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Hong Kong's iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant capsizes at sea

Can I prove God doesn't exist? Yes, but only if you first prove Godzilla doesn't exist.

Sri Lanka shuts down schools, government services to preserve fuel - Al Jazeera

Here are all of the US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Matt Dowd Warns: Texas Is Showing What Happens If Democracy Is Dismantled - Deadline - MSNBC

Ford Recalls Almost 3 Million Vehicles Due to Transmission Shift Issue

Eric Greitens' national campaign chair is Kimberly Guilfoyle

US fighters captured in Ukraine branded as 'mercenaries' by Kremlin

Eric Greitens death squad ad

D-Out: Hanasuku Beauty

'Jeopardy!' host Mayim Bialik announces she has COVID-19 on Instagram live: 'It's no joke'

Massachusetts hiker dies near Mt. Washington after rescue in snow, 80 mph wind gusts

Could Ginni Thomas Face 'Criminal Liability'? - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Google to pay $118 million after being accused of underpaying 15,500 women

Science Still Working To Understand Tornadoes In Warming World, But Plains To SE Shift Seems Clear

Sunset, southern MD

SNAP tweet of the day - Buttigieg to Fox News...

A "God fearing" Xtian writes Adam Kinzinger's wife

How Disney lost Florida

High fossil fuel prices are good for the planet--here's how to keep it that way

This photograph is art.

Missouri Senate leader says he contacted law enforcement after Greitens campaign video

Why A Prosecution Of Trump Would Face Challenges - Morning Joe - MSNBC

When Eastman flips to save his own ass ............

Women Are Sharing Things That Men Do That Unintentionally Give Off Creep Vibes, And It Pains Me That

Putin fears "spark of democracy", Germany's Scholz says

Self-proclaimed 'sovereign citizens' arrested in California after deputies allegedly find explosives

Gen. McCaffrey: 'In The Long Run,' Ukraine Invasion 'Will Be A Strategic Disaster For Russia'- MSNBC

George Takei changes Twitter bio after Texas GOP calls homosexuality 'abnormal'

Nobel sold for Ukrainian kids shatters record at $103.5M

Ignore Eric Greitens' violent threats to other GOP Senate candidates? Not an option

A blue jay just killed a house finch

Missouri GOP Leader Calls Police Over Eric Greitens Ad

Is it sexist to call a woman "snippy"?

Some Google search results and ads can direct women to anti-abortion fake clinic websites

Ohio teacher reacts to 'nightmare' of arming educators

Jeopardy 06/20 Monday SPOILER

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Texas can't secede

Pence Says He's Never Seen a President Lie as Much as ... Biden

Self-proclaimed 'sovereign citizens' arrested in California after deputies allegedly find explosives

Irony Alert

Violence erupts at Juneteenth celebration in DC l GMA

Trump's Team Setting Up Eastman to Take Blame for Jan. 6

Exclusive: Trump's Team Setting Up Eastman to Take Blame for Jan.

Green Day Had A Very Blunt, Expletive-Laden Message For Ted Cruz At Their Latest Concert

New time for Thursday's Jan 6 hearing??? 3 pm E, according to Rachel Maddow.

Will the FBI wait for a political assassination before they act against republican domestic terroris

"The Dad Is Not A Person; It's A Lifestyle" Pics That Scream Dad Energy

Trump's Secret Plot Exposed?: Jan. 6 Panel Points To Trump In Fake Electors Scheme The Beat - MSNBC

Female hummingbird here today. Perfect weather in Delaware

Here's the line-up, again:

Just heard CNN panelist say that unless the J6 hearings result

Trump's pressure campaign on state election officials & his conspiracy w/DOJ official Jeffrey Clark

Colombian voters elect country's first Black vice president

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone (live at Winterland, 3/7/1976)

DSCC recruitments of 2022.

Rep. Katie Porter Exposes Big Pharma Scam in Epic Smackdown - MeidasTouch

Trump Says Jan. 6 Rally-Goers 'Were Well-Behaved'

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about that ad in Missouri and a conflation of terms....

Jan. 6th Committee Will Subpoena Ginni Thomas, Rep. Pascrell Says - NBC News

Facebook has removed the Eric Greitens video: but look at the warning on the video...

Medicare could save billions on generic drugs buying at Mark Cuban's prices

Going Down the Road - 1972 - Germany.

Trump Criminal Charges? Majority Of Americans Say He Should Be Indicted And Not Just Democrats

EU diplomat warns Paraguay needs to avert becoming a narco-state

What Trump did to the Georgia election workers is unforgivable.

The legendary conductor was seen wiping away tears (Marin Alsop)

Yes but, Three Mile Island...

