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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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GOP has been trying to create distance between the Clintons and Obama since June.

They don't have any politician with enough gravitas to go up against Obama so they steal the Clintons. They have even put the clintons in some of their ads against Obama. What does your brother say to that? Their candidate will not contrast himself with Obama in an ad? What a pathetic bunch the GOP are.

Is the GOP preference for fossil fuel because big corporations are the only ones

who can make money on those sources of energy, where farmers and suburbanites could invest in wind & solar, on a very small scale, - cutting out corporate profits? Is that what it is all about: keeping a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich? That those huge corporations don't want any competition from millions of homeowners? Is that what this whole Romney downplaying of wind/solar is about?

This whole "legitimate rape" thing shows conservatives are concerned at

being cheated by more than just welfare queens. They are concerned about women getting abortions by claiming rape when it is not true, just as they worry someone who doesn't need it is getting welfare (their tax dollars). This mine! mine! mine! meme (or my, my, my) is everywhere with them. Their sensibilities can be inflamed by Jack and Robert getting married, which defames their own marriages. The more this sensitivity to social issues can be exposed, the better for Obama. They are not living and let living. They are not for freedom. They are about the world (politics) only being acceptable to them when they have everything personal go exactly their way. And they go to church every Sunday and find it so, so it is reinforced.

On CNN's "Your Money" today Will Cain explained why the GOP could not give specifics.

He compared the GOP plan to a garden where you till it then leave and let things grow, hoping that it all grows like crazy vs. the Democratic way where you till it and weed it and tend it. Both represent the differing ways each party sees government and the economy. He said there are stories associated with the Democratic way of growing the economy because there is intervention along the way. There are not stories associated with the no interventionist way because it happens due to competition and entrepreneurship which don't come with stories.You just let it happen. (I have not explained it exactly but you get the picture). I call bullshit. The GOP is just looking for excuses for why they have job creation success stories and have not run the numbers on their policy plans (or have run them and refuse to give them out and/or refuse to give anyone else enough budget details for them to run the numbers). This is a Chauncey Gardener GOP meme.

Vouchers: if Mitt wins, a transfer of wealth will take place from the middle class to the rich,

as the middle class use up all their wealth to pay for private healthcare or insurance that isn't covered by a voucher. Another transfer of wealth to the rich because cutting taxes is just not be enough of a windfall for them.

Biden is right to talk about people being chained to volatile markets. In the late

1800s and early 20th Century fortunes were made but the workers were crushed again and again by the boom/bust cycle. The rich make money off of booms or busts these days, betting for or against the market. The worker would become impoverished, lose their business, starve. Nest eggs get wiped out. Same as today(well today people don't starve, but they will if Ryan gets his hands on their food stamps). Fact is rich people do not like inflation and will accept high unemployment to not have to face it. Plus unemployment lowers their costs. There is much the 99% don't have in common with the 1%, including wanting to be unchained from the cyclical slavery to the poverty that is markets that aren't regulated properly.

Picking Paul Ryan as vp is what Romney is hoping is a 'game changer'.

Ryan wants vouchers instead of Medicare. He'll tell the younger voters that they will not be able to keep medicare costs down unless people get vouchers as they age. Next they'll talk about social security and how it is not funded. After that it will be pension obligations and how they have to let pensions obligations and unions lapse or the young will end up paying for that too. Romney is going for the younger vote now that Ryan is vp. He wants to change the whole race IMHO. The GOP have a whole new set of FEAR cards to play on these issues. It will be fear fear fear fear fear all day every day until November. This is the new Republican party with wedge issues that will work well into the future (cause the old gay haters are dying off). They will try to lure fiscal conservatives of all stripes. They won in Wisconsin on these issues. What is our best defence against such attacks on our base?

If 'fear drives productivity' is that why the GOP don't want a good health care program?

Cause if there isn't a lack of coverage in the national health care program, due to unemployment, preexisting conditions, etc. , then the Corporation has less of a 'stick' to cow employees with.

An Economist Explains How Fear Drives Productivity

Ever notice how the Romney ads have the Clintons in them to contrast with Obama?

They don't have any Republican politicians with any gravitas so they are stuck trying to imply a fight between Bill or Hillary Clinton and Obama. Isnt' that pathetic?

See how unpopular all the GOP convention speakers are here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/125166021

There has been a change in what 'ambitious' people do. They now go into finance

and sales. MBA schools teach people how to attack everyone around them to make a profit, including their customers, government and shareholders. And the GOP wants fewer people to study the humanities and studying sciences doesn't seem to give people a voice outside of science issues. No wonder morals have gone down the tubes. Our best and our brightest are being co opted. People are spending less time actually thinking about bettering humanity and more time thinking how to make a buck for their corporation.... and it shows. The earth's thinking has actually been changed.
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