

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Shortly after tweeting that his impeachment could result in a civil war, Donald J. Trump clarified that, in the event of such a war, he would seek a new note from his podiatrist.

Trump issued the clarification after military advisers cautioned him that, after starting a civil war, he might reasonably be expected to participate in it.

Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn, Trump said, “Much as I would like to fight in a civil war, my very serious foot condition would keep me from doing that.”

Trump said that, although every other part of him was “extremely young and vibrant,” his feet “are in no condition to fight.”



October 1, 2019

Teen's Messages With Other Boy Were Posted. Hours Later, He Was Dead

Teen's Messages With Other Boy Were Posted. Hours Later, He Was Dead
Channing Smith, 16, killed himself in his Tennessee home

On the night of Sunday, Sept. 22, Channing Smith, 16, saw that private, sexually explicit messages between himself and a male classmate had been posted to Instagram and Snapchat. Within hours, Channing was dead, having taken his own life. His family says the cyberbullying is to blame; the Tennessee high school junior hadn't come out as bisexual or publicly identified as a member of the LGBTQ community. The messages that were posted "were graphic ... and there was no room for Channing to be able to claim it was a misunderstanding," his older brother, Joshua Smith, tells BuzzFeed News. Channing called a few friends around 10pm in a panic. At 4am, his father got up and noticed his light was still on; he walked into the bedroom and found his son's body. More on the tragedy:

Final Instagram post: "I'm gonna get off social media for awhile. I really hate how I can't trust anyone because those I did were so fake. Bye," Channing posted on Instagram Sunday, according to the Washington Post; it was his last post on the social media site before his death.

Cause of death: In a Facebook post about the tragedy, Joshua Smith says his brother fatally shot himself. In a subsequent post titled "Being gay shouldn't be a death sentence," he added, "Parents... please have difficult conversations with your kids. I know I did. My wife and I told my son that if he turns out to be gay we would love him no matter what. Kids need to know that there’s nothing on this earth that separate them from the love of the Father or from their earthly parents. We are called to love and support."


October 1, 2019

family of raccoons photobomb wedding shoot

The initial photos show the couple leisurely strolling through the footpath, gazing at one another lovingly. Snapping away, White captured Zach's awestruck reaction as he saw Sarah in her wedding dress for the first time.

What happened next was straight out of a fairy tale.

At first, a faint rustling was heard in the bushes behind the couple. Moments later, a pair of beady eyes peered through the leaves. Then, out came a family of five raccoons.

"The bride saw them coming towards us first, and I suggested we get out of their way because I was afraid they could be vicious... but they just casually walked the path behind us, and stopped curiously to see what was going on," said White.

Figuring it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, White continued to capture snapshots of the unusual encounter, which have since gone viral globally.

"I've heard from many people that it's like a real life 'Disney' moment, which I love because I'm a total hopeless romantic and love fairytales – no wonder I'm a wedding photographer!" White said. Others wanted to know where the bride purchased her lacy, golden dress, designed by Marchesa.

September 30, 2019

How Trump Could Further Erode Democracy During Impeachment

How Trump Could Further Erode Democracy During Impeachment

Elsewhere in the world, similar patterns of polarization and reprisal have ultimately led to the collapse of democracies. In the bracing book “How Democracies Die,” Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, who are professors of government at Harvard, trace many of the worrisome patterns of the Trump Presidency and outline the ratcheting of consequences that has ultimately led to failures of democracies in other countries:

The erosion of mutual toleration may motivate politicians to deploy their institutional powers as broadly as they can get away with. When parties view one another as mortal enemies, the stakes of political competition heighten dramatically. Losing ceases to be a routine and accepted part of the political process and instead becomes a full-blown catastrophe. When the perceived cost of losing is sufficiently high, politicians will be tempted to abandon forbearance. Acts of constitutional hardball may then in turn further undermine mutual toleration, reinforcing beliefs that our rivals pose a dangerous threat. The result is politics without guardrails. . . .


A central challenge is that Trump and his allies in the right-wing media have proved extraordinarily skilled at distorting the narrative, casting his opponents as “crooked” and “corrupt.” In this narrative, impeachment is not a measure to defend the Republic but a plot to thwart the will of the people and overthrow a democratically elected President. Trump’s lies and obfuscation, coupled with the level of polarization in the country today, give him the ability to inflict long-term damage on American democracy as impeachment unfolds.

In the past, Trump has sought to sow suspicion—unmoored from facts—of alleged voter fraud in the 2016 election and of a “deep state” pitted against him, along with countless other wild conspiracies. Now the stakes will be even greater, as he hammers away at impeachment as an unlawful and partisan “scam.” The danger for democracy depends on the degree to which this notion takes hold with even a minority of Americans, and on the manner in which, going forward, Republican leaders incorporate this belief into their political playbook. On Sunday, the President escalated matters, tweeting an embellished quote from a Fox News interview with an evangelical pastor: “If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.”


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