Golden Earring - 1-hour concert, Music Hall, Frankfurt, Germany, 6/6/1991

Chris Hayes: For The Far-Right, Violence And The Threat Of It Are The Point - All In - MSNBC

Summer Solstice 2022 Sunrise LIVE from Stonehenge Begins At 1055 pm EDT

Babe It Ain't No Lie - Garcia, 1995

"Everyone, but us, is lying to you."

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats have a chance of winning.

Partner Of Fallen Capitol Officer: Trump To Blame For Deaths Of Jan. 6 Victims - All In - MSNBC

How come Dick Cheney is not protecting his daughter Liz Cheney's honor?

I remember my Mom and Aunts singing this song when I was a grade school boy (71 or 72)

Texas GOP wants a referendum on whether to secede

Biden lies so much and Pence is astonished by them!

Georgia: Tens of thousands rally in Tbilisi to demand EU membership

Elon Musk's child seeks name change to sever ties with father

A Russian tank pauses. . .

I am beginning to wonder how stupid the Texas GOBers really are?

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: 'How a Faithful Husband Sees His Wife'

*Moonstruck on HBO now. Ch. 517

Hello Hooray - Alice Cooper

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 23, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Prime Time Theme: Revisionist Western

Glenn Kirschner: The J6 Committee is Proving All of Trump's Crimes, with Republican Voices!

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 24, 2022 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Judy Garland

Wanna lose your mind? National Right to Life Committee Proposes Legislation Post Roe

Looking forward to this...

Nobel Sold for Ukraine Kids Sells for $103.5 Million

Death toll from Saratoga Hotel explosion rises to 47

Why western companies are souring on doing business in China - DW News

My Black Jewish Childhood Tasted Like Chicken Soup and Collard Greens

Jan. 6 Pitted a Conspiracy of RINOs Against a Confederacy of Dunces - WSJ Baker

Trump's Team Setting Up Eastman to Take Blame

The Latino burglars of Watergate

Trump's Pressure Campaign: Michigan AG Slams Alleged Scheme To Disrupt Election - The ReidOut - MSNBC

In case you missed it...

Nevada GOP attorney general nominee said Democrat 'should be hanging from a f*cking crane'

Ukraine: What is a war crime and could Vladimir Putin be prosecuted? - DW News

A Russian tank pauses...

Does anyone have experience with brachycelaphic Persian

Tucker Carlson Loses His Mind Over Colbert Crew Arrest - Rebel HQ

Ukraine expects 'greater hostile activity from Russia' - DW News

If you are not watching The Old Man yet... Go watch it

A beautiful aria at the end of PBS Hotel Portofino

is texas republican george w bush speaking out against the nazification of TX repubs?

Summer Solstice today.

A push for clean air in Louisiana's 'cancer alley' - ABC News

The 11th hour.

Seth Meyers - Trump Dangles Pardons for Jan. 6 Defendants After Blockbuster Hearings: A Closer Look

Russia blockading Ukrainian grain is a 'real war crime' says EU - BBC News

Fluffy crab that wears sponge as a hat discovered in W. Australia

Al Gross withdraws from Alaska's U.S. House campaign

Rep. Lee On Dr. Oz Dropping 'Equality' From Juneteenth Social Post - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Elon Musk's child plans to change name, cut ties with magnate dad

Credit card industry blocking effort to track suspicious gun sales - CBS News

When you hang out with boys..

EarlG, I love you buddy...

School board meeting awash in rainbow and American flags

Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 2', Claudio Abbado conducting

Lawrence: Texas GOP Is More Concerned With Tow Trucks Than Mass Murder - The Last Word - MSNBC

Texas to suck Elon Musk's ass

January 6 committee has not ruled out subpoena for former Vice President Pence - CBS News

The economic ripple effects of politicians waging culture wars against business - CNBC Television

QAnon influencers are now reportedly defrauding their followers via cryptocurrency scams

Oklahoma "man" causes panic when he carries semi-automatic rifle into AT&T store.

Gubernatorial Hopeful Beto O'Rourke Says Texas Needs To Find 'Common Ground' On Gun Control - The Hill

Wide Screen Sunset

Lawmaker reacts to Trump asking for 'equal time' at Jan. 6 hearings - CNN

5:57 AM Tuesday, June 21, 2022 (GMT+1) Time in Greenwich, London, UK

Daughter of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny speaks out - CNN

Pussy Riot Founder Debunks Putin's New Lie About Ukraine War - The Last Word - MSNBC

You Don't Get Away That Easy!

Colbert talks about last week's non-surrection.

