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You make a good point. We are generalizing. Which we do often in this world

that is so black and white (by black and white I am talking about the type of thinking adolescents do where something is all good or all bad., I am not refering to anybody‘s race).. And the GOP has worked hard to start class/race warfare and the resulting black and white thinking. Shades of grey and fine details are how adults think. The GOP needed a war so they encouraged their base to think like teenagers. And they attacked a middle class way of life. And this is how I would combat the GOP‘s use of race, or feminism, or inequality in American politics (this is in no way meant to imply how you combat these very important issues outside of today's politics, but simply to combat the childishness the current GOP creates by using these serious problems to make mayhem ).

We need to get the political debate back to a serious discussion about issues that affect people‘s lives rather than allout warfare. Some Republicans behave in blatantly racist ways. So we think all Republicans are racist or they are all stupid. And some Republicans resent that. And they feel slurred. And they may have been moderates. But they feel slighted. So they stay on their side. I know, I know it is somewhat racist to be in a party that uses the Southern Strategy every day. But they don't know it ( which makes them stupid - which they don't see themselves as) And the war continues. And reinforces the war and hate.

And now the war is about women as Hillary, not Obama, is the target. With right wing nuts saying crummy, horrible stuff about women. Which makes democrats think republicans have to be anti-woman to vote that way. Which slurs those republicans who don't have sexist attitudes. But they resent being painted that way. And Democrats point out that they support a party that supports sexist attitudes. So the black and white warfare continues on into the 2016 election. Same process, different topic (feminism). And the centre is gutted. And it is exactly as the GOP want it to be.

The only way out of it is for Democrats to appeal to the adult by being specific in who they accuse. Like an adult. Just like you point out. Accuse racism when have details. Use words like Southern Strategy. Give specific examples.

Here is an example of what speaking in general terms will get you. This topic is inequality:

When you say it the GOP and the democrats will hear completely different things unless you specifically say what you think causes inequality (tax cuts and advantage of the rich). Same thing with racism. Say specifically what racial incident you are talking about: Clive Bundy, the Southern Strategy, Paul Ryan or whatnot. Or else those on the right who are low information voters and don't see themselves as racist will not be reachable by us on the left. They will not learn anything. They will not hear if they think generalizations are being made against them. If you charge the GOP with racism and give a specific example then the GOPer you are talking to either says yup I‘m racist or not me but someone in my party sure is racist. Either way they‘ve been taught something direct. They‘ll just deny a vague charge of racism in a preprogramed knee jerk way if you don't cite specific examples and reasons. And generalized war between both sides will continue with the Republicans learning nothing about themselves or their sick, sick party.

Hillary Clinton and GOP conspiracies: shoe truthers and Chelsea's pregnancy

They will attack Hillary Clinton for anything that makes her a human being. Prepare to see her completely dehumanized and any human interaction with her will be suspected of having a fake political motive. [h3]Benghazi was just the start[/h3]. Nothing about her will be left unmolested from here on in.



We have to get the banksters to somehow apologize for the 2008 financial crash.

That is the first step of undoing the power network that is doing the middle class in. They think they are pure and perfect. Well look what their capitalism did to median adjusted income.

So let me get this straight about the Koch brothers and 'Collectivists'.

The Koch brothers are allowed to organize into a huge group people under the banner of their individual corporations. The corporations even form themselves into a large group and sell. The kochs take their fortune and build up groups that coordinate, educate and activate negative memes and opinions and policies that are very harmful. But regular people are not allowed to organize in any way against them without being called character attackers? Is that right?
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