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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 08:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,444

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The drugs are making him go insane this morning.

25th Amendment time.


Equipment was being wheeled into White House at night a week ago?


Was Trump sick back then?

Oh no! Claudia Conway has Covid.

I don't have a link, but apparently she posted on her Tik Tok that she has Covid now. She's 15. She most likely got it from her mother who is sick from attending the Coney Barrett event Saturday.

Pence is going to have a really bad debate against Kamala.

Can you imagine facing Kamala in a debate as the leader of the White House Covid Task Force when your boss is in the hospital with the disease, half the Republican party is infected, and the White House staff is staging a mutiny for having their lives be put at risk?

Mother will have to drag him off stage crying.

White House statement admits Trump was on supplemental oxygen.

New statement from doctor relayed to Kayleigh McEnany.

Claims he's no longer on supplemental oxygen and at 96% oxygen saturation.

Is this insensitive of me?

I'm kind of bothered by the astronomical lengths we go to as a country to protect and treat a President. Why does he get all these experimental drugs and 20 doctors, but other Americans can't? Why is his life more important than the 210,000 who died? We have a line of succession for a reason.

These doctors felt like paid actors.

That was so suspect and not reassuring.

Chris Christie is positive.


Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien is positive.

Wow, I feel like everyone at that event probably has it.

Trump is now on Remdesivir.

WH Physician just put out a statement.

I thought Remdesivir was only used for patients who are in serious condition as a last resort?
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