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LizBeth's Journal
LizBeth's Journal
May 15, 2020

I had to have a conversation today with my son. I am 60, a life long smoker. State is opening up.

I work in customer service. An hotel that has 50-100 people checking in and an 8 hour shift five days a week. People from Washington and Calif, China and Asia, and Europe that stays with us because we are center in tourist attraction. We have a two by two Plexiglas on a 7 foot counter that we hope the customers use to contain germs. No ventilation, no windows. I was talking to a fellow liberal about them telling me I had to go back to work and her comment was, ... It would have to be safe for them to insist you come back to work.

My Governors has opened the state, phase one. But they did stipulation that people in vulnerable position should be protected.

I was talking to a person I have been friend with for decades telling her of the possibility of going back to work in this environment. She is a liberal, on our side yet she said to me, ... The work environment has to be safe to the employee if they are asking you to come back, assuming. That is naive in my opinion that people believe that conditions are in place to protect the workers.

How do you all feel about it? I live alone and even if I just get a 14 days, to a month of pain and illness, I am by myself. I have no one to help me, and I have no desire to experience what I am seeing people experience getting this virus. I have a dog I am concerned about if hospital, a month of illness that comes and goes with fever and if I will end up dead in the morning. Not to mention hospital bills that will break me.

Let me hear what you have to say, or what you feel please. My son says to say no.

May 3, 2020

Oregon continue state of emergency to July 6. I like, yea us.


Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order Friday extending Oregon’s state of emergency to July 6 in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The move comes roughly two months after the original declaration was signed March 8. It was set to expire May 7.

The new executive order gives the governor the legal authority to maintain the orders she’s issued thus far — including the stay-home order, a moratorium on residential and commercial evictions and other financial stimulus measures — and issue new ones as she sees fit, said Charles Boyle, a spokesman for the governor’s office.

April 30, 2020

I got thru IRS about stimulus. Says it will mail to old address MAY 1. Does anyone have

any idea what I can do. They obviously have not done my 2019 return that is a refund and has the proper address. I have not been able to get thru to the IRS until today. This is what it says to me.

Payment Status
We scheduled your check to be mailed on May 01, 2020 to the address we have on file for you.

We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.

If you need additional help or do not receive your payment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

April 29, 2020

Stimulus check. I do that program to check, it says, my information does not match what they have.

Has anyone had that comment? I put the infor in and says nope, not matching their information. Now, I moved since 2018. I do not have the same bank from 2018. I do file 2019 taxes with new information. I hear they stopped doing taxes to work on stimulus. My taxes were sent in on April 2 with Trubo and was my address, not my bank info.

Anything from anyone?

Who would I get a hold of with this? IRS does not have a telephone number.

Thanks for your help.

April 21, 2020

Liar tweets tonight.... Awesome video, gotta watch


But I have tried so many ways to get it on here and can only do a link. But, it is worth clicking on. I put it on my Fb. All these regular old people singing this about Trump is great.



Edit: Thank you whoever helped me out down below. I do not know how you did it but I do appreciate you.
April 9, 2020

Unemployment. Videos with answers if you are having a tough time.


April 8, 2020

I was laid off/rehire March 14. I tried unemployment two weeks ago, filed a claim online.

I have never done this and the computer is hard. It said it was successful and gave me a confirmation number. Then I heard nothing. I did the one week claim thing the other day. I still have not heard anything. I did it like 4/2 for the week prior.

Today I went in to see if I could figure what was up and it said it is showing that I did the week claim, but could not find original claim.

Again, I have heard nothing.

Today and 180 calls later, the phone was busy and never did pick up.

I guess tomorrow I have to go to unemployment office. I fall under vulnerable with covid 19.

Anything anyone can share? I called the 877 number provided.

March 31, 2020

Lord of the Rings Dialect Coach, Star Wars Actor Andrew Jack Dies of Coronavirus Complications at 76

Andrew Jack, the dialect coach for the Lord of The Rings films, has died at age 76 from complications of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), according to multiple reports. TMZ was the first outlet to report on his death on Tuesday.

The Star Wars actor’s rep, Jill McCullough, said in a statement to Evening Standard that he died Tuesday morning at a hospital outside of London as a result of complications he’d developed from the deadly respiratory illness.

Jack’s wife Gabrielle Rogers was unable to be with him in England due to being quarantined in Australia, McCullough said.

“Andrew lived on one the oldest working houseboats on the Thames, he was fiercely independent but madly in love with his wife; also a dialect coach: Gabrielle Rogers,” said McCullough. “Tragically she is stuck in quarantine in Australia having just flown in from NZ last week. She was unable to see or talk to him at the end of his life and there is a chance a funeral may not be held.”

March 24, 2020

Who else says Pelosi had to once again take front stage,

This time face time with Mitchell instead of Trump and get what is needed to get things done. We are lucky as hell to have Pelosi.

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