You're Going to Need a Bigger God, Republicans

Phoenix Drag Queen Drags MAGA Bigot Hypocrite Kari Lake

Singer Bonnie Raitt discusses her new album and enduring career - PBS NewsHour

Pat Metheny - 'To the End of the World'

Trevor Noah: The 60 Minutes Interview

More Than a Stereotype, West Virginia. 8 Stereotypes Every West Virginian Hates

Trump administration wanted to send MAGA hats to election auditors

Cheech Marin opens "The Cheech" Museum for Chicano Art & Culture...

Adam Schiff on Trump's Fake Elector Plot, Ginni Thomas, Pence Possibly Testifying and More

ever see a Saint Bernard running (well walking) around loose? (reunited with family)

Patron: The Cartoon!

Do you believe that a politician will be killed by fanatics within the next year?

'Calibrated' Dishonesty: Western Media Coverage of Venezuela Sanctions

Texas Republicans Try To 'Rewrite History' With Party Platform - The Last Word - MSNBC

Mayor of Washington, DC, faces formidable primary challenge

ACTION ALERT: Urge MSNBC to Cover Biden FCC Pick Blocked by Big Media

Nicaragua a 'Dictatorship' When It Follows US Lead on NGOs

Maxim Ryansov plays two pieces by Dobrinka Tabakova

Wish Biden would ask Agolf Twitler to do him a favor.

No, Texas can't legally secede from the U.S., despite popular myth

No, Texas can't legally secede from the U.S., despite popular myth

Y&T - Summertime Girls (1985)

Russia threatens retaliation as Lithuania bans goods transit to Kaliningrad

Actual (one-sided) conversation with myself today:

Republican Rebuffed Trump, Sounded Alarm On 'Breathtaking' Fake Elector Scheme - Rachel Maddow

Trevor Noah: The 60 Minutes Interview

Covid: Omicron sub-variants 'evolving to target the lungs and overcome immunity' as UK cases surge

Jan. 6 Committee Plans To Reveal Trump's Pressure Campaign On States - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Puppetry In The First Degree - Monologue and Opening - 6/20/22

stephen king: "In Texas, you gotta have the baby--it's the law..."

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Cory Booker

Raccoons playing with bubbles .

Ron Johnson Tells The Dumbest Lie Imaginable As He Claims People Were Crying And Begging Him To Run

If I fits, I sits:

Huh. I didn't know peacocks could fly distances. Looks cool:

He walks around wearing a shirt with 'President Donald Trump' on it.

Africa 'taken hostage' by Russia's invasion, Zelenskyy says

Gavin Newsome telling truth on truth social. They re not going to tolerate this.

After Cornyn blames jeers at Texas GOP on 'mob,' gun rights group demands apology

Ex-dam boss jailed for ordering activist's murder

For the Oboe Lover in You - Marcello Concerto

Breakfast Tuesday 21, June 2022

Happy Summer Solstice To All

December Fog.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act Formula Comes Full Circle in Florida

On this day, June 21, Joey Molland (1947) and Nils Lofgren (1951) were born.

Tuesday TOONs - The Long Fuse

Throwback Tulsa: Elvis Presley at Tulsa Assembly Center (Cox Business Center), June 20, 1972

John Sweeney's Kyiv Diary day 117

Gen. Mark Hertling's most recent assessment of the war in Ukraine.

SCOTUSblog: Announcement of opinions for Tuesday, June 21

Time to switch the boys to a 'complete' formula kibble

If Trump is indicted in Georgia by Willis. There is no reason Garland could not follow with charges.

Do you know how many of our soldiers died?

Newspaper coverage of record gas prices is missing important context: Big Oil's record profits

I discovered a Sphinx in the living room!

It is clear, the Frankenstein Monster is trying to kill its creator.

City of Rockdale suffers near catastrophic water loss

Wordle 6/21 ***SPOILER THREAD***

Tangshan: Chinese police deputy dismissed over attack on female diners

What is the betting line on Roe being overturned today during the hearing?

Biden signs off on hefty pay raise for federal firefighters

The cat equivalant to tapping your foot to the music? (Twitter)

When you're slower than all your friends, but make up for it with your style:

Texas GOP Website Crashes After Push for Vote to Secede From U.S.

Solar industry prepares for Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act implementation

Framing: Sky News's Kay Burley loses it while interviewing RMT union leader Mick Lynch

Actblue link Chris Jones for Governor

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 6/15/22

Ghosts of Comics' Past - BOOM! Studios

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 6/12/22 - 6/18/22

Trump's Team Setting Up Eastman to Take Blame for Jan. 6

The most common abortion procedures and when they occur

The Rundown: June 21, 2022

Arthur is singing the Kitten's Summer Solstice Song of Joy.

Well, if those weren't the dumbest comments by Trump?

Biden Admin-5 Native American Tribes to Co-Manage Bears Ears Nat'l Monument

All I can do is laugh.

