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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Brooklyn, Queens NY
Home country: US
Current location: Essex County NJ
Member since: Mon Feb 4, 2019, 08:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,567

About Me

I used to post as Madam Mossfern, but forgot which email account it was attached to and my password. Typical dreamy me. MFA, Pratt Institute Formerly worked as teacher in South Bronx, for Essex County NJ as Director of Environmental Affairs, (and then) Employment Specialist and Instructor for Unemployment for GED and training program exams. Member of Town Council Mayor Founder of a County park conservancy Environmental Commission member and Chair President of Synagogue Herbalist Master Gardener Married for 41 years 4 "interesting and high spirited" children. Grandmother of 2 very well behaved children (don't know where that came from) Total Space Ranger and Dreamer since birth.

Journal Archives

Barrett is refusing

to give an answer whether the President can disobey a court order.
Won't answer whether a President can pardon himself.

She does admit that no person is against the law.

Amy Klobuchar

bringing up Barrett's comments on Roberts' decision on ACA.
Barrett is obfuscating. She disagreed with Roberts thinking.

Senator Whitehouse

"Puppet theater" and people pulling strings and pushing sticks.
He's so good.

Why are her husband and all her children

present behind her at the hearing?
Is this typical?

What time are hearings today?

Why is being a 'mom'

a credential for the Supreme Court?
All Republicans are emphasizing that.


"some would call you Rosemary's baby"
He's casting her a victim because of her religion, also because she's white.
She's (Amy) looking at him like she's frightened.


forgets that Mitch said that there should be no appointments in election year.
He is so disingenuous.

Mitch lied.

Damn, I'm so furious that I forgot what I was going to write.

Joni Ernst

the "feminist" - makes me sick. She is a fucking Handmaid you freak.

Oh my, I'm getting a bit worked up.
Trying to show that Democrats are anti-woman.


***Watching confirmation hearings***

Cornyn talking now. He's slamming democrats instead of questioning her.
How is this a confirmation hearing? I just tuned in so I don't know what happened before.
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