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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 13,167

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Well folks, do you think the various birth control and porn makers realize they are next...

to be banned and put out of business?

So any wild guesses on who the Pig nominates for SM?

So, what's everyone think. Is Judge Cannon incompetent or corrupt enough....

to back the Pig in this train wreck?

Do you think the various "vice" industries realize the threat

to their businesses from the christofascists.

I use "vice" in this comment from the christofascist POV.

Just a thought here: The christofascists on the Court knew that Humpty Trumpty was in for a big fall

Had been warned in fact and they had to get their shots at the libs in before the GQP brand went to shit.

Heard from the "libertarian" (read hates Biden) branch of my family today on Dobbs.

Any guesses folks?

That's right, bothsiderism. The Democrats and the Republicans are both hypocrites about bodily autonomy because of masks.

The United States Supreme Court is a now a religious court.

Alito's is initiating a coup of the Court...taking lessons from his fascist brother-in-arms, the Pig.

Roberts has no control of the Court anymore.

The christfascists are just doing whatever suits their partisan christofascist agenda. Has nothing to do with the Constitution just about religion.

Alito is in the process of defacto deposing Roberts as Chief Justice.

Once done, there is no reason to hear and decide cases brought before the Court in other manner than blatant political and religious agenda.

SCOTUS knowingly and purposely leaked the draft opinion to see how deep a shit the GQP

would be in if they actually followed through with it. Really ugly fallout they could back off in the final opinion.

Thoughts anyone?

What is up with the media? They keep saying, "we underestimated Putin"...

"Putin is enigmatic". Are they really that obtuse? Do they think the West's intelligence community doesn't understand what Putin's broader goals are? WTF? Might as well join the Pig and laud Putin as a stable genius.

Anyone feel confident enough that the Pig will by indicted by NY to pick a day this week when...

it will drop?
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