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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Like you said the idea of reading didn't exist until the last few hundred

years. Dyslexics still have advantages. Like in politics where Trump, both Bushes, Reagan, Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Churchill, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Paul Wellstone were all dyslexic. So too science where Einstein, Darwin, Alexander Grahem Bell, Edison were all dyslexic. And in Business too. All things where dynamic reasoning would be a great benefit. And advantages to dyslexia are 3D thinking, interconnectedness, keeping narratives separate and dynamic reasoning. The 3D looking at things from all angles is why letters spin or rotate in some dyslexics. It is a side effect.

Dyslexia is a type of perception. The ability to think in 3D. 1/3 of MIT

and half of NASA are dyslexic. You are right dyslexia existed before writing. It was a scientific, political, business brain that small bands of humans relied on for the big picture and creativity and perception grounded in the concrete patterns and synthesis. I think the numbers of dyslexics are higher. 10% of the population. If you have a very high IQ and are dyslexic you are a genius. I am dyslexic and though no genius is I didn't spin my letters I just memorized words and their sound in two languages. I did not read using phonics at all. There was a view in psychology that everything different was an aberration instead of a potential evolutionary strategy. ADHD is found in hunter gatherer societies to make for excellent hunters as they get board easily and hunt for stimulation. The same with dyslexia. It was good for humans to have a little bit of it sprinkled through the population. Now we don't hunt, we farm, and we have academia to find and share patterns. But for hundreds of thousands of years these were very vital abilities to have in your little group of 100 hunting and gathereing humans.

He sussed out that there were a whole lotta bitter, angry white people

out there and played to them by being anti trade and anti immigration. I'm not saying he is always on top of things but at times he knows how to connect. Nobody else saw that rejection of both parties coming. Looking into a chaotic past to predict stuff about the future is dynamic reasoning. He uses that in business too. Lots of presidents and politicians were/are dyslexic.

I am dyslexic. I'm saying Trump is trying to play to his strengths which

is dynamic reasoning. Autistic have tiny mini columns close together in their brains and are good at details. Dyslexics have greater mini columns further apart in their brains and are better a patterns. People on the autism spectrum are good at analysis. Dyslexics are good at synthesis.

Dyslexia is a type of brain. Says nothing about someone's intellect.

I'm saying he can't remember anything unless it is repeated again and again.

Normally a dyslexic would look at the big picture at the conclusion. Trump thinks only of himself. As dyslexics go he is a bad one because he is so selfish.

Dyslexics like Trump see patterns. They thrive on dynamic reasoning. They see best when

there is a lot coming at them. They don't retain well in quiet, orderly, sequential situations. They cannot remember much detail until the detail is a part of a larger pattern. That is why Trump hired the Mooch. He wants to go back to the campaign where he can suss out reality from much crazy 3D input and see patterns and be even more Trumplike.


Jared Kushner may have just been caught violating the Presidential Records Act heres why

BOB BRIGHAM at Raw Story



White House senior advisor and Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is trouble once again, this time for his use of a cell phone app designed to erase all traces of communication.

“Splinter has confirmed that Kushner downloaded an encrypted messaging application that permits users to send disappearing messages,” Kashmir Hill reports. “The use of the app by White House officials has the potential to undermine the Presidential Records Act.”

Then-press secretary Sean Spicer reportedly lectured White House staffers in February that use of Signal was a violation of the federal law.

Kushner’s official role gives him increased scrutiny, but he is not the only member of Trump’s inner circle to have been found, so far, to be using the app. Splinter also revealed Trump confidant and attorney Michael Cohen is using the App.


Michelle Obama is a threat to the right because she and her husband have a model

marriage based on equality. The alt right especially do not believe men should be grounded. The alt right believe men should be puffed up.....which looks to me more like a screaming balloon losing air as it farts all over the place to it's inevitable balloon death.

When in mixed (right and left) forums where women politicians are being mobbed

by the alt right, and are being told that women have to be prepared to be mobbed because they are out in public forums, remind said alt right men that that is sharia law to attack a woman because she ventures out in public without a chaperone. They hate that. I've seen awful nicknames for Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris. Call out the alt right sharia wherever you see it.
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