'I didn't win the election': Donald Trump discusses 2020 loss in interview with historian

The truth is tying its shoes...

74,000 Acres Burned So Far In Earliest Spanish Heatwave In 40 Years; 102 In Valencia, 105 In Madrid

The Texas GOP is pushing for a referendum to decide if the state will secede from the US

Got results back from my PET Scan yesterday, not good

You raised $100.00 on June 20, 2022 Democratic Underground for Admiral (ret) Franken IA US Senate

Hyde hurdle: abortion slows gun bill text

Oh Nooo, I've got worms.

Maddow Shows Why The Next 1/6 Committee Hearing Could Be Criminally Dangerous For Trump

You raised $250.00 on June 20, 2022 Democratic Underground for Stacey Abrams Gov GA

"Would you be able to do me a small favor? Perhaps buy a few thousand dollars of gift cards for

Trump-Inspired Anti-Democracy Activism Spreads In New Mexico - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Sunny Afternoon Happy Summer Solstice

Trump campaign demonized two Georgia election workers - and death threats followed

Trump Was Told Election Workers He Terrorized Were Innocent, Hearings Show - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Lalo Schifrin was born on this date.

40 years of "trickle down economics"

Seems we'd be a better country without Texas

Ray Davies has a birthday today.

South Korea launches first satellite with homegrown rocket

Nils Lofgren has a birthday today.

Styx - Best Thing ( Early '70s Styx)

Kathy Mattea has a birthday today.

Oil refineries are making a windfall. Why do they keep closing?

Pit Bull Is The Best Mom To All These Rescue Animals

SCOOP: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas unseen Trump tapes

Camera inside Uvalde school shows within 30 minutes of

Marcus King & Marty Stuart - Killing Floor (Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, 6/8/22)

Presidential votes by ethnicity 2016, 2020

"You go down Beachwood and you turn right,....

ICYMI -- Nevada GOP attorney general nominee said Democrat 'should be hanging from a f*cking crane'

Sunset Mt. Stuart Kittitas County WA

Meet the billionaire and rising GOP mega-donor who's gaming the tax system

Defending Donald -by Tom Tomorrow

who is most likely to lose against the dem, Ron hanks or Joe Odea

Live: Rise up for abortion protest at Supreme Court

VA-07, Looking at the Republicant Primary

The Supreme Court will NOT issue ruling on Dobbs today...

US Senator Chuck Grassley should come to a gun range with me

Black self-defense groups gathered in Natchez, Mississippi on Sunday to commemorate Juneteenth

Hundreds Of Temperature Records - Daily, Monthly, All-Time - Fall In EU Before Summer Even Starts

Speculation: What is the timeline for TFG to be indicted

The link between obesity and asthma

From subsidising energy to reducing dependence

Ukraine and the geopolitics of the energy transition

Blood test shows woman charged with DUI/felony child neglect was sober at time of arrest

The U.S. attorney general visits Ukraine to discuss Russian war crimes.

Muddy Waters - Kansas City

Democrats will win all of the 2022 US Senate Races in the Biden 2000 states.

NYT: Merrick Garland news flash!!

This little guy showed up a week ago.

Miami Brooks Brother Riot: precursor for January 6th Insurrection.

Small Cities with Big Perks

Economists look to the early '70s for hints of a post-Roe America

Outtake of Robin Williams and Elmo on Sesame Street

Transgender Athletes Banned From Rugby League Women's Games

Timmy is no Einstein. But he delivers on looks.

How the Jan. 6 Hearings Are Landing in One Virginia Swing District: NPR


Photos: The newspaper-stealing fox has returned

WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 4 - PBS NewsHour

06/21/22 Select Committee Hearing - January 6th Committee

Supreme Court says Maine cannot deny public funds to schools that promote religious instruction

Their defense is no crime was committed, Trumps team is throwing Eastman under the bus?

Fetterman - Government for the people- FU Repukes

Texas GOP lashes Out at Gays with Support from Verizon

I support Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Texas GOP lashes Out at Gays with Support from Verizon

2022 FL Gov General Election Poll

testing testing

Trial for 2 former officers charged in George Floyd's murder rescheduled again

Carson v. Makin: Maine violated free ex clause by refusing to provide PUBLIC funding to private

Last Democratic US Senator from

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Texas leaving the union....

Oil companies are keeping gas prices inflated to help Republicans get elected

140 Days Until Midterm Election Day! Upcoming Primaries and Deadlines

Last Democratic US Senator from

New bill would require Philly employers to offer transit benefits to workers

Fundraiser: For My Future, And Still For Others

Get the popcorn out... He's gonna do a speech

The Texas Tribune - as advertised are a good operation

Most land mine use by US military banned, except for Korea

Call To Action! Save Our Democracy! - Fundraising Links to GOTV

Marilynn Malerba to be first Native American treasurer of the U.S.

