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Michigan Circuit Judge Suspended After Exchaging Lewd Text Messages With Witness

Wayne County, Michigan Circuit Judge Wade McCree recently admitted to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission that he had sex with his mistress Geniene La’Shay Mott in his chambers (video below).

According to the The Detroit Free Press, Judge McCree also admitted that he texted Mott about the people in his courtroom: “C’mon, U’r talking about the ‘docket from hell,’ filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes … and then you walk in."

“The text message was sent in an effort to flatter Ms. Mott and was not intended to demean any person who had appeared in his courtroom,” Judge McCree told the commission.

At the time, Mott was appearing in Judge McCree's court in a child support case that she filed against the father of her child, Robert King, reports WXYZ-TV.


Man Crashes Car To Make Haircut Appointment

SALT SPRINGS, Fla., March 29 (UPI) -- Authorities in Florida said a man accused of crashing his car through a construction barricade told deputies he was rushing to get to a haircut appointment.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said William Faulkner, 76, allegedly drove his 2001 Lincoln through a construction barricade blocking an entrance to Salts Springs Square, the location of Hair Solutions for Ladies and Gents, and struck a construction worker who tried to get him to back up, the Ocala (Fla.) Star Banner reported Friday.

The man, who spoke to deputies while having his hair cut, told them he did not see the traffic barricade, and while he did see the worker who tried to get him to back up, he did not want to take the time to go to a different entrance because he was trying to make his appointment on time.

Faulkner told deputies he had thought the worker would get out of the way before he was struck.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2013/03/29/Police-Suspect-was-trying-to-make-haircut/UPI-73031364587173/#ixzz2P5qUgCCT

Lawyer Says Zombies Can't Be Prosecuted For Eating Brains

Yes I am not making this up:

Zombies May Not Be Legally Responsible For Eating Bra-a-a-ains

Turning into a zombie isn't exactly fun, but there could be one advantage: You may not be legally responsible for whoever you kill and eat while in the state.

That's the verdict from Ryan Davidson, a lawyer who focuses on the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book tropes, characters, and powers at his blog, Law And The Multiverse.

"It depends on how the disease works," he told The Huffington Post. "If zombies are effectively unconscious, then they would be incapable of performing voluntary actions and thus immune to criminal liability (or civil liability, for that matter). The zombies in the most recent 'I Am Legend' movie appear to be fully conscious, if perhaps a bit aggressive, so they could potentially be found liable. But in most others, probably not."


Philly couple says "I do" at a funeral

Couple honors dead loved one by saying 'I do' at his funeral

REGGIE WADE and Monique McMillian-Wade got engaged in a Walmart parking lot, wore gold-and-black T-shirts to their wedding and got married at a funeral.

"I didn't think you could do that at a funeral," McMillian-Wade said. "I never even heard of that on TV."

Their March 9 nuptials took place during the funeral of Wade's uncle, Gregory "Chops" Scott, who allegedly had been gunned down by his own cousin and another man Feb. 27 outside Scott's West Philly home.

Before his death, Scott had promised to walk McMillian-Wade, 29, down the aisle, since her own father died years ago. Wade, 39, said that in a family big on promises, he and his bride wanted to honor the promise Scott had made, so they decided to combine their wedding with his funeral.


Two Men Impersonating "The Hangover" star Zack Galiafinakis Brawl On Vegas Strip

A US man who makes a living impersonating the character Alan from The Hangover has expressed his frustration that another man doing the same thing has found viral infamy from a violent brawl video.

In footage posted online on Monday, the lookalike is seen sitting on a man he had knocked out during a fight on a Las Vegas street.

Later in the video, the crowd cheers on as the lookalike repeatedly headbutts the other man.

The impersonator, wearing no pants and wearing a baby carrier containing a doll, is later seen being arrested and taken away by police.

The video is currently gathering traction on LiveLeak and YouTube, upsetting the assailant's main Vegas rival, Brian Petre.

