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Member since: Thu Mar 26, 2020, 10:50 AM
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Amazon, Instacart Grocery Delivery Workers Demand Coronavirus Protection And Pay


The workers are asking for a variety of changes:

Workers from both Amazon and Instacart want more access to paid sick time off. At this time, it's available only to those who have tested positive for the coronavirus or get placed on mandatory self-quarantine.
Amazon workers want their warehouse to be closed for a longer cleaning, with guaranteed pay.

Instacart's grocery delivery gig workers are asking for disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer and better pay to offset the risk they are taking.

It was unclear how many Instacart gig workers participated in Monday's action and refused to work. A spokeswoman for the company said it has seen "absolutely no impact to Instacart's operations." She said in the last week, 250,000 new people signed up to work through the app and a fifth of them have already started picking up gigs.

Much more information at link!

Federal Judge Rules Medicare Patients Can Challenge 'Observation Care' Status


Hundreds of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries who have been denied coverage for nursing home stays because their time in the hospital was changed from “inpatient” to “observation care” can now appeal to Medicare for reimbursement, a federal judge in Hartford, Connecticut, ruled last week.

If the government does not challenge the decision and patients win their appeals, Medicare could pay them millions of dollars for staggeringly high nursing home bills.

To receive coverage for nursing home care, patients must first be admitted to the hospital as inpatients for three consecutive days. Time spent in the hospital for observation doesn’t count, even though they may stay overnight and receive some of the same treatment and other services provided to inpatients.

And there’s another big difference: While inpatients can file an appeal with Medicare if they question any other coverage denial, observation patients cannot. So, in 2011, seven Medicare beneficiaries and their families sued the Department of Health and Human Services, in what became a nationwide class action lawsuit.

FBI has some recommendations for how to handle "Zoombombing


The federal agency recommends the following for those using Zoom:

Don't make meetings public. Zoom lets users make meetings private by requiring a meeting password or using a waiting room feature to control who's admitted.

Don't share a link to the meeting on a public social media post. Send the link to people directly.
Change the screen-sharing option in Zoom to "host only."

Ask people to use the latest updated version of Zoom.
Ensure your organization's telework policy addresses requirements for information security.
-- Madeline St. Amour

You will have to scroll down if you wish to read full article as it is a rolling list of updates.

Doctor at UTHSC says COVID-19 tests can give false-negative results


If I go get a test with someone who just started to get sick and so they’re infected but they don’t have much virus in them maybe it’s negative, but maybe if I test them three days later, it’s going to be positive because there’s a lot more virus in them at that point,” said McCullers.

McCullers says, unlike other respiratory illnesses COVID-19 patients tend to get worse by day 5 or 6 rather than improving. He also says even if you suspect you got a false negative there really isn’t any reason to be re-tested unless you end up in the hospital.

But you may want to quarantine yourself away from others while you’re not feeling well just to be on the safe side.

I wondered about this...

Memphis mayor wants neighboring counties to order more severe restrictions to slow spread of COVID-1


He wants those counties to use Shelby County as an example and adopt the same restrictions. That includes areas like DeSoto County, Mississippi, which leads the state in confirmed COVID-19 cases at 77.

“It does concern me that our neighboring counties are not implementing the kind of social distancing orders that we are in Shelby County, and they're going to be using our hospitals,” Strickland said. "They need to step up and do the right thing."

Exclusive: Kushner Firm Built the Coronavirus Website Trump Promised


OK, who here is surprised???

Memphis COVID-19 task force working to bring free testing to impoverished neighborhoods


KUDOS to Dem leadership in Memphis!

Kentucky governor issues executive order limiting out of state travel


This is apparently aimed at restricting travel to bassackwards TN to protect the population in KY.

Austria mask mandate, global cases top 760,000


Gov Lee (TN) Issues Safer at Home 2-week order


Again I can't copy text. This article asserts the order closes all nonessential businesses for 2 weeks. Other articles I've seen state that businesses which cannot operate safely must close, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.
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