MAGA rioter's lawyers say their client 'stood no chance at grasping reality' in plea for leniency

I found something I had never seen before. "Long discussion of Airline Seats."

the minions do opera. hms pinafore , i am the model of a modern major general.

As of Thursday I'll just have the boys

Fuck the police

Anyone else having Yahoo email problems, Code 205.2 [LU003]?

TX's ABBUTT & PAXTON only follow "laws" they make up, so should investigate their pal MUSK

Bitlocker question

Daily Distraction 21/06/2022

SCOOP: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas unseen Trump tapes

Daily Distraction 21/06/2022 Posted in Photography

Trump's "gradualism":


Speaker at meeting of Ginni Thomas group called Biden's win illegitimate long after Jan. 6, video sh

South Carolina murder mystery deepens with body to be exhumed

Please enjoy this video about this cat who was rescued ...4 minutes 9 seconds

Greg Olear - Texas Hold 'Em: Lone Star Secession

Elon Musk's child seeks name change to reflect gender identity and sever ties with father

Link: PBS NewsHour- WATCH LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee hearings - Day 4

In today's hearing, I can't wait for ... how about you?

Cowardice in Uvalde continues: Parents and press told to leave town hall before police testimony

Trump Proves the Jan. 6th Committee's Point

Maybe we can work something out with Texas...

The Individuals with Disabilites Education Act guarantees a Free & Appropriate PUBLIC Education

Sane gun control?

Strava app flaw revealed runs of Israeli officials at secret bases

This photo shows just how remarkable it is that Tiger Woods is back playing professional golf.

Head of State Police calls response to Uvalde shooting an "abject failure"

Sotomayor accuses conservatives of 'dismantling' church-state separation

TX Officials Say Officers Had Resources to Attack Uvalde Shooter Three Minutes After Gunman Entered

Diversity resources online. Please add any that you find helpful.

Deshaun Watson Settles 20 of the 24 Sexual Misconduct Cases Against Him

Found things

US Bans Anti-Personnel Mines Everywhere Except Korean Peninsula

And now, for something completely different: found things.

Secession is Treason.

Here's your "hero", people.

If Juneteenth offends you more than January 6th did, you're what's wrong with America. ...

Bad blood brewing between Elise Stefanik and NY GOP chair after she backed Hitler-praising candidate

Blood on those fingers

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 4, thread ONE (1:00 pm EDT) ****

Looked like someone was there, @ 7:30 a.m.

Tesla sued by former employees over 'mass layoff'

War-damaged Russian tanks to go on display in Polish square


Just a rant

And so it begins. Trump "hardly knows Eastman."

Thailand cannabis: From a war on drugs to weed curries

Tumwater company fined, owner sentenced for falsifying water test samples

Georgia Sticks It to Putin: We Still Want to Join NATO

The attempted revolution was televised -- and filmed

Switched from Mitchell to CNN. AC has Dean and Woodstein.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (June 21, 2022)

Supreme Court says certain gun crimes are not 'crimes of violence' under federal law

SCOTUS Ignores Constitutional Violations by Federal Police, Green Lights Absolute Immunity

I decided to try growing a few outdoors (with update pics #5)

"Government of the people, by the people and for the people---": that's DEMOCRACY, folks.

Pence should never be POTUS

Jared Kushner convened 'China Virus Huddles' 3 times a week during the Trump administration to discu

Wow, almost all of Spain is at risk for wildfires!

*Chairman B. Thompson seated.

Farmers feel sting of unseasonal weather, record inflation

Supreme Court Rejects Medical Transport of Prisoner in Habeas Case

Leaked Amazon memo warns the company is running out of people to hire

Shadows from a bench

As Texas GOP claims anti- "Grooming" as party platform - A list of REPUKE groomers

Texas power use breaks record again, more to come as heatwave lingers

Trump Team 'Blindsided' by Subpoena of Video Footage

Russian mercenaries accused of deadly attacks on mines on Sudan-CAR border

Labor Shortage Stymies Infrastructure Projects

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Bayer bid to nix Roundup weedkiller suits

Whenever I hear or see Adam Schiff I get the feeling

Seen in Bar Harbor, painted in Blue Hill. Going to try it in gouache next, then a mix of transparent

Biden to Reverse Trump-Era Rules on Landmines J

"That certainly isn't the conversation I had."

Oh Dear the lying Slobfather has just been shut down under oath

AARP Urges Manchin to Back Prescription Drug Bill

A shout out to Seattle for not being afraid to talk about gun violence

a tenet of my faith that the Constitution is divinely inspired.

