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riqster's Journal
riqster's Journal
November 6, 2013

House Repubs admit it: all they care about is seizing total control of the country.


Remember Bitchy Mitchy and his "number one priority is making Barack Obama a one-term President"? Now it's Pete Sessions and “Everything we do in this body should be about messaging to win back the Senate". Fuck the people, all the Repubes want is personal power and wealth.

A righteous rant and source material at the link.
November 4, 2013

A song for Rand Paul

A Tom Lehrer Classic: m.

November 4, 2013

Rand Paul says he wants to kill journalists.


You can hide with pretty words like "dueling", or pretend he was joking: but let's call a spade a spade, OK?
November 4, 2013

It does NOT say, “All men are created equal, except for f*****s, dy**s and qu***s”.


I can't fucking believe America still needs anti-discrimination laws. Or that Repubes still oppose freedom and equality for LGBT Americans.


"Sad though the necessity may be, the law needs passed. Just like the laws banning discrimination based on skin tone, X and Y chromosomes, religion and physical limitations. And anyone who opposes such equality can suck on the Constitution. Equality for all, that is what it says.


More anti-homophobic ranting at the link.
November 1, 2013

Republicans: The Yappy Purse-Dog Party


We’ve all dealt with these little s***s – the aggressiveness, the noise, the bites on the ankles. And as soon as you raise your hand to shoo them away, they run back to hide behind the skirts of their owners, still barking the while. Said owners then either praise the dog, offer you insincere apologies, or both.

Of course, it isn’t really the dog’s fault- it’s the owner who should get the blame. Good owners make for good dogs, and bad owners make for bad dogs. So it is with dogs and political parties.

The “Republican” party is owned by wingnut ideologues, single-issue primary voters, and money-mad financiers. When you think about it that way, the yapping and ankle-biting activities of Repube Politicos and Pundits make perfect sense. They have been trained (and in some cases, bred) by their owners to get in the way, raise a ruckus, distract, annoy, and cause damage. So that is what they do.

More at the link.
October 31, 2013

House “Republicans” cut healthcare.gov funding by 90%. No wonder it doesn’t work well.


Hell, we’re lucky it works at all. Here’s the budget request for building healthcare.gov. 10 billion dollars to build the online exchanges allowing those eligible Americans in a red or purple state to buy health insurance. The Teapublicans gave them 1 billion. And now, they are “outraged” that the online system isn’t working perfectly, and are demanding to know why.

It is pretty safe to say that a NINETY-F***ING PERCENT CUT IN FUNDING had something to do with it. Pretty darned safe.

More at the link.
October 31, 2013

All those health policy cancellations? NOT due to ObamaCare.


Fucking blew my mind when I heard this yesterday. Blue cross and other Bastards can wait until 2015 to cancel individual policies!

Damn all greedy motherfucking health insurers.
October 30, 2013

Congress complaining that ObamaCare doesn't do enough is like Jeffrey Dahmer calling you a killer.


"Congress hasn’t accomplished f***-all since 2010. They tried and tried to destroy s*** instead of doing their jobs. And now, these useless moochers, these parasites, these pimples on the arse of our nation; these “representatives” are criticizing the ACA for only partly working. The chutzpah is truly breathtaking.

It’s like having Ron White tell you to lay off the Scotch.
It’s like having David Vitter call you a pervert.
It’s like having the Westboro Baptist Church call you a hater.
It’s like having Anthony Weiner call you a slut."

More ranting at the link.
October 29, 2013

The Republican health plan: "Let him die". Remember?


http://gawker.com/5840024/ron-pauls-campaign-manager-died-of-pneumonia-penniless-and-uninsured is a classic story: Ron Paul, he who said that people who can’t afford assurance are choosing to die, let the man behind his presidential campaign die, uninsured, of pneumonia. And then he stuck his dead friend’s grieving mother with a bill for $400,000.00.

This was in 2008, and people might be so distracted by the imperfections of the ACA that have been dominating the media of late, that they have forgotten the inhumanity of the “Republican” party when it comes to this issue. We should remember this fact: the Repubs have never put forth a health care plan of their own. Except, of course, for “let him die”.

More at the link. Remember this, when the ACA seems like a cluster-fuck: the Teapublican alternative is far, far worse.

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