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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 03:11 PM
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Trump's border wall breached by smugglers over 3,000 times, records reveal

Smugglers have breached the Trump administration’s border wall along the US-Mexico frontier more than 3,000 times, government maintenance records obtained by the Washington Post reveal.

Nearly 500 miles of barrier was constructed by the Trump administration beginning in 2019, mostly in rural New Mexico and Arizona. Former president Trump touted the “big, beautiful wall” as the “Rolls-Royce” of barriers, but smugglers have breached the wall at least 3,272 times, mostly with common power tools found at hardware stores.

“No structure is impenetrable, so we will continue to work to focus resources on modern, effective border management measures to improve safety and security,” Luis Miranda, a spokesperson for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told the Post.

He added that border security “requires a variety of resources and efforts, infrastructure, technology, and personnel”, much of which was not funded when Trump’s wall was constructed.

Before its construction, former president Donald Trump promised Mexico would pay for construction of the border wall and that it would be “virtually impenetrable”.

So much for the wall stopping crime!

Madison Cawthorn Quotes "The Great Philosopher" Toby Keith


Swear to god you cannot make this stuff up!

People paid thousands to see Trump's VIP event at CPAC. He serves them.... McDonalds.


Applebees: Enjoy a cold one while Ukraine gets blown to bits!


Jon Stewart Gets It


Fox News is actively conspiring to commit treason against a US president they don't agree with right before our very eyes. Tucker, Baritromo, Ingraham, Pirro, and Hannity are on the air every day and night convincing the populace that Russia is the good guy in this equation and that Biden is the bad guy. Newsmax and OAN are also playing into this equation. This is getting scary. They all need to be dragged before Congress.

Conservatives are Rolo Tomassi

If you're not familiar with the 1997 movie LA Confidential, drop what you're doing right now and go see it. Because it very accurately describes what today's conservative party is to a T. Now if you haven't seen the movie, there are spoilers ahead.

So in the movie, the name Rolo Tomassi always comes up but nobody really knows what it means or who this guy is. But all that is known is that all officers eventually fall prey to this guy. Eventually Lt. Exley, played by Guy Pearce, finally figures out what the name Rolo Tomassi is - it means nothing. It's a code word. It's a code for the guy who gets away with everything.

That's what republicans are and who we are dealing with right now. They're the guy who gets away with everything. They'll never own up to their mistakes or resign. Come on, they got Al Franken for that ridiculous picture and the non scandal that resulted from. Trump is Rolo Tomassi. He's the guy that gets away with everything.

Sure we'd all love for him to be prosecuted for the crimes he committed on January 6th and what could have happened had he succeeded. But he didn't and it's turned into a clusterfuck. Hell one year later they're making all the excuses for it and have literally declared it "legitimate political discourse". Ha ha ha ha ha. Never mind the makeshift gallows or the poop smeared on the walls or the people screaming to murder their own vice president or the fact that there may have been actual senators and representatives in on it.

But in today's conservative world, facts don't matter. Only outrage and conspiracy theories do. Rational conservatives? They're pretty much a needle in a haystack. Today's conservative party has been taken over by the Alex Joneses and Tucker Carlsons of the world. Don't believe me? Look at last year's CPAC. Literally every speaker was a member of the Trump / con party. Even Fox News had a direct line to the Trump White House with the Trump / Hannity connection. In today's conservative world, facts and logic have been replaced by a weird algorithm known as Q Anon that has convinced people that the election was stolen and that JFK Jr has been working to expose "deep state operatives".

And who needs logic and reason when you can just make shit up and your echo chamber will echo it out to the millions of idiots who eat this shit up? Today's conservatives are convinced that everything that happens is a false flag (despite not knowing what a false flag really is) or that it didn't happen or that it's somebody else's fault. That's right - they could do the most heinous shit short of genocide or martial law and it's always the other guy's fault. And even then if genocide were to happen on American soil, they'd simply pass it off as a false flag and Alex Jones would be dumping on mass graves. And they will never accept election results because they made up the parameters. Everything is someone else's fault.

That's why Trump is Rolo Tomassi. He's the guy who gets away with it all. Despite that he nearly threatened to murder half of Congress and essentially committed treason. The conservative party has been compromised top to bottom. They're not the conservative party anymore. They're the Trump / Russia party. Hell even Trump's buddies like Kanye West are cozying up to supreme dictator Vladimir Putin. And no matter what happens it will never be Trump's fault - even if World War III or another Civil War or something way worse happens. Because he's the guy who gets away with it all.

How QAnon's latest baseless claim terrorized and shut down Texas' National Butterfly Sanctuary

The National Butterfly Sanctuary in South Texas is just what it sounds like.

It’s a butterfly sanctuary. They are protected there. People can stop in and see them. It’s neat.

But people won’t be able to visit it anytime soon because QAnon — the dumbest folks you went to high school with — decided to take a break from moving the goalposts on election conspiracy and basely labeling famous individuals as pedophiles to cook up a theory that the people who run the sanctuary are actually involved in human trafficking.

And that, according to a Huffington Post report, made the sanctuary a target for “right-wing conspiracy theorists.” So much so that the people who ran the place felt it was getting too unsafe to have their employees come in.

“(The) Board has decided to close the center, but continue to pay staff, for the immediate future,” National Butterfly Center Director Marianna Trevino-Wright told the Huffington Post. “The board’s paramount concern is safety of staff, members and visitors,” she added. “So, for that reason, they have made the decision to close the center for the immediate future while they seek expert advice and formulate a plan that will be serve our interests and public safety moving forward.”

OMFG these people are fucking stupid!
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