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Cheezoholic's Journal
Cheezoholic's Journal
May 11, 2022

Thomas McDermott Jr is ready and is the best shot Indiana has

had for a blue senate candidate in years. He's up against incumbent nazi Todd Young in the 2022 Indiana national Senate race. While he is a bit more centrist for my liking (which could help him in the rural areas), and is at times controversial, I voted for him in the primary and I'm 100% behind this guy. He's a no BS gloves off ready to fight pit bull, something of a rarity in the party lately. For years he's been one of the loudest critics of the repuke party in Indiana. He's the best chance we've had in a while to help turn this state back to it's pre Lugar blue so lets get behind him. Help us out if you can. If you're a Hoosier, or anyone, not familiar with him,


campaign website


Ballotpedia profile


Also check out the 4 time Hammond mayors weekly podcast, he's straight up


May 11, 2022

Goddammit Ive had 2 ingrown toenails

a couple warts removed, 3 dispersion's of moles on my back, witnessed the biggest war in Europe in 80 years, watched a physical coup attempt on my government, am witnessing the greatest grievance on women's rights since the Salem witch trials and all we get on the news is a typical Schumer mea culpa and a 1/6 committee member response from Aguilar last night on Prime that sounded like scolding grade schoolers on the playground.

Fuck these goddamn criminals!!!! This is fucking war!!!!!! Fucking crawl out of your cribs you fuckers!!!!!!
Christ, how can we win

May 4, 2022

The Song Remains the Same

My best friend and I were having a beer a picking some notes last night. We were discussing this SCOTUS crap. We were trying to remember a little song we wrote back in 1988.

We both came out of high school in 1980, voted for Carter and were promptly smacked with Raygun. As that decade slowly disintegrated into a christofascist Disneyland we became more and more politically active. It was really hard to be a vocal liberal in Klan'ville North small town Indiana in those days. We both spilt some blood, got some physical scars, and a bit of a police record as a result. The rise of the evangelicals were principle targets as we saw firsthand what the christofascist movement was up to as it plowed across the land and airwaves of rural America. Blowing up abortion clinics was all the rage, we saw no difference from the church burnings in the south during the 50's and 60's. The 80's we're a living hell in rural America, no matter race, it was a war on the poor of all creeds period. The absolute venom in these people was going to take a radical movement to stop them, we thought Joe Biden was the one who could do it.

So in 1987 we did everything we could for the party, for Joe Biden, for what was right. We honestly believed Biden was the only one that could punch back hard enough on these criminals. The only one that could take down a whiney GHWB and Mr. Potaoe head, whom we were all too familiar, and their burgeoning christofascist base. Like in 1980, our hopes were squashed this time by some petty self righteousness of some trying to dangle the other sides agenda of BS honesty and truth to grab some puritanical votes. 7 years of hope vanquished.

As we watched a man campaign in a tank with a helmet and cheered our guy and Sen. Kennedy lead the charge against Bork, all with the backdrop of the continuous viscous attacks on the rights of women we continued campaigning and working as hard as we could in our free time well, because that's what you do no matter what. This was an important time

In our deep depression, on the night of the election in 88, realizing very soon we would have an ex CIA director, a Hasbro toy and the growing Falwellian Dwarves running the show in DC, we got blasted and wrote our little song. Last night we couldn't remember all of the words but with this weeks happenings it was ringing a bell in our slowly age deteriorating heads. Low and behold his wife had kept some scrapbooks over the years and there it was. Once I read it I became as depressed and angry as the night we wrote it. I guess the full reality of today really hit me. The more that things change shit.

I included a pic of it. You don't have to like it or even read it. But now nearly 35 years later I can't help but think WTF IS GOING ON!!

April 28, 2022

The 11th hour really is no more

Williams said even with him gone his famous intro of the day count of the current administration would continue. Well i guess it's no more. Not like I've been watching every night like I used too. Respect to Stephanie but this is not the time slot for her. There needs to be edge and wit in this time slot, well, because thats what I'm used too across TV media. 11pm was when the kids were asleep and the adults watched their adult night shows before bed. Whatever you think about Williams he delivered the news smartly with a witfully sometimes sarcastic tint with the show itself mimicking a newspaper in its layout.
Last time I watched, i dont know how long ago, she was doing the "day xxx of the Biden administration" intro. Tonight it was gone. Time for bed.

April 27, 2022

How did McCarthy not know who spoke at the 1/6 rally

4 days afterwards? How did he not know what they said 4 days afterwards? Seriously, litsen to the recordings released Monday and ignore the backtracking crap and listen to him. He asks an awful lot of questions with answers half the population of America knew, answers that had been plastered all over news media for days. He's got Scalise googling Brooks exact quote at the rally. Does anyone even find any of that remotely suspicious? Him lying, big deal in repuke land, it's the norm. Why is he asking specific questions about the 1/6 rally under the impression he has no clue what happened that day? I'm either paranoid or people are way more gullible than I thought. Listen to him, not the headline....

April 2, 2022

So are we giving up?

The midterms are notoriously anti the party in power. Are we giving up the midterms? Just because thats the status quo, are we giving up? Is this November not just as important if not more important than 2020? Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but dammit, if we beat these fucks in November its 1000 times more important than 2024. Why am I not seeing or hearing or feeling the same stuff from this party as I did in 2019? 2022 is it.

April 1, 2022

Great, 35 dollar insulin, great

What about the fucking test strips!!! Jesus talk about recursive income. Whatever

March 30, 2022

Garland needs to go

A President replacing the AG is not all that uncommon and can be done without implying the executive branch is using the DOJ as it's police force. it's been done. Garland has to go period.

March 26, 2022

Heard some disturbing things on Hartman's program this week

and on DU for awhile now and amongst like minded folks I know. Thom did a rant about getting physically involved in the Democratic party using Bannon pushing this on the other side. Not the first time he's ranted about this. Agree with him totally. He immediately started taking calls from those who have had it with the inner workings of the DNC top to bottom. I agree with him, if you don't like it fix it. I agree with them, there's a ton of house cleaning to be done across the board.

But right now, at this moment, and I wish Thom would've spoke more about it, the Democratic party needs to be unified. All of us. We can't be infighting with what's at stake in less than 8 months.

If we can't at least retain what we have in Nov its over folks. i heard people on his show saying they wouldn't vote because the party is corrupt. Have seen it here. Guess what, we lose in Nov you won't have a party to worry about and you will never again have a vote period.

Screw 2024, right now we need to win 2022 period. Then we can talk about party reform. If we lose in Nov, truly we are screwed from that point on. I honestly believe that

March 24, 2022

48th Anniversary of the Wall of Sound today

Well it's still the 23rd on a Deadhead calendar, the next day starts at noon not midnight! The first public presentation of "Owsley's Frankenstein" as I like to call it. Would've posted earlier on the "mans" 23rd but been rockin' in my chair to the show lol.
The Wall of Sound man lol, give it a listen

Cross posting, we could all use a break

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