The last Republican US Senator from

I-135 backers push to get public housing authority measure on Seattle ballot

BOWERS: Rudy said, "We have lots of theories, but, we DON'T HAVE THE EVIDENCE."

REMINDER you can watch todays (and all) #January6thCommitteeHearings on their YouTube Channel

As More Information Comes In, Jan. 6 Panel Plans at Least One Additional Hearing

Arwa Mahdawi: The French are obsessed with the burkini - and it's all getting a bit embarrassing

As water crisis worsens on Colorado River, an urgent call for Western states to 'act now'

It is broken into several segments on YouTube,

Cartoons 6/21/2022

Comment: Insurance required for cars; require for guns, too

I am home alone,

Man accused in fatal Wisconsin parade crash changes plea (insanity defense)

Agriculture emissions pose risks to health and climate

'The gang that couldn't shoot straight,

Turmoil erupts after Black pastor tells Southern Baptists they became 'whores for Trump'

Rick Wilson on Eric Greitens

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 4, thread TWO****

Baby flamingos hopping around:

I can't get the circle code

J6 Hearing today: Something is wrong with me.....

Twitter board endorses Elon Musk takeover, urges investors to vote in favor of the deal

There he goes again!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: 'We are not going to order' vaccines for kids for state health department

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs UnitedHealth Group challenge on Medicare overpayments

Why Do Tens of Millions in the US Support an Economic System That Doesn't Benefit Them?

Remember Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner, and the price they paid in 1964 in Mississippi for rights.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signs abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest

It's not Trumps court, or Conservatives court, or Federalist Society's court. IT'S PUTIN'S COURT

Texas DPS director calls police response to Uvalde massacre 'an abject failure'

So has Ron Johnson withdrawn from the Senatorial race yet?

Henry Olsen: The GOP must make it clear: Eric Greitens's ad is out of bounds

Wait, Ron Johnson wasn't on the up and up with Jan 6?

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2022

Drag queen blasts GOP candidate for Arizona governor

TedxHartford by Mala Matacin, Why Gender Pronouns Matter

U.S. to say it intends to issue rule on reduction of nicotine levels in cigarettes - WaPo

Mandela Barnes: Ron Johnson is a danger to democracy. And I'm going to kick him out of office.

I guess I'm a "Democratic Dinkleberry". Yes, I voted for Joe Biden. And yes, I will do it again

US Supreme Court decision blocks Oklahoma cities from ticketing traffic-blocking trains

If it fits, *we* sits:

'This is how you guys get killed out here,' cop tells Black driver questioning traffic stop

Prime howler in "Enemy of the State"

Lennie Rosenbluth, who led UNC to first basketball title, dies at 89

"8th grade just broke out on the House floor..."

Mood--check out the left paw:

Listening to individual recordings of Trump pleading, begging, insisting

Kitty see, kitty do:

You know Adam Schiff is doing a great job when you see how often Hannity tries to mock him.

The Big Lie: One of the Most Successful Propaganda Operations in US History

My car insurance went up 20%. Nothing had changed, no accidents,

Provo artist Jon McNaughton has a new painting titled " Politically Incorrect."

Who is likely to be the 2025 Democratic nominee for VA Governor?

Today's Jan 6 Committee clearly shows ...

Bowers described his gravely ill" daughter "who was upset by what was happening outside."

and there it is live on tv, trump attempts election fraud

These two statements are the same

I thought it interesting MSNBC's split screen shows the Committee member on the right.....

****1/6 Committee Hearings Day 4, thread THREE****

Tweet of the Day

I hope that sweaty, stinky, hair dye dripping

It's a funny thing...

It's as important to recognise the people who did the right thing as it is to prosecute

They tried to bribe GA election investigators with "coins, actual autographed MAGA hats"

What crappy a** people. To attack these ladies like that.

Merrick Garland is not the problem nor is the DOJ at the end of the day...

The attacks by Dump and Ghouliani on Ruby Freeman and her daughter

Don & Rudy would fail that test.

Serena is playing doubles!!!!!! She's with Jabeur......

Stonewall visitor center will be dedicated to LGBTQ history

Mitch McConnell serves a useful purpose: (Twitter)

Jan. 6 panel: GOP Sen. Johnson sought to hand-deliver fake electors to Pence

To Mrs. Moss & Mrs. Freeman

God damn dotard and that drunken asshole

Gun deal in Senate moves closer to reality after key snags resolved

An experienced worker quits the election process. To be replaced by who?

Remember when they made the Email lady apologize for calling chump folks deplorable?

Tell me again that "for the good of the nation", the DOJ might not indict the orange anus

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Working to hear from Mr. Cipollone,

There's an expression that I hate hearing these days.

