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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,424

Journal Archives

The J&J Vaccine could be a game changer... but it probably won't be.

If I were King... or President or whatever...

Assemble an insulated package with 100 does of J&J Vaccine with a cool-pak and mail ONE pack daily to every pharmacy in the US.

Sound daunting?

Have Amazon be responsible for the delivery.

Pharmacists and their techs give shots year round... they know what they're doing.

Leftover vaccine can be stored in the existing refrigerators in the Pharmacy.

Start poking folks at 9AM, 50 shots available and again at 1PM, last 50 shots.

You'd get FAR MORE vaccines in people's arms without this IDIOTIC NONSENSE of massive football stadium parking lots with 6 rows of cars driving thru getting poked through the window.

Unfortunately... gov't bureaucracy isn't always overly bright.

EDIT: They should also allow self-vaccination. There are ALREADY self-administered syringes engineered and produced.

In addition, a typical city of 100k might have 25 pharmacies. That's 2500 vaccinations a day, 17,500 a week and 70k a month.

About the anti-Manchin vitriole...

Manchin can have McConnell sworn in as Majority Leader within 24 hours and the stationary changed within 72 hours.

If Manchin jumped ship... what would his approval numbers be in WV?? 55-60%??

Manchin is teflon and radioactive at the same time.

Calling for ANY action against him is foolish. Any news story speaking ill of him will just push him closer to picking up his phone to Leader Schumer.

Manchin is the ONLY thing between Schumer and McConnell being Leader and the entire Biden agenda foundering.

Until 2022, that is...

LA Times: Blah, blah... COVID this and that... we're fucked.

California’s coronavirus strain looks increasingly dangerous: ‘The devil is already here’


“The devil is already here,” said Dr. Charles Chiu, who led the UCSF team of geneticists, epidemiologists, statisticians and other scientists in a wide-ranging analysis of the new variant, which they call B.1.427/B.1.429. “I wish it were different. But the science is the science.”

"It also opens the door to a “nightmare scenario”: That the two viruses will meet in a single person, swap their mutations, and create an even more dangerous strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus."

The new evidence that the California variant could make people sicker, and vaccines less effective, should spur more intensive efforts to drive down infections, Chiu said. Those should include both public health measures, such as masking and limits on public activities, and a campaign of rapid vaccinations, he added.

My commentary.

Vaccines are nice, if they work. Get to work HARDER on treatments... and for God's sake...

WEAR YOUR DAMN MASK and wash your hands, keep hand sanitizer in the car and just stay home as much as possible.


Why do reviled rich people always go down like this?

If I were rich and had made a career out of pissing off over half the country...

I'd never give my opponents a day to celebrate.

I'd have it all planned out. When the Doctors said, "You're well past your expiration date" and we expect hospice in here next week or two... I'd hop on my private jet to somewhere secluded and die without a public announcement.

Of course, I'd juice it up. While I felt well enough and had the energy, I'd record hundreds of audio and video segments to further my presence into the future far past my assumption of room temperature.

I'd record audio segments for future release on topics that hadn't happened yet, but might. I'd record dozens of different Super Bowl and Word Series clips congratulating the winner of the '21 World Series and the '22 Super Bowl. I'd record endorsements for campaigns that didn't exist yet. I'd keep fucking with my opponents for YEARS.

It'd be pretty easy. Just let a few loved ones know what was happening and have someone controlling the appearance of continued life.

Disappearing would be easy. Fly into somewhere like Bangkok (flight data is a tattle-tell) and hop on a yacht to some island near Thailand/Indo/Philippines. Have a few Med staff with you, sworn to secrecy and bribe a local authority to let them drop you in a hole in the Jungle.

Rich people have NO IMAGINATION.

Hell, with Deep Fakes... you could even record post-mortem videos.

Inside the Texas power crisis.

Logical question, what's happening?

1) Wind power production down. Turbines frozen solid.

2) Natural Gas shortage

3) Solar production drastically down.

4) Refineries offline, gas prices soon to rise.

Bill Gates nuclear reactors for the 21st Century are sounding better every day.

His new book is out now.

Bill Gates new gamechanging book on Climate Change comes out tomorrow.

This is a REALLY good read:

(I read the story for free through my Google timeline, it's pay to read at WSJ)


He's really a brilliant man, a futurist right when we need one. He's a proponent of safe nuclear energy, which IS the solution we've been waiting for. He recognizes the complications of 1 Billion people in the world eager to move into the 20th century by flipping a light switch for the first time and considers that in his solution.

Bottom line, we can end fossil fuels and remove sufficient CO2 from the atmosphere by 2050 for around $5T a year globally.

EDIT: and to add... if we can kick in $4T in less than a year to fight COVID, we can kick in $1T a year for the climate...

Silence out of Mar-a-Lago, what's up?

All jokes aside, lets talk about it without memes and jokes.

One, I don't believe a shred of the "CNN reports a Trump adviser says Trump ate toast with jam this morning..."

In Palm Beach, he's surrounded by loyalists and the only "word" that gets out is leaked on purpose.

SO what's he up to? His well known reputation for vengeance has me thinking he's plotting his next moves. But why the silence?

1) Laying low during Impeachment Trial. Opening his mouth may have been just enough to make 17 GOP'ers shut him the hell up.

2) Without Twitter, he's creating an intentional void and a social media vacuum. I expect him to be pushing a new Social Media app soon, a Trumpy Gab, Parler or TikTok looking thing.

3) Has his 757 been brought in for service yet? One of it's engines was past-due for maintenance and FAA laws don't allow an aircraft to be flown without current checks so it was stuck in NJ iirc. He's got the Citation X, of course but he wants to roll up in the big bird.

4) In negotiations for sale of properties? I think he wants to remove all physical and economic presence from NY and other blue States/Cities. I expect to see Trump Tower in NYC sold this year.

5) I expect him to announce the formation of a new SuperPAC and probably a Presidential run sooner rather than later although I don't believe he'll run in 24. Why, you ask? Because if he announces a run he takes on an (kinda) umbrella of protection from lawsuits and prosecution as being "motivated to damage a political opponent".

As a student of history, it's all delicious to watch.

This is the real-life equivalent to the story of Frankenstein's monster. All the little Frankensteins over the last 40 years, Bill Kristol, Steve Schmidt, Glenn Beck, BushCo, etc etc... have been working on a project in the basement to aide them in accomplishing their blue blooded, war loving neo-con bullshit. The project paid off when the monster went into action as the Tea Party and took over DC.

But today, the monster is on the loose and can't be brought back to the lab.

Why no guns?

Think of this as Devil's advocacy... or more accurately, wargaming.

Just like I'd ask "Why did/didn't Rommel reinforce the Cotentin Peninsula in May 1944"?

Why didn't the rioters bring guns to the Capitol? Were they "dead enders" seeking a political statement? Were they seeking an actual coup, taking over the Gov't like the military in Myanmar? Were they looking to "frat boy" inside the Capitol?

Here's my opinion, after thorough analysis.

I don't think this was a coup attempt at all. The motivations varied by the individual. SOME of the rioters certainly would have torn a Congressperson to shreds if they had the chance. But reports from inside the Capitol actually show many rioters walking between the velvet ropes as if they were on an 8th Grade field trip.

Look at the damage to the Capitol. Relatively light damage, no arson. They did less damage to the Capitol than the jocks did to the nerds dorm in Revenge of the Nerds.

Again, IMHO... I think they wanted to disrespect the gov't, not kill it. They wanted to humiliate and sully our national institution while demonstrating strength and impudence.

To circle around to the top... why no guns?

After watching the Super Bowl Halftime Performace...

It got me to thinking about past Super Bowl Half Time shows...

What's YOUR favorites?

I took to YouTube and watched a dozen or so and one caught my attention and brought back some great memories.

1993 Michael Jackson.

I've been watching performers on stage for 50 years and there's never been a performer in his league.

EDIT: I always wanted to see a Metallica Half Time show...

I'm hoping for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine

For one, I have a nostalgic sort of feeling for J&J from my childhood and it's ubiquity.

J&J immunized all their employees against Smallpox in 1910, over half of them women

J&J produced masks to fight the 1918 Flu

J&J created Band-Aids

J&J retained all employees during WW2, even increased wages

J&J promised all employees who fought in WW2 they'd have a job when they returned home

And the J&J COVID-19 vaccine just may be the vaccine that saves the world... all four corners.
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