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Member since: Sat Dec 30, 2006, 01:56 PM
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Asleep or looking at his phone?

Video for brian windhorst youtube
► 0:28

As ESPN anchor Cari Champion presents the sports journalist with a question about Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, Windhorst averts his gaze downward and pauses — appearing to have briefly nodded off — before offering up a response.

The episode ignited Internet rumors that he’d fallen asleep during the on-air interview. Windhorst was quick to set the record straight, taking to his Twitter account to clarify that he was not sleeping, but glancing down at his phone during the lapse in his speech and eye contact.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Wed Mar 30, 2016, 02:39 AM (2 replies)

Marco Rubio Changed the World of Dark Money

Marco money –> Shane Goldmacher at Politico: “Marco Rubio’s campaign is dead. His secret-money legacy lives on. Nobody knows who funded the nonprofit group that spent more than $10 million on TV ads boosting Rubio, and untold more on mailers and research. And, unless those donors out themselves, nobody ever will. No presidential candidate fighting for their party’s nomination has ever benefited from as much undisclosed cash, and watchdogs worry the pro-Rubio group’s unchecked activity serves as a dangerous precedent that will soon become common practice.”
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Wed Mar 30, 2016, 01:27 AM (1 replies)

Germany rail company introduces women/children only train cars

The Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn rail company says the segregated train cars are designed to make women traveling alone or with small children feel safe, according to Europe Online Magazine.

The carriages will be in service between Leipzig and Chemnitz, and boys up to the age of 10 will be allowed to ride.

Each train will have two women-only compartments "deliberately" located at the center of the train and close to the customer service compartment, MRB added.

On New Year’s Eve, police in Cologne received hundreds of reports of sexual assaults and robberies, sparking international uproar. Several witnesses described the assaults as being committed by men of "Arab or North African origin,” bolstering anti-refugee sentiments in Europe as the region struggles to cope with an influx of migrants.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 01:34 AM (15 replies)


Source: Abc7

A judge's recent ruling that part of a law school graduate's loans can be canceled breaks new ground for other students who owe a mountain of debt.

Lesley Campbell applied for a loan while she was studying for the bar as a student at Pace University Law School in 2009. She received a "bar loan" of $15,000 from Citibank, a bankruptcy court document states, and she made payments on the loan until June 2012. But in November 2014, after having failed the bar exam, she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

With nearly $300,000 in student loan debt, Campbell, of Brooklyn, New York, found an administrative job with a hotel management company that paid about $50,000, according to a bankruptcy document.

U.S. bankruptcy code states that among the obligations that can't be canceled include funds received as an "educational benefit," scholarship or a stipend. Campbell wanted the loan to be canceled, or "discharged," when seeking bankruptcy relief, arguing that it wasn't an "educational benefit" under the U.S. bankruptcy code. Citibank moved to dismiss that claim, arguing that the loan was an "educational benefit" in the fact that the eligibility for the bar loan was dependent on the plaintiff being a law student.


Read more: http://abc7ny.com/news/ruling-on-law-school-grads-debt-may-signal-seismic-shift-in-loan-practices/1266566/
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 01:20 AM (34 replies)

Gun shaped like smartphone allows firearm owners to ‘carry your pistol with you on any occasion’

Source: Nydaily

new two-shot handgun made to look like a smartphone will help owners of the .380-caliber gun pack heat “on any occasion,” according to its inventors.

The Ideal Conceal pistol, which is slated to go on sale for $395 later this year, allows its owner to “carry with confidence, conceal in style,” the Minnesota startup’s website reads. The product could be seen on the site with an unfolding handle revealing a trigger and muzzles for the bullets where earphones would usually plug in.

Ideal Conceal CEO Kirk Kjellberg told the Daily News the lightweight invention aids gun owners hoping to avoid a Second Amendment debate.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/smartphone-shaped-gun-helps-owners-carry-occasion-article-1.2580536


Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 12:58 AM (49 replies)

NY. nurse who took photo of unconscious patient's penis surrenders license

An upstate New York nurse surrendered her license after she was convicted of taking a photo of an unconscious patient's penis with her iPhone, authorities said.

