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*Final 2 episodes Parts Unknown, Bourdain, CNN now. Mardi Gras now, Bhutan next.

Update: Delaware came through. Protests are now planned in all 50 states. 523 of them.

Jacob Soboroff's interview of Kirstjen Nielsen

Michael Avenatti has just put a real human face on the human suffering caused by DT.

Protesters Rally outside the Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center

I have a new favorite movie poster

June 30th protests planned in all 50 states.

Portland clothing firm sells out "I really care" jackets; all proceeds going to refugee advocacy

man blocks black doctor from entering her community for 30 minutes. "you don't belong"

ALL this shit, but...

Due process!

Move Over, Pruitt . . . Zinke Is This Week's King of Corruption

woman sobs for Trump "he tries so hard and so many people are down on him"

The seven dirty words revised to 2018 from George Carlin's 1970's edition...

The entire justice system here is run by black women.

Courtesy of David Gerrold.

Message on first lady's jacket should be motto of campaign

R2AK (Race to Alaska) Winners

Good Practical Jokes at Work and on The Go

Roseanne Barr Breaks Down While Explaining Her Racist Tweet: 'I've Lost Everything'

Energy and Environment Lobbyist tied to Pruitt's condo rental pushed for EPA to hire family friend

You're on your own, US tells Syrian rebels, as Assad goes on offensive

Erdoğan declared winner in Turkish presidential election

Star Wars Princess Leia meets Sgt Pepper with illicit help from her friends....

Jared Kushner, who doesn't like reading history books, says he has a new Middle East peace plan

Trump is at his Virginia golf club, marking his 118th day at a Trump golf property and his 161st day

Did you catch this tweet to the left from Michael Avenatti about not overplaying their hand?

Administration says it has a plan to reunite immigrant families; Democrats are skeptical

Jimmy Fallon regrets the Trump "hair" show. Trump to Fallon: "Be a man Jimmy!"

Walgreens Pharmacist Denies Woman Miscarriage Drug Over Personal Morals

Pentagon says 2 bases to house immigrants

Since he has no shame,let him carry the name.

Crude oil spills into Iowa river after freight train derailment

"60 Minutes" did a segment on human smugglers at the border tonight.

Fox News Employees in NYC should be shunned and denied services.

Roku - I think we just got played by Spectrum.

New fears over Chinese espionage grip Washington

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 June 2018

Dem lawmaker calls for ICE to be abolished

Latino teens who alleged abuse at center no longer in US

Immigration lawyer: "They have been planning this for over a year. Chaos is the goal."

AMLO, Mexico's answer to Donald Trump

San Francisco restaurants open kitchens to refugee chefs

Gorsuch says he'll repeal and replace the Fourth Amendment with something terrific

lets go fly a kite

Virginia school formerly named for Confederate general changes name to Barack Obama

From - Charles P. Pierce

Light up the Night with Love

Something I posted on FB

What is covfefe? (I wrote a thing)

Jicks Selection Of The Day - Stick Figures in Love

Man attacked by bobcat near Bisbee, agencies search for wild animal


You Think Trump has reached the "BOTTOM" are wrong...This is a bottom:

Kamau Bell of CNN doing a show on Canada. Up now.

Trump is reportedly planning major new restrictions against China

A teacher to the end makes a final request

Jim Carrey's best tweet ever:

Dramatic city night sky. Thunderstorms coming after sunset.

A small guy that could be flawed, a bad character?

Man falsely convicted of killing 2 cops is freed after 36 years in prison

Aventantti: U.S. Attorneys cancel meeting with Stormy Daniels.

Threats, Bad Reviews, Fake Bookings For Old Saybrook Restaurant After Sarah Huckabee Sanders Was Ref

Stormy Daniels, actress linked to President Trump, to meet with prosecutors

Brockie: Gruesome secrets from an ancient Germanic battlefield

"This boy seemed devastated--quiet and withdrawn."

Trump Tweets People Who 'Invade' US Must Be Immediately Deported Without 'Judges Or Court Cases

The Forgotten Culture That Built America's "Pyramids" of Dirt

An Ocean-Dwelling Fish Genetically Adapted to Freshwater in Just 120 Years

could someone explain the process of an executive order from a president?

Why was Sarah Sanders in Lexington, VA?