"For me this is a bit of an insult on my career and livelihood," he told MSN.


It's not illegal it's frowned upon.

Dumb Criminals: Man Attempts To Use Fake Penis To Pass Drug Test

(KMOV) – A Lake St. Louis man is accused of using a fake penis while submitting a urine sample as part of a probation drug test in St. Charles on March 20.

Sydney Levin, 34, was charged March 21 with possessing a forging instrument.

According to court documents, an officer spotted Levin using a prosthetic penis, known as a Whizzanator, to submit a fake urine sample during a mandatory drug test at the St. Charles Probation and Parole office in the 200 block of Compass Point Dr.


Sheriff's phone Number for sex assault line turns out to be phone sex talk line


The number for a phone sex line ended up on a flyer for the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

The number was mistakenly listed as a hotline for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. The flyers were handed out to crime victims for years.

A victim of domestic violence had one of the flyers from the Sheriff's Office. When she called the hotline number, she received a message she didn't expect to hear.

"Welcome to America's hottest talk line. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys, free, press 1 now," the message said.


Celebrating Good Friday In The Philippenes Apparently Involves Real-Life Crucifixions

Filipino devotees re-enact Christ's crucifixion

Catholic devotees on the Philippines' island of Luzon, were nailed to wooden crosses as thousands of spectators watched the reenactment of Jesus Christ's crucifixion on Good Friday.

Aside from the crucifixions, dozens of barefoot and shirtless devotees walked on gravel streets and whipped themselves with thin bamboo strips on a rope while others carved their backs with shards of glass.

Such rituals in northern Philippines, are extreme displays of religious


Man I'll take the Easter Egg hunt thanks.

Convicted Drug Dealer Sentenced To Writing 5,000 Word Essay On Dangers Of Pot

Terry Bennett, Convicted Drug Dealer, Sentenced To Writing 5,000-word Essay On Dangers Of Pot (VIDEO)

The writing is on the wall for convicted drug dealer Terry Bennett: He'll be going into jail next week if he doesn't finish a 5,000-word essay on the dangers of marijuana.

Bennett, 32, from Gloucestershire, UK, was caught with more 2 pounds of cannabis and admitted possession with intent to supply.

Bennett, who lives with his mom, was sentenced to 240 hours of unpaid work, but claimed a snowboarding injury made that impossible, according to the Metro.

Judge Julian Lambert came back with an alternative sentence: A 5,000 word essay on the dangers of drugs and their effect on society.

Bennett was shocked by the pot-related punishment because it's been years since he last wrote a report of this scale.


That would be hilarious if this were the fate awaiting Walter White and Jesse Pikmin...

Rich Douchebags, Weird News:

Detroit Millionaire Buys Every Foreclosed Home In County

The man who bought every tax foreclosed property in Macomb County says he is willing to sell some of those houses for near-auction prices.

Watch Alexis Wiley's full video report above.

Bill McMachen is a former yacht dealer and the former owner of the MacRay Harbor, but now he is getting into the real estate business. That's because he bought all 650 tax foreclosed properties in Macomb County with a price tag of $4.8 million.

Read more: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/19173858/millionaire-buys-every-tax-forcloused-home-in-macomb-county#ixzz2Or0Mq5Zo

And this one is just plain creepy:

Legal maneuver seen as bid tap his kids' trust fund, shield assets from family of student he killed in drunken crash.

A Florida appeals court has nullified a polo mogul's adoption of his 42-year-old girlfriend in an apparent bid to tap his children's trust fund and shield his assets from the family of a student he killed in a drunken crash.

The 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that John Bailey Goodman, founder of the International Polo Club in Palm Beach, had not notified his two children, their mother, their guardian or the parents of 23-year-old Scott Wilson, who had sued him for wrongful death over the February 2010 crash and were seeking damages.

Goodman's attempt to conceal the adoption "constituted a fraud on the court," the appellate judges wrote in a nine-page opinion.


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