Kristen Johnson, 27, of Fulton, "did not contest the charge of moral unfitness in the practice," the state Board of Regents announced.

Johnson pleaded guilty in November to disseminating of unlawful surveillance photos, a misdemeanor.

She took photos of patients in 2014 while working at Upstate University Hospital.

The Onondaga County District Attorney's Office began investigating after Johnson's co-workers complained that she captured images of two patients and sent them via text message, authorities said when she was arrested in May of 2015.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 12:51 AM (15 replies)

Son of hated NY landlord calls uber driver a "minimum wage fa - - -t" and more, video goes viral

foul-mouthed frat bro who was caught on video berating an Uber driver with a stream of vile insults in Michigan has been identified as the son of one of New York's most despised landlords.

The University of Michigan's Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter is investigating Jake Croman, one of its members, for verbally abusing the driver, the Michigan Review reported. According to the New York Daily News, Croman is the son of Steven Croman, a multi-property landlord who is one of the most hated figures in New York real estate.

Uber driver Artur Zawada filmed Jake Croman and a group of his pals harassing him outside his car after Zawada canceled a ride they ordered.

While the whole group rips into the Uber driver, Croman has a starring role. In the video, he pulls out his own phone to film Zawada as he calls the driver a "minimum wage fa - - -t" and mocks him for needing to work "all day."

The insults don't stop there.

Zawada's video has been viewed more than 350,000 times since it was posted on YouTube on March 23. (Caution: It contains vulgar, abusive language.) The driver said in a YouTube comment this was the "4th time that I have been harassed by this rider and his friends."
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Tue Mar 29, 2016, 12:18 AM (6 replies)

Christians celebrate holy week

45 Hooded penitents from the Brotherhood of Jesus Lying hold candles whilst taking part in a procession during Holy Week celebrations in Zamora, Spain, on Thursday, March 24, 2016. Holy processions take place across Spain as Christians gather to celebrate the week leading up to Easter and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sun Mar 27, 2016, 04:55 PM (11 replies)

30 days in prison or wear massive sign in public for 80 hours


Better than sitting in a prison cell? (Picture: WKBN)
A judge ordered a man to wear an enormous sandwich board reading ‘I AM A THIEF I STOLE FROM WALMART’.

Greg Davenport, of Liberty Township, Ohio, pleaded no contest to a theft charge after attempting to steal a 52-inch television from a Wal-Mart in December.

The judge gave him a choice: spend 30 days in prison or wear a large sign outside the supermarket for eight hours a day over ten days of his choosing.

Davenport, 44, said wearing a sign is better than sitting a jail cell, and he isn’t embarrassed anyway.
‘I stole, I got punished. That’s it,’ he told FOX News.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/03/26/judge-orders-man-to-wear-massive-sign-reading-i-am-a-thief-5776496/#ixzz448ozwm1e

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/03/26/judge-orders-man-to-wear-massive-sign-reading-i-am-a-thief-5776496/#ixzz448oSnWdW
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sun Mar 27, 2016, 04:30 PM (8 replies)

Indiana dad who admitted molesting his cancer-stricken 6-year-old daughter avoids jail

perverted Indiana dad will not spend a second in jail, even after admitting to molesting his 6-year-old daughter with cancer.

Jeremy Schwer, 41, pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony child molesting after he sexually abused his young daughter while she was recovering from a brain tumor in 2013.

While the deputy prosecutor Courtney Curtis wanted Schwer locked up for at least nine years in prison, the Marion County Superior Court judge sentenced the pedophile to only 12 years of probation.

The light sentencing comes after Schwer’s estranged wife, who filed for divorce, asked the court not to send the creep to prison because she needed financial support for her children, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Schwer was charged in 2015 after his wife called the Indiana Department of Child Services and reported her husband’s despicable acts against his daughter.

After the then-5-year-old was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2013, the monster dad made her touch his “peepeeluca” — the family’s word for genitals, and also touched hers, court records revealed.
Posted by Liberal_in_LA | Sun Mar 27, 2016, 01:46 PM (5 replies)
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