Something has just occured to me about Trump's trade war.

New Yorkers Fight to Aid Child Victims of Trump's Family Separation Policy

New fears over Chinese espionage grip Washington

Immigration Myths and Falsehoods explained.....

WaPo editorial board: Sarah Sanders 'should be allowed to eat dinner in peace'

George Takei: Donald Trump's immigration rhetoric is 'grotesque'

Gorsuch says he'll repeal and replace the Fourth Amendment with something terrific

A Cartoon History of Trumps, 1869-2018: Three generations of plunder

critters on a couch

It is amazing

Saudi says two Houthi missiles intercepted over Riyadh

Mattis re: "temporary camps":

Dinner in peace?

Been busy for about 18 months. Did I miss anything?

When Will We Return To Reality? The US Has Become A Tune Town Ala Roger Rabbit.

So, by my count, that's two African heads of government who narrowly survived assassination attempts

Guess A TV Show From The Plot Description (No Google)

Been gone awhile. Two African heads of state narrowly escaped assassination this weekend.

NH: State party financial reports show Democrats flush, Republicans in the 'red'

Yonkers Man Charged With $150,000 Superstorm Sandy Scam

Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure

Dean Skelos vowed to run against 'full of s-t' Cuomo

Trade tensions send waves through Missouri, offering a possible opening for McCaskill

Hearing set for ACLU lawsuit seeking lawyer access to immigrants in Sheridan prison

Looks like money laundering for the Russian mafia to me

Skelos son made threats dad would block contract unless he got a raise

It's Sunday night, and Tomorrow Never Knows...

Cuomo directs agencies to expand, affirm transgender health protections

President Obama fishes in the Adirondacks

President Obama fishes in the Adirondacks

Robert Mueller wants to talk to Roger Stone's comedian frenemy

Audit: NY missed out on $425M worth of Medicaid drug rebates

How Trump maintains his high approval ratings among Republicans

Fire department recovers prosthetic worth $127,000

Lawsuit: Harassment at corrections agency left woman disabled with fear

Wow John Meacham said they reap what they sowed

Democratic women ride wave of new candidates in Florida

Schmidt: "Notre Dame Intermezzo"/Dia Succari: "La Nuit du Destin", Joel Fan on piano/

Walk or die: Algeria abandons 13,000 migrants in the Sahara

Watch: Baby moose, 'begging for attention,' befriends dog

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon says son has come out as transgender

Texas group takes in about 30 parents separated from kids

Are "conservatives" now leaving the "Trump Party"?

A Poll:

I read this interesting quote a couple of days ago...

Trump No Longer Listens to His Defense Secretary

If you like Science Fiction, there is a good series on Netflix.

These immigrant children were kidnapped.

Monday TOONs - Next Phase Edition

Why We Are Leaving the G.O.P.

Returns to ratchet up the rhetoric

'A potential gold mine' for summit planner

Trump says illegal immigrants should be deported with no due process

Who wouldn't want a gold coin to commemorate . . . Mar-a-Lago?

Looking for suggestions on spending a birthday alone

Trump supporters always reveal themselves (video tweet)

The federal government says this man rightfully owns Havana's cruise port

Looks familiar

The Twit tweets: The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies,...

Fuck Joe, Mika and the entire Morning Blow crowd

UPDATED: Trump Attacks 'Dirty' Restaurant That Refused to Serve Sarah Sanders

Mattis is out of the loop and Trump doesn't listen to him, say officials

Sand in the machine. Lessons from Norwegian Resistance

Harley-Davidson Moves Some Production Out of U.S. After Tariffs

Let us open our "Lee Atwater Glossary of Republican Dogwhistle Phrases" to page 21

Behind The Criminal Immigration Law: Eugenics And White Supremacy

trump is the crude and banal gop leader

Tom Tomorrow

Synonyms for "conservative" in the age of Trump:

Daily Kos ArticleFormer Border Patrol Janitor Collected & Photographed Seized Migrant Belongings

Stormy Daniels meeting with prosecutors in Michael Cohen investigation is canceled

If you support ripping children from their parents then

Dignifying the Oval Office...

Democratic insurgents want to 'abolish ICE.' Democrats aren't there yet.

I mean, holy s***! EIGHT TERABYTES!

"What if what happened to SHS happened to you?"