I like how Congresspeople are lining up to honor Shae Moss & Lady Ruby

Bowers is saying that it was against his oath and his faith to overturn the election, BUT ...

Shaye Moss and Lady Ruby

Shaye Moss, you and Lady Ruby are awesome!

What inflation looks like

The fake electors better lawyer up if they haven't already.

DU'ers might like to join #ISTANDWITHLADYRUBY on Twitter.

I'll ask it again,WHEN DO THE ARREST BEGIN ?

Good guy with a gun, the REAL story . . .

Trump has surely earned his place in hell by his treatment of two private citizens.

When the day comes, and I do believe it will come

Wow. Every American need to watch Adam Schiff's closing statement. Every single second of it.

President Biden just signed off on a pay raise

There is no doubt!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Trump, Eastman, Meadows, Rudy.

Changing channels during closing statements.....

This DUer needs a hand. I don't think his request got enough attention.

Bad croc! Bad!

What a powerful day of hearings. Truth isn't just stranger than fiction, it's more interesting. nt

Why didn't Lindsey Graham's name come up? He called GA officials also.

Dog Refuses To Come Down From His Favorite Horse

Quote of the day:"Be glad it's 2020 instead of 1920." n/t

Adam Schiff's closing statement

Rick and Tara talk J6 live on The Breakdown

Nothing gives a sense of the weight of Trump's psychotic duplicity as his full call to Georgia.

Penguin changes his mind about visiting the humans:

Vandrea Moss and Ruby Freeman v. Giuliani et al. Dist. D.C. 1:21-cv-03354

Besides the investigations, Can you imagine the number of civil cases that are coming.

Fox News Parent Face Defamation Suit-Judge says Murdoch may have knowingly let Fox air false claims

Recruiter Reveals Why Companies Don't Hire The Best Candidate For The Job

"Overturning the election" means

I stand with Lady Ruby and her daughter Shaye.

Whatever happen to Lindsey Graham calling Georgia for votes?

One thing that is not lost on me. The tener of J6 hearing vs Benghazi hearings.

DU now has an Actblue Chris Jones for Arkansas Gov.!

Simply put, Trump is embarrassed

Sen. Ron Johnson Wanted to Hand Deliver Fake Electors to Pence on Jan. 6

This is exactly why a sitting president should be charged criminally while in office,

Jason Johnson is nailing it on Nicole Wallace

My post about Texas seceding, which was

TCM tonight:

Democrats need to gain as many US Senate seats this year in order to offset losses in 2024.

Jason Johnson on MSNBC is on point

Poll workers need protection

What Happens When American Children Learn About Racism?

Trump White House Counsel ADMITS ON TAPE that Trump scheme was ILLEGAL in New Jan 6 Video

The Traitors who couldn't shoot straight. They documented their own entire coup attempt.

If you're testifying before congress that your "morals" wouldn't let you help trump steal the

Trumps campaign ad for 2024

Shout out thread to the J6 Committee for keeping it REAL, PROFESSIONAL, and DECENT

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 21, 2022

With a little help from my friends!

Three Words America

If AZ Democrats want to replace Kyrsten Sinema. They should replace her with Kate Gallego.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about gas taxes and prices....

Oh, gawd. Remember Kanye's publicist?

Look At The Texas GOP's Positions They Took Recently.....

Gun law changes being considered, discussed, etc.

Guiliani and Mobster the Slobfather

Bill Gates: To cut emissions, use this Swiss Army Knife

Raffensperger stated that

Suspending Belief

105 degrees in NorCal wine country ...

GQP Sen. Ron Johnson Tried To Give Mike Pence Fake Ballots

A Tweet Worth Re-Tweeting - "Southern Republicans"

Mrs Freeman rightfully regrets that her wonderful moniker "Lady Ruby" has come to cause her.....

'What the F-ck Is This?': Team Trump Blindsided by Jan. 6 Committee Getting Doc Footage

After *conviction* of beating up girlfriend, right to own guns automatically restored in 5 years:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 22 June 2022


No, the Constitution was NOT divinely inspired.

the juxtaposition. this just struck me after hearing Lady Ruby:

If there is a jury trial and Donald Trump is found not guilty, then the system has worked.

Does anyone know when the January 6th hearings AFTER this Thursday are scheduled? Or

Woah! Mick Mulvaney giving advice to the Jan. 6th Committee. Thanks Mick.

Death Cab for Cutie - Summer Skin

Let's have a look at how a GOP candidate in AZ thinks Rusty Bowers did today...

Ruby Freeman deserves just as much protection and safety as a Supreme Court justice does.

