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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 03:11 PM
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So let me get this straight:

White teenager with a loaded AR-15 crosses state lines and murders protestors in cold blood because he was obsessed with Call Of Duty. Starts spouting MAGA catch phrases and NRA talking points while hanging out with noted white supremacists. He gets a get out of jail free card because the judge is also a member of the MAGA cult and 3 right wing members of Congress competing over who gets to hire him as an intern.

Meanwhile an innocent black man gets accused of using a fake $20 by a racist convenience store clerk = instant death penalty. No trial necessary!

Fuck, I give up sometimes.

The Rittenhouse verdict sucked and my faith in humanity was shaken today.

And the assholes are out celebrating like they won the fucking World Series or something. But that being said, this is a blip. It's one battle in a very long, drawn out war. I will not stop fighting for what is right against those who are committing wrong doings. Here's the thing - Kyle Rittenhouse is WRONG. Bruce Schroeder is WRONG. MAGA is WRONG. Donald Trump is WRONG. Fox News is WRONG. Facebook memes are WRONG.

While I feel this verdict will inspire copycats, I have no idea what will come of this. The best defense we can have right now is not to give them what they want, because it will add more fuel for their fire. We should work on extinguishing their fire, not to keep it burning.

My hope is that this inspires people to get to the polls and vote in the midterms. We cannot let those who stand for all that is soulless and wrong to keep getting the upper hand. We must continue to fight for justice.

Reno 911: The Hunt For Q Anon


Shut up and take my money now!

Rittenhouse Judge Allows Him To Draw Names Out Of A Hat

The jury began deliberating Tuesday at the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse after listening to dueling portrayals of him as a "wannabe soldier" who went looking for the trouble, or a concerned citizen who came under attack while trying to protect property.

The case went to the anonymous, 12-member jury after Rittenhouse himself, in an unusual move, was allowed by Judge Bruce Schroeder to draw the numbered slips of paper from a raffle drum that determined which of the 18 people who sat in judgment during the trial would decide his fate and which ones would be dismissed as alternates.

That task is usually performed by a court clerk, not the defendant.

Rittenhouse, 18, faces life in prison if convicted as charged for using an AR-style semi-automatic rifle to kill two men and wound a third during a night of protests against racial injustice in Kenosha in the summer of 2020. The former police youth cadet is white, as were those he shot.

Are you fucking kidding me? He drew the names out of a hat??? That's some bullshit!

Armageddon Update - One Year Ago Today

How come Titus doesn't have his own show on Comedy Central yet? This would be great after the Daily Show!

Prominent San Antonio lawyer Thomas J. Henry anticipates Astroworld damages in billions

San Antonio-based attorney Thomas J. Henry is now representing 68 victims in a massive lawsuit against Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, and NRG stadium, after Scott's fatal Astroworld festival in Houston where eight people died and scores more were injured.

The Texas firm anticipates that number to increase, as more victims come forward with their stories.

"More and more injured victims are contacting my firm by the hour," says Thomas J. Henry in a press statement.

Henry believes potential damages for injuries and deaths could be astronomical.

"While we are all still working to understand the full scope of the Astroworld tragedy, I believe the damages suffered by its victims could total in the billions," Henrys says in the release.

This was a colossal fuck up and I'm betting we won't hear the end of damage suits for a long time coming. But everyone involved needs to be held accountable for this.

2nd-grader suspended 38 times over mask mandate could flunk out

A Florida second-grader has been suspended from school nearly 40 times after she refused to wear a mask in the classroom. Now her teachers told her parents that she has missed so much class she may flunk out of second grade.

Fiona Lashells, who just turned 8 years old, has been refusing to wear a mask in school for months. As a result, she’s been suspended 38 times. In July, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order making face masks optional in schools. But in local school districts like Fiona’s in Palm Beach County, mask mandates are still being enforced. .

“You wear it for a long time and you breathe in all those germs,” Fiona said to NewsNation. “You set it down at lunch and put it back on your face and breathed that all in all day long.”

Now every time Fiona refuses to wear a mask, she is suspended and sent home with a note explaining why.

“I was really shocked by it,” Fiona’s mom, Bailey Lashell said. “I couldn’t believe it was all over not complying with the mask mandate.”

Next time you see that meme being passed around, you might want to post the truth behind it!

If you watched your friends die at the Travis Scott concert you get one free month of @betterhelp


If you watched your friends die at the Travis Scott concert you get one free month of @betterhelp
4:55 PM · Nov 8, 2021·Twitter Web App

"Travis Scott has said that he will cover the funeral costs for the families of the 8 people who died at the 2021 Astroworld Festival, TMZ reports. Scott is also partnering with BetterHelp to offer one month of free therapy to people affected by the events of the festival, which officials declared a "mass casualty event".



Better help (and all these therapy apps) of course sell your data to companies like Facebook—anyways sorry you saw that 14 year old kid get crushed to death

This is truly beyond the pale. Using the tragedy to hawk products and not even good ones at that. This is reckless of both Travis Scott and BetterHelp.

Anyone else getting "403 Forbidden" errors when posting or editing?

I've had this happen today on several threads / posts, and I've tried it with two accounts and on multiple browsers - Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Does anyone have any solutions? I have e-mailed the admins about it.

Confused QAnon Followers Question Whether Keith Richards Is JFK After 'Reappearance' Flop

QAnon followers have questioned whether the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is in fact President John F. Kennedy after the failure of their prophecy that his son JFK Jr. would reappear this week in Dallas.

Hundreds of QAnon believers descended on the city on Tuesday, convinced they would witness the return of JFK Jr., who died in 1999.

This prophecy—which is considered too extreme even by some other members of the conspiracy theory movement—posits that JFK Jr. faked his death in a plane crash and would return to run as Donald Trump's vice president in 2024 and help usher in a new era of American prosperity.

On Tuesday, QAnon followers arrived at the site of JFK's assassination on November 22, 1963—Dealey Plaza in Dallas—expecting to see JFK. Jr.

The prophecy was promoted by QAnon Telegram channels with hundreds of thousands of followers, including the Negative48 and Whiplash347 accounts.

After JFK Jr. failed to appear at Dealey Plaza, because he died more than two decades ago, QAnon followers moved the goalposts yet again to share a new prediction.

Numerous accounts across several Telegram channels seen by Newsweek claimed that JFK and his son would reveal themselves to the world at a Rolling Stones concert in Dallas on Tuesday night.

I'm now convinced that someone *HAS* to be fucking with these people. I'd do it but I'm not that creative.
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