In Trump Country, Highest Prescription Opioid Rates

Harvard Says Asians Have "Bad Personalities"....Because They Outperform Whites

The Rundown: June 22, 2018

'He Does Not Understand What the Role of an Ambassador Should Be'

Walter Shaub answer to Trump's tweet about "Red Hen Resstaurant"

'They're lucky we aren't executing them': National Guardsman faces punishment for Facebook post on

Forced assimilation (forced pledge in English) to a country which treats these kids like criminals

Trumpers are spamming the Red Hen with negative reviews online

Kidnapping and then extortion

Fallon Pledges Money to Group Aiding Migrant Kids After Trump Tells Him to 'Be a Man' on Twitter

Teenager Is Missing After Walking Away From Migrant Children's Center in Texas

Dear God in Heaven

Pompeo gives U.S. diplomats 'dose of reality' after early high hopes

Liberal Group Looks to 'Out' James O'Keefe's Project Veritas Operatives

Yes! Magazine: 15 actions that can shut down trump's assault on immigrant families

SHS: think strategically, but still be ready to go low

Sen. Kamala Harris Not Ruling Out 2020 Presidential Run

Cats out of the bag! Chavista boss says, "Revolution is our personal revenge"

My wife's coworker and her staunch right wing husband were over for Thanksgiving. This was back

Retired couple killed in Jamaica, victims of Credit Card Fraud

Kenya's 'rapper priest' suspended by Catholic Church

Politico, Wapo & Morning Joe all have the same narrative this morning. The problem isn't the racist,

...George Will & Howard Dean Agree: Our Political Parties Aren't Doing Their Constitutional Duty

Has Sarah been wronged ??? NO !!!

Texas group takes in about 30 parents separated from kids

Undercooled meat. Dangerous fish. Health inspectors ding Trump's Mar-a-Lago kitchen

Conversation in the pew Sunday

Does anyone know if there is going to be a WH briefing today?

Mugshots from Trump's baby and children jails show many infants and children in tears

After family separation crisis, Trump returns to his tried-and-true tactic: ratchet up the rhetoric

Couple's fundraiser to reunite migrant families tops $20 million

Is this a preface to shutting down Mueller's investigation?

No gas, water, electricity. Chavistas will fix bureaucracy with... more bureaucracy!

Happy National Catfish Day! Delectable 😋 or Detestable 🤢?

ACLU: "What President Trump has suggested here is both illegal and unconstitutional."

Where Is Obama?

The story behind Melania's message on her jacket:

A list of organizations that are helping separated families: Texas Tribune

Trump advocates depriving undocumented immigrants of due-process rights

Don't just scoff at this---think about it:

President Trump Regrets Order Ending Family Separations, Report Says

Good grief ! Can someone explain to him what does "check and balances" mean ?

Army takes over Venezuelan water supply. Poor forced to pay for water.

Scientist killed while camping with daughters at Malibu Creek State Park

At the U.S.-Mexico border, immigrant mothers seeking asylum prepare for whatever may come

The main story is neither a jacket, nor a magazine cover, nor a restaurant's service policies.

Only Congress can add a branch to the armed forces

Harley-Davidson shutdown triggers 207 layoffs at another Kansas City operation

Harley-Davidson shutdown triggers 207 layoffs at another Kansas City operation

'Bathroom bill' fight returns to a North Carolina courtroom

Impeach Trump? Even Democrats who despise the president can't agree on a strategy for the midterm

Sarah was not run over by a car. She was not shot. She was not beaten with clubs

It will become one of the greatest literary classics

A Helpful Graphic

Transgender woman says she was asked for ID to use restroom, then kicked out of D.C. restaurant

Why must we say those words, some of the children ask at the shelter in Brownsville TX?

Sarah Three Names: Just Deserts Are on The Menu Everywhere

Immense rains are causing more flash flooding, and experts say it's getting worse

Iran economic protests shut Tehran's Grand Bazaar

Police officer accused of raping man in custody says it was consensual

Polls are gamed -- why do we continue to rely on them?

Heads up - potential hacks - FreeRepublic down

Is it ok to reply "womp, womp " to each and evey reply in newspaper

Welcome to Hell...

can trump legally use soldiers and military installations for domestic purposes?

Don't forget Trump's cruelty is routine - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

BREAKING: SCOTUS Sends Back North Carolina Partisan Gerrymandering Case Rather Than Setting It for A

Russia v Uruguay

Tone deaf...

Happy Birthday to Mira!

Unionized employees of St. James in Butte 'disappointed' after being asked to bargain for award

trump's approval rating among republicans....90%

The Paradox of Tolerance

When I find myself in tweets o' trouble...

Baby Jessica and the Great Debasement

Could someone please give Senator Warner another glass of wine?

his voters are numb to the outrageousness

BTRTN: Hey Republicans... What if Donald Trump Were the Mayor of Your Town?

BTRTN: Hey Republicans... What if Donald Trump Were the Mayor of Your Town?

Trump's Trade War Could Shut Cheesemakers Out of Foreign Markets

Apparently I switched to a new timeline.

"California's Supreme Court can kill Cal-3 quickly and save us all a lot of trouble"

They witnessed evil and they still followed.

"So what if DeVos's friend made a killing contracting children's detention?" CAPTION The Donald!

This is painfully brilliant.

Brothel-owner & Trump - "Trumps Grand-daddy was a brothel owner ( Pimp)!!!

Breaking: Supreme Court Decides Texas Redistricting Case on 5-4 Vote, Along Ideological Lines, Rever

After implying that the Red Hen restaurant has a dirty kitchen, how does Trump feel about this?

Trump's Trade War Could Shut Cheesemakers Out of Foreign Markets

Monday Morning Dotard Droppings: Red Hen, "President Trump is probably correct," and more.

Supreme Court throws out case against florist who refused to do arrangement for gay wedding

U.S. top court to hear Sudan appeal on damages in 2000 USS Cole bombing

Supreme Court turns away 'Making a Murderer' case appeal

SCOTUS Texas Gerrymandering Ruling - Strikes down 3 of 4 Lower Court decisions

EU tariffs drive Harley-Davidson to move production out of America

Republican lawmaker (Meadows) sees House immigration bill failing: Fox News

We're winning today mr. 'president'

Supreme Court rules for American Express in credit card case

funny how the media just can't seem to quit donnie.

Another Red Hen Restaurant (no connection) in another state gets hate from the Trumpanzees

Trumpers attack wrong Red Hen restaurant

Trump publicly harassing Red Hen restaurant is fascism. He's already provoked some to violence

Trumpers attack wrong Red Hen restaurant

Anthony Bourdain muses about death in the final episode of 'Parts Unknown'

Political affiliation is holding pretty steady.

Trump openly craves the kind of power Kim Jong-un wields -- stop telling yourself that he's joking

Please read this: Is the Border in Crisis? 'We're Doing Fine, Quite Frankly,' Border City Mayor Says

Trump's Trade War Could Shut Cheesemakers Out of Foreign Markets

Can the Red Hen sue Trump for libel? He called it dirty, with no proof

Older, but interesting article on Solyndra and thoughts on Trump Solar

Is There Anything So Heinous That RW/ GOP/Trump Can Do That Will Turn Country Sour On Them?

WATCH: White woman cites Trump to justify calling a Latino man a 'rapist and animal'

And "Jesus wept"

Chuck Schumer reorienting Trump to his looming peril

Avenatti expresses his concerns to feds about cancelling their meeting.

The GOP Is At War With The Country. It Is As Simple As That. They Are Consummately Evil.

Can we have a sober discussion about self-improvement?

Breaking: Senate Dem leader has nice dinner out

Stock market performance under Obama/Trump as of Friday's close

Cute Turkish Ice Cream challenge

Albuquerque leaders and residents want crime-ridden motel out of neighborhood

Joy Behar has a good point. You can't shame the shameless

Witnessing Cameroon's descent towards civil war

For all of you sweltering in the heat today

"Greed, corruption, ego': Ex-CIA intel officer explains why Russian operatives saw Trump as the

Ocean science agency chief floats removing 'climate' from mission statement, new focus on trade defi

I feel like the country is winning!

Flowers abound!!!

9-Year, 105,000-Person Study Links Cancer to This One Food Group

Deportee 2018

To those who believe if Trump's given his wall, he'll calm down.

Nancy should not be going after Maxine

Special counsel obtains Trump ally Erik Prince's phones, computer

How US troops could get stuck in a traffic jam trying to fend off war with Russia

What's the Yield Curve? 'A Powerful Signal of Recessions' Has Wall Street's Attention.

NEW -- Erik Prince oversaw projects w/Russian arms dealer & partner Dmitriy Streshinskiy in Azerbaija

For some reason my video did not post to the front page

It's early, but MARKET SNAPSHOT 11:35 AM

Judge in case contesting Trump's family separation policy speeds up the clock:

The study about the Berkeley coffee cup

WTF ?!! Trump will reunite separated families -- but only if they agree to deportation

ZIEGLER might be a wingnut? but not a conspiracy theorist? Re, BROIDY, abortion pay-off, Qatar

Charles P. Pierce: The Civility Debate Has Reached Peak Stupidity

Saw an interesting point made about White Privilege (Cloak & Dagger)


I want to start a fund to help the young girl....

Supreme Court rules one Texas district was racially gerrymandered

Pic Of The Moment: Apparently Trump Has To Destroy America In Order To Make It Great Again

On Persecution of American Christians by Atheists and Other Minority Groups

Man convinces people to buy 'Hot Dog Water' for $28 a bottle

Trump's Restaurants Are Vile Compared to the Red Hen

Stock Market down -436 ....trump's tariffs have consequences, just ask Harley-Davidson

National Guardsman: Immigrants Are 'Lucky We Aren't Executing Them'

Supreme Court punts partisan gerrymandering case

Lol, Red Hen DC's social media team

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: These Were Conditions In '30s That Led To Nazism In '40s AM Joy MSNBC

Miss Manners & "the world of civilized behavior"

Ted Lieu reminds Trump that he took an oath of office at his "relatively small inauguration"

Milbank: Melania hits on apt slogan: I really don't care, do u?

Trump looks to make more history, this time with Putin

Va. GOP Senate candidate stumbles on family separations

How Civil Should We Be In The Face of Institutionalized Hatred?

Trump, midterm pressures complicate immigration fight

Stocks tumble on renewed US-China trade jitters

Trump Effect: PoC makes you suspect? To many white people, WAKE UP!

Georgia teacher's request for funeral: Backpacks with school supplies

US ROK Marine Exchange Program Exercise Indefinitely Suspended.

America's allies are furious about Trump's tariffs, and now an unorthodox idea to go after him

Mueller obtains Erik Prince's phones, computer

Should we Ask Our Military to Protect Us, from Enemies Foreign and Domestic?

Revealed - The secrets of Trump's hairstyle

Supreme Court clears way for Sonoma County deputy to be tried

Algeria abandons 13,000 migrants in the Sahara

Report: Administration will let immigrant parents choose family detention or separation

This could be a red herring but intriguing nonetheless:

If you are easily offended do not open this thread! Seriously!

'You're going to jail': Officer fired for abuse of power after pulling over daughter's boyfriend

Feeding Everyone, One Tree at a Time

Josh Bernstein: Drag Queen Story Hour Is 'Borderline Pedophilia'

Restaurant That Trump Called 'Filthy' Actually Has A Glowing Health Record

Kander confirms bid for Kansas City mayor in a move already shaking up the ballot

37,000 in LA to be kicked out of nursing homes July 1..but let's talk about the Red Hen, media....

No wonder Sarah was kicked out

Top 10 Quick Takes:Tea For Trump

Famed New York DJ Dan Ingram Dead At 83

I notice that Trump doesn't brag about "new' records in the stock market

The problem for Trumplorables is, WE DO CARE-

It's time the be the stick

"Follow the money" they said. So we did, and made a chart from it......Medium

Are we lowering our standard of civil contempt?

Trump wishes he was still ripping children from their parents

If you laugh at this you will burn in hell!

Supreme Court grants appeal of florist who refused to serve gay wedding

Prosecutors Accuse Trump Org Of Foot-Dragging In Michael Cohen Case

Making its last appearance 74 years ago today, Krazy Kat.

Feds Must Allow Lawyers Access To Immigration Detainees In Oregon, Judge Rules

Decorah eaglets are flying!!!!

Supreme Court throws out case against florist who refused to do arrangement for gay wedding

Thank you to the administrators

Pelosi calls for unity after Dem lawmaker urges supporters to confront Trump officials in public

Trump's policy of imprisoning children and babies resulted in a nine point drop in Gallup

OH FFS...Melanie lectures us on how "Kindness, compassion, and positivity are very important traits"

'president' trump's tweet to Maxine Waters

".......the Rs go wild."

Dow sinks 400 points as trade tensions surge

Here is right wing, Trump cult GOP approved, civil discourse...

John Dean is speaking near me!

Driver deliberately struck family riding on New Tampa bike path, killing father, police say

Trump responds to Dem lawmaker who called on people to confront admin officials: 'Be careful ...

Nancy Pelosi retweets CNN Politics tweet RE: Maxine Waters

I haven't fully arrived at an opinion regarding shunning of prominent Deplorables in public spaces.

MR FORTY-FIVE Parody of Mrs Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel Don Caron

I'm for calling them alt-Americans

Republicans burning their Harleys protesting moving jobs overseas not supporting tRump trade policy?

Manafort appeals judge's decision to jail him

Jicks Selection Of The Day - The Hook

Battle Hymn of the Republic - Modified for Relevance Don Caron

Donnie DOWN 4 points in Gallup

Liberals "Going High" on the Other Side of the Red Line

Feds order Occupy ICE PDX protesters to abandon camp

That strip of lawn between the sidewalk and street?

Harley-Davidson's stock sinks, sees EU tariffs adding $2,200 to average motorcycle cost

More sabotage from the Trump Admin. They have failed to announce funding to support health insurance

John Oliver Calls BS on Trump's Border Separation Executive Order: 'You F*cking Monster'

The hallucinatory effect of a reality-show presidency* is dispersing like a foul, smoky mist over a

Huckabee Celebrating Refusing Service Based Upon Personal Belief

huckleberrypearls was judged by the content of her character and was found lacking

ACLU....Fact-Checking Family Separation

Argentines hold general strike against Macri, IMF austerity

Argentines hold general strike against Macri, IMF austerity

7-eleven norway chlamydia ad

The King of Jordan spoke of trump being humble.


Here's a list of contractors, etc of child concentration camps

Why I Watch Morning Joe

Has any eatery stepped up to the plate, as it were,

United States president openly threatens physical harm to a sitting member of Congress

Yield Curve Points Towards Possible Recession

So Erik Prince lied to House intelligence?

The "Old Man" of Pawn Stars dies

Trump's pedophile history

Dow Down over 400!

WTF, YOU GUYS!? - Randy Rainbow Song Parody ( MOST DEFINITELY NSFW)

Rapidly expanding fact-checking movement faces growing pains

Tasteless joke of the day

Russians Seek Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Kids

#Trump Island clubhouse and grill in Loudon County had 14 violations at last inspection

Arvo Part: "Canon After the Canon"

So yeah Trump lied : Exclusive: Pompeo says no timeline on North Korea negotiations

Trump's insults Updated June 2018


If (or when) Trump fires Rosenstein and then Mueller

The U.S. blocked the entry of a former NATO chief because he visited Iran

Airing LIVE Monday, Jun 25 3:30 p.m. EDT on It's the Sarah Sanders Show

New model predicts that we're probably the only advanced civilization...

'Pawn Stars' Richard Harrison, known as 'The Old Man,' has died at 77

Customs/Border Protection has temp. stopped referring immigrant parents for prosecution

Texas will be gaining two more Dems

Voices from a film on faith: 'Religion and women are like a game of seesaw'

Any discussion of what will/won't "galvanize Trump's base"

CNN Host Kate Bolduan Defends Stephen Miller From Guest Calling Him a 'White Nationalist'

These bozo's in the media are demanding we be nice and respectful to these

Question of the Day for the Deplorables

NEW: Mueller wants to talk to Randy Credico, the radio show host who was Stone's alleged conduit

Trump approval went from 45-50 to 41-55 in a week

The Very Best of Ishtar - Alabina

Avenatti seems very quiet today.

Why does the GOP think it's OK for homophobe bakers and marriage license clerks to refuse service

Trump Derangement Syndrome

The 'Red Hen' incident seems to be rallying the deplorables-Trump went from 39% to 45%

Mueller has requested interview with Randy Credico.