RNC coordinated fake electors at TFG's request

Afternoon grazing

i had posted a minion version of the pirates of penzance , i am the model of a modern major general

6.1 earthquake afganastan.

Quantum physicists analyze pentagon US navy UFO video footage

Consequences are Good, Actually. Stop coddling boys who hurt girls.

F.D.A. Set to Propose Lower Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes

Lake Mead Drought Update!!! What's Going On?!!!

As More Information Comes In, Jan. 6 Panel Plans at Least One Additional Hearing

Jessica Cisneros's concession statement #TX28

Henry Cuellar wins Democratic primary to keep his South Texas congressional seat, recount finds

Henry Cuellar wins Democratic primary to keep his South Texas congressional seat, recount finds

Henry Cuellar wins Democratic primary to keep his South Texas congressional seat, recount finds

What were the main points from todays Jan 6th hearings

NLRB's Spring Rulemaking Agenda Released

I think Vandrea Moss and Ruby Freeman are in good hands

Jared Yates Sexton on the authoritarian crisis we face

SC just ended separation of church and state.


Ivanka Trump expressed a different view on the election to a filmmaker.

Poll closing times...

Forget treason. Charge him with sedition (easier to prove) and TERRORISM

Fox News Parent Has to Face Defamation Suit Over Vote-Rigging Claims

New - Ron Johnson told us he has "no idea" who tried to get him to share fake electors from MI and W

Fox News Parent Has to Face Defamation Suit Over Vote-Rigging Claims

NLRB Region 3-Buffalo Files in Federal Court Seeking Nationwide Cease and Desist Order Starbucks...

Abortion is worse than slavery, according to Steve King

Probably the most chilling foreshadowing of what continuing Trump thuggery means for states:

I had forgotten Kanye west and company helped intimidate Ms. Moss and Ms Ruby GRRRRRR

I was only able to hear part of the 6 January hearing today, but did I hear

After 4 years of Trump's cruel, ignorant, greedy incompetence and the reduction of the former

Civil Jury Finds Bill Cosby Sexually Abused Teenager in 1975

Vanity Fair: 1/6 Committee Witnesses Detail The VILE Trump Lies That Ruined Their Lives

FWIW: MSNBC says Fox had a Republican lawyer on today that said the evidence shows

South Dakota AG barred from future office after impeachment

Rick Scott Made An Ad For Any Opponent

House passes bill revising US code to clarify that women, LGBTQ individuals can be president

One of my favorite Tiny Desk episodes. The damn Roots are just so. . . America, the real 1

WATCH: Election workers recall threats to family over Trump's false election claims - PBS NewsHour

I was having a bad day - but I finally found something that made me laugh

time to go back to school...

We ain't seen nothing yet.

What we learned on Day 4 of Jan. 6 committee hearings - PBS NewsHour

I'm not crying... 🥺 I lied. I'm definitely crying

British documentarian Alex Holder's statement on cooperating with the Jan 6 Committee

Thank you, Germany

Senators unveil text of bipartisan deal on gun violence, setting up speedy vote

This is all you could ask 4

Fux Noise host says Jan. 6 committee testimony is not 'not truthful' and could be used in campaign

US Navy fires warning flare as Iranian speedboat approaches

Capitol Attack Timeline

Ranking the US Senate Races that the Democrats will win in 2022 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Man arrested for stealing sausage rolls killed himself after police labelled him a paedophile

Arizona Speaker Says Biden's Win In State Was Not Rigged, Denounces Trump's Claim - MSNBC

Exclusive: Trump 'was getting his advice from people who were demented': official

CNN: Jury finds Bill Cosby liable in sexual battery case

Ariz. House speaker says Trump pressure to overturn Biden win would violate his oath - PBS NewsHour

Toyota wants 'closed loop' EV batteries in its future cars

Brazil's Lula unveils social, green campaign priorities

Russians Kill 14 Civilians, Injure Others in New Kharkiv Bombings: Governor

Key takeaways of Jan. 6 panel Day 4: Defying Trump's election pressure came at great personal cost

Mike Pence HUMILIATES himself ON FOX with dumbest comment of the year

Seattle Animal Shelter offering reduced adoption fees for the shelter's 50th anniversary

New Black-owned community space is one mother's beloved brainchild

Former NSA chief warns against Russian cyberattacks against US financial sector

Fox News Analysts Call Testimony From Republicans Pressured By Trump 'Powerful': 'Shows His Unfitnes

How Georgia officials defended the election from Trump pressure - Jan. 6 hearing - PBS NewsHour

Alice Nine - Fantasy

The Supreme Court Just Forced Maine to Fund Religious Education. It Won't Stop There.

Jan. 6 committee hears powerful testimony as to how Trump bullied election workers in failed attempt