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The truth about Dr. Tiller has never been told to Americans

Even the stress of the #TrumpShutdown isn't keeping him from a BACKBREAKING schedule tomorrow.

UN envoy urges Colombia to act quickly to protect leaders

Luckovich-Nancy Pelosi: Art of the Deal

Comedian Amit Raizada Roasts Donald Trump on Open Mic Night

Supermassive Black Holes Likely Born in 'Halos' of Dark Matter

Stratolaunch Abandons Launch Vehicle Program for World's Largest Airplane

Cohen Should Tell Us How He & His Family Have Been Threatened....

The Guardian: How the conservative media transformed the Covington students into heroes

Will Trump invade Venezuela to distract the nation from his myriad scandals and failures?

Secret Service agents distributing Challenge Coins mocking shