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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 03:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,214

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I'll be having this nightmare until 1/20/21...


What's the difference?

Just got a text from a Trumpster friend of mine (yes it is possible to be friends with these people) who said "I see Biden just claimed victory before the vote is done, why is that different from Trump claiming victory early".
I responded "Biden said he 'had no doubt' he would win. Trump said he has already won. The difference is confidence and psychosis"

Waiting on response

Biden now only 97k behind and gaining in PA

This is all from a dump in Philly. They are also saying they only have about 1k of the "segregated" possibly contested ballots and they are not counting them yet. I've seen reports they are, who knows. The sun is getting ready to set on a fatass.

Someone needs to step in and protect those heroes in Detroit

Those folks are busting their ass to count these votes. They never get any recognition or gratitude, it's a thankless service. Those folks are the true patriots, true heroes. I've worked various aspects of elections for over 30 years and I know how hard and contentious it can be. There are rules to be observers. These disgusting self righteous disrupting mini trumps there are true fucking deplorables. The police need to pull up a bus and throw every one of them in the slammer for felonious disruption of an election and assault.

Trump files suit to stop MI count


CNN: "Mr. President, why does Bidens vote count keep going up?"

Commander Clorox: "It's because they continue to count. The more you count the more votes he will get. They've got to stop counting or count less. It's really very simple but fake news like you will spin that, this interview is over"

Don't ever play the John King shot game

where you do a shot every time he says "count". We ran out of liquor in 5 minutes and now none of us can count, or walk lol. Jesus he's like Rainman. "Lets look at Fulton county, Bidens up, so Democrats will be happy but they have to count the vote. Now lets look how Clinton did after they counted the vote and Bidens better thats why we count the vote. There's also some improvement in Michigan but they continue to count and thats why we count, count, count, counT, couNT, coUNT, cOUNT, COUNT!!! (hic)

Just checked all 50 states and....

Per usual every single state is still counting votes as they always have and always will days after the election. Whiney boy needs to STFU. If Biden can pull out an electoral victory from ballot counts that are already there, before counting postmarked late arrivals, Cracker cannot win shit in court. Even this SCOTUS requires a valid case to be brought forth.

As disappointed as I am at the Senate prospects, it was a media and Dem campaign driven pipe dream this time around. The entire objective of 2020 was to get this fucker out. I am very confident he's done. I predict 2020 Mission Accomplished.

Nobody talking about Jo Jorgensen...

In some close races could be at least a 1 point hit on Cracker
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