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Member since: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 02:46 PM
Number of posts: 9,383

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The problem isn't Bernie Sanders' supporters. It's Bernie Sanders himself

That's the title of a near perfect Kos OP on the Front Page of DailyKos. There are too many good points to add here, please read it for yourself.

Here's the link:

Ron Elving on NPR said it's Cruz-Fiorina today

Trump's head will explode.

OMG - Prince knocks down anti-Hillary articles on Salon

Sixteen articles on Prince today on Salon. That is good news for Hillary and Dems because there are only 3 Hillary-hating, 1 anti-Obama and 1 anti-Democratic Party articles up today.

I bet they try to make up for it tomorrow.

The arrogrant and clueless Tad Devine

Devine was just on MSNBC and was asked if Hillary has the lead in pledge delegates would it be fair for Sanders to win the nomination based on the support of super delegates who could put him over the top.

Devine replied that it would be fair because the super delegates must vote for what is good for the party.

Of course, if they vote for Hillary then they are just selfish corporate shills!

Pelosi on Chris Matthews and dissing Sanders

Pelosi is brilliant in her defense of Hillary and her surprised, surprised I say, about Sander's behavior.

Ugh! Hugh Hewitt has become a regular on nighttime MSNBC

Regardless of what show he is on or what question he is asked (usually about the GOP convention and tonight it was on O'Donnell) he talks about how the GOP can beat Hillary because she is a weak candidate, such a weak candidate, the weakest candidate ever. He sounds like Trump but smugly smiles when he says it.

KC Mayor Sly James on With All Due Respect on MSNBC

He's a Clinton supporter and Super Delegate. So calm, cool, and articulate in expressing his support for Hillary. When he was asked about being a SD and what it means, he said his support for Hillary was not based on any constituency votes, it was based on his belief that she is the best person to be president.

I'd never heard of him before and he is impressive.

Egads! Susan Sarandon on Chris Hayes

Blathering on about bad Hillary-good Bernie. Some of the highlights: 1) many people she's talked to won't vote for Hillary because she is not honest, 2) Republicans have told her they will write in Bernie, 3) people are losing their jobs because of TPP and Hillary has always been on the wrong side of that issue, 4) Hillary got money from fracking, and 5) if Trump won the election then the revolution would really happen. The last point is when Chris Hayes woke up and said something about the Leninist model of revolution.

Bernie just makes her so happy! It was a strange "interview".

What is wrong with Rachel Maddow?

Her style steps all over the information she is trying to share. Too fast, too high pitched, too repetitive, just too damn excitable. Hope she calms down.
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