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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,910

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

What a day I accidentally used my wife's body wash in the shower.

And now I wanna boss everyone around and canít make up my mind what I want to make for dinner.

Halloween this year I'm going as MAGA

Although not sure how Iím gonna stick my head in my ass.

Re reading Victor Suvorov the liberators and inside the Soviet army.

From Peter to Katherine to the Czar and now Putin. The rot and corruption by these scoundrels is a constant. In 1918 we saw army conscripts turn on Czar and then years of civil war.

The Russian army has been destroyed in Ukraine these conscripts will make no difference no training just sent to die.

I read that a soldier was just captured by Ukraine and he was inducted on twenty September then immediately sent to the front ridiculous so savage, Life is cheap under Putin.

Living with preadators

Mr big paws 14 year old golden
Boog the chocolate lab 12 in age
Dunk pup 2 years 4 months

Just sat down on sofa with my wife snacking and the Domestic woofs are mooching I said to my wife they are descendants of wolves.

And we do not even sleep with one eye open on guard living with these predators were comfortable trusting.
Probably a mistake becoming so relaxed living amongst these furry hunters I said to her. She said weíre gonna have to mop up the dog drool as they sit and beg.

At bus stop I said I'm voting for the nice Jewish boy for governor

Standing with my guys at the bus stop ,parents were talking about how they support Colonel Kurtz mastriano.

Reason is he walks with the lord I brought up his comments on no practicing Jews in his christofascist organization. I mentioned you all do understand that Jesus was Jewish one son said out loud there you go Dad pointing out the obvious.

I'm heading to Wegners to shop youse guys need anything

Iím deciding on either potato soup or sloppy joes as a feed your face if you are hungry all day kind of buffet. I hope I donít run into that carpetbagger Oz at Wegners.

Boys remote learning today they weíre supposed to have school yet we got message this morning all remote.

Ordered pizzas for lunch dinner snacks this afternoon,Boog and Duncanpup

I told both furry boys we ordered pizza ,Now they are looking out front window leaning on couch waiting on their favorite person pizza delivery.

Both Human boys home today from twelfth grade itís in service day I walked into front room and 17 said look dad Dunk Boog are already looking out out window for the pizza. I said come here son I hugged him and said I do apologize for getting you and our family weird dogs I love you.

Never let your father pick another K9 for this family or one day for your family son it was a moment with 17 and I as we stood hugged realizing dad only picks weird dogs. As the chocolate lab and Golden retriever furry chonk asses on the couch snotting up the window with their wet noses waiting for delivery to arrive.

I just ordered my Biden Jfk junior 2024 T shirt.

Goodliars.com to screw with the Q loons in my world.

My boss hates when I shorten his name to Dick

Especially since his name is Steve.

Read this on Twitter

Very vocal dogs malamutes

Big dogs vocal pups as well, my wifeís friend asked us to watch her furry kids ,till Tuesday as she has do medical procedure in morning and her daughter will be with her then she can recover from anesthesia tomorrow.
These two pups know us yet they have never been left here with us alone. Mr big paws our 14 year old golden is deaf so he canít hear the malamutes drama yet Dunk can dunk is like man we all need ear muffs. The chocolate lab menace of the universe went up stairs fuck this noise man Iím 12 not dealing with this shit.

My wife and boys and i try to comfort these two furry boys yet the drama mom left us she never leaves us oh my as I rub them both the drama. These furry boys will survive their broken heart until they reunite with mom their love Tuesday morning.
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