U.S. stocks sag as U.S.-China trade war talk heats up

Mike Huckabee Says Owner of Red Hen Followed Sanders Family to Another Restaurant to Start a Protest

*New Study, Psychopaths in the US*: Washington, DC Ranks First

Shep Smith: The U.S. government is holding children as young as infants

Sulky 3 names Hucker on TeeVee..

Sarah Fuckubee Sanders is speaking

SHS is on now telling her story

Trump doubles down on rejecting due process


Public safety 'This universe can end,' said driver in video posted on day he mowed down family on b

Ryan Zinke's Interior Department Gives Law-Breaking Coal Company a Pass

ameriKa and its history in truth and pictures

SHS used her official Twitter account RE: Red Hen because it was "news of the day"

Richard Harrison aka "the Old Man" from the TV show "Pawn Stars" ...

Dow Drops Over 400 Points Due To Liberals Lack of Civility

It is now official from the woman "Hucklebee" that stands at a podium and LIES:

I wrote a review of the Red Hen.

'We're not going around making up laws, we're not the Obama administration'..Fuck you Sanders

Anybody with sympathy for SHS is losing it fast as she returns to lies

Medical milestone: US OKs marijuana-based drug for seizures

Medical milestone: US OKs marijuana-based drug for seizures

wow MSNBC AND CNN cut away from press briefing.....THANKS


MUST READ-Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Who Deserves a Place at the Table

Reel Diamonds: Post a Pic From a Baseball Flick! ⚾️

Republicans are not outraged thousands of children traumatized needlessly by GOP overt racism

Best animal charities?

U.S. Supreme Court rules Texas lawmakers did not intentionally discriminate in drawing political map

Need recommendation for best animal charity.

Medicare Allows More Benefits for Chronically Ill, Aiming to Improve Care for Millions.

"Little Red Hen Blues"

The North Korean National Anthem Was Played at Trump's DC Hotel During an Event Honoring POTUS

Not one bit of any of this is normal.....

Sarah Huckabee was never denied service because she believes or spews Alt-facts.

Civility Debate Has Reached Peak Stupidity

Last night of California Peggy's visit: a verbal tour of Siberia and a quick side trip to Arabia

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Mexican Elections

Gallup: Trump's Net Disapproval Spikes Amid Criticism Of Family Separations

I am a public official, have been for many years.

Trump slams Red Hen. Inspectors found no violations. Mar-a-Lago cited 78 times in three years

Indicted Kremlin-Linked Firm Challenges Mueller's Legal Authority

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 25, 2018

GOP Chair Of Panel Probing Greitens: We Found Evidence Of Multiple 'Crimes'

Steve Schmidt wins my heart today:

40 Ways White People Say 'White People' Without Actually Saying 'White People'

I took my granddaughter to the doctor.....$4,184 bill - ear infection

America's allies should respond...targeted sanctions on the Trump Organization

HR King Henry Aaron on WH invite refusals: "There's nobody there I want to see."

A question about tv ratings

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!

Trump "asked Sanders to open her briefing today by highlighting the weekend incident"

Did you know that Keebler Elf, Jeff Sessions used to sing about smoking weed?

Supreme Court just wrote a presumption of white racial innocence into the Constitution

Christianity, Trump style:

Twitter Video: "He couldn't be more ignorant. He's a supernova of ignorance."

The Pie Fight To End All Pie Fights!

Border Officials Suspend Handing Over Migrant Families to Prosecutors.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's Name Removed from Children's Book Award

Cohen's attorneys inform Judge Wood their privilege review is completed:

Ohio conservatives consider 'license to abuse' bill for parents of transgender kids

Please take my question in for a minute.

People, it does not matter if they impeach trump.

Trump administration plan to mine near popular Minnesota wilderness area sparks multiple lawsuits

CNN host Kate Bolduan: "I don't know if you want to call Stephen Miller a white nationalist"

Another one past MIRT's authority, lucky you. Wants a military coup d'etat.

At a Toast to Trump, the North Korean Anthem Has a Starring Role

Josh Marshall nails it!

Most immigrants who enter the country do so legally, federal data shows

WH Correspondent: "I called out "that's not true!" She ignored me and kept on lying."

Pruitt facing new probe into claims he retaliated against EPA staffers who questioned some decisions

Every outrage by drumph and gop is intentional and deliberate.

Pompeo says won't put timeline on North Korea denuclearization steps: CNN

Claire McCaskill

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

Virginia GOP Calls For Boycott Of Restaurant That Turned Away Sanders

WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders: Due Process Doesn't Require a Judge

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The early crowd here at Trump's South Carolina is ally is jeering CNN's Jim Acosta...

Venezuela nurses go on strike for living wages... say they can't survive on 30 cents per month

Dow has been down 9 of the last 10 days.

The Twit tweets: Surprised that Harley-Davidson, of all companies, would be the first to wave the...

Chuck Schumer: Calling for the harassment of political opponents is "not American"

Bill Clinton visits George HW Bush


Sanders Chides Supporters Who 'Push Hate And Vandalism' At Restaurant

Alex Jones Encourages Secret Surveillance Of Restaurant That Asked Sarah Sanders To Leave

WTF..."people used to get caned on the House this is nothing new"

The Staircase

The numbness from dumbness.

I went to one of those obedience places once.......

"owner of a bakery who ... turned away Vice President Biden introduced Rep. Paul Ryan at a rally"


Antwon Rose laid to rest today.

Laurence Tribe on Twitter

UFCW Local 653 Goes Outside the Box to Protect the Pensions of Union Members

Yes, we lost 'Zoo' - but Season 2 of 'Salvation' starts tonight!

Luckovich-Goebbels needs a hug

It's encouraging that Sarah Huckabee Sanders....

Since when are smarmy, gas-lighting, prevaricating mouth-pieces for assholes a protected class?

So, Trump is going to grade Sarah Sanders on her public appearances:

Democrats Have Turned Out in the Primaries

ALL T shirt.."I care. Do you?" 100% of proceeds will go to ACLU.

GOP Senate candidate says Civil War wasn't about slavery

The Trump Organization Says It's 'Not Practical' to Comply With the Emoluments Clause

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Fashion trends (Melania)

Toomey, Rothfus hide behind telephone "townhalls"

Yeah, Betcha the wedding guests were all nervous and jumpy

Trump's already talking like the tariff war is a real war. Harley-Davidson are cowards.

Avenatti to be on Rachel's show tonite!

Re Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I wouldn't break bread with Joseph Goebbels or Julius Streicher either.

The Red Hen probably never gets many republican Customers

So we have had to endure constant public bullying and shaming from the number

Avenatti to be on Rachel's show tonight to discuss new evidence relating to border policy

We deserve an Attorney General who will protect families - not one who spends $70,000 in taxpayer do

Trump's approval plummets way, way down . . . a swing of 9 points

Leaders of 34 law firms pledge to help reunify families and provide representation for asylum seeker

Salesforce employees press CEO to reevaluate contract with border patrol

Trump says he's 'surprised' Harley-Davidson is moving work overseas after tariffs take effect

Ally Maynard Tweet about the restaurant brouhaha

The GOP is worried about immigrants and "rampant crime"?

Let me get this straight- No cake for gays is ok

Fox News' coverage of last week's horrific situation of children ... was a disgrace.

1 in 6 children in the United States face hunger - but yet were talking about SHS

Viking necklace

President Trump courts Russian leader Vladimir Putin as relations with Europe sour

2018 US Senate Election- US Senate Race that will determine which party controls the Senate in 2019?

Funny. Have you seen the SHS makeup video?

Do you have a dog that throws up once in a while?

The Power of Nancy Pelosi

Thanks, Red Hen, for kicking Sarah out

Just got a robo call from Eliot Spitzer.

For you NAYSAYERS and TRUMP HATERS who said he'd be a dick about Harley were right.

Assaults Increased When Cities Hosted Trump Rallies, Study Finds (March 2018)

If ever there was a time for the return of Bob Boudelang, this is it.

Which incoming Democratic US House member will run for the US Senate in 2020? ie Rosen(D-NV)

Why Brick And Mortar Stores Are On The Endangered List.....

David Bossie suspended from Fux Noise after telling black guest he's out of his 'cotton-picking mind

Trump seeks upper hand on civility

A juvenile, kinda of threatening, tweet from Trump "be careful what you wish for" ??

Nature is incredible.

Jane Jacobs: Neighborhoods in Action

Microsoft employees lose bid to unite 8,600 women in gender discrimination lawsuit

Dow closes more than 300 points lower on new trade jitters

I just finished watching "Holocaust" on youtube.