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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
Number of posts: 14,933

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Omg, New York had over THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND new cases today

Death rates are remaining low except in Pennsylvania , for some reason.


Check out this line today at a Florida mobile testing site


This video from
in Miami, FL is of a drive-thru COVID testing site. It is from today. It is not from last year.

Opinion: The Supreme Court isn't well. The only hope for a cure is more justices.

By Nancy Gertner and Laurence H. Tribe
Today at 5:01 p.m. EST

Nancy Gertner is a retired U.S. District Court judge. Laurence H. Tribe is Carl M. Loeb University Professor emeritus and professor of constitutional law emeritus at Harvard Law School. Both served on the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court.

We now believe that Congress must expand the size of the Supreme Court and do so as soon as possible. We did not come to this conclusion lightly. One of us is a constitutional law scholar and frequent advocate before the Supreme Court, the other a federal judge for 17 years. After serving on the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court over eight months, hearing multiple witnesses, reading draft upon draft of the final report issued this week, our views have evolved. We started out leaning toward term limits for Supreme Court justices but against court expansion and ended up doubtful about term limits but in favor of expanding the size of the court.

But make no mistake: In voting to submit the report to the president neither of us cast a vote of confidence in the Supreme Court itself. Sadly, we no longer have that confidence, given three things: first, the dubious legitimacy of the way some justices were appointed; second, what Justice Sonia Sotomayor rightly called the “stench” of politics hovering over this court’s deliberations about the most contentious issues; and third, the anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian direction of this court’s decisions about matters such as voting rights, gerrymandering and the corrupting effects of dark money.

Those judicial decisions haven’t been just wrong; they put the court — and, more important, our entire system of government — on a one-way trip from a defective but still hopeful democracy toward a system in which the few corruptly govern the many, something between autocracy and oligarchy. Instead of serving as a guardrail against going over that cliff, our Supreme Court has become an all-too-willing accomplice in that disaster.

Worse, measures the court has enabled will fundamentally change the court and the law for decades. They operate to entrench the power of one political party: constricting the vote, denying fair access to the ballot to people of color and other minorities, and allowing legislative district lines to be drawn that exacerbate demographic differences. As a result, the usual ebb and flow that once tended to occur with succeeding elections is stalling. A Supreme Court that has been effectively packed by one party will remain packed into the indefinite future, with serious consequences to our democracy. This is a uniquely perilous moment that demands a unique response.


CNN : "This is Joe Biden's America"







Thanks to Oliver Willis. Getting so sick of this crap . They go out out of their way to show that they're not the "biased liberal media" but if Republicans get elected and we lose our democracy , CNN will cease to exist , so they better be careful .

I'd also like to note that if I see one more Jennifer Lopez commercial on MSNBC , I'm gonna puke. What's up with that? They're constant.

Brian Williams is leaving MSNBC



I think he probably got signed somewhere else but can't say yet.

“Following much reflection, and after 28 years with the company, I have decided to leave NBC upon the completion of my current contract in December,” Mr. Williams wrote in a statement on Tuesday. “I have been truly blessed. I have been allowed to spend almost half of my life with one company. NBC is a part of me and always will be.”

Mr. Williams revealed no immediate plans for a new on-air role. “This is the end of a chapter and the beginning of another,” he wrote. “There are many things I want to do, and I’ll pop up again somewhere.”

A person familiar with Mr. Williams’s decision-making who requested anonymity to share private conversations said the anchor would consider his options and hoped to return to television or another media platform soon.

Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, has been seeking high-wattage talent for a new streaming service, CNN+, which is set to start in 2022. Mr. Zucker approached Ms. Maddow about a job before she decided to renew her deal at MSNBC, a discussion first reported by Puck News.


Politico and AP just declared Murphy the winner for NJ Gov. Networks should follow tonight

Hopefully. https://twitter.com/politicoelex/status/1456024984875372547?s=20


Dave Wasserman just called it!!!! Phil Murphy defeats Jack Ciattarelli


If Phil Murphy hangs on, Biden will actually be one up on his predecessors


In his first year as president, HW Bush saw his party lose the VA and NJ gubernatorial races. So did Clinton. And W Bush. And Obama. And Trump.

If Phil Murphy hangs on, Biden will actually be one up on his recent predecessors.

'It's bullshit!" - Joe Manchin on switching political parties. Lol.


I just laughed out loud at this on twitter. Josh Mandel is an absolute idiot.


Edit to add: A Christopher Columbus statue used to be where Mandel is standing, so you don't actually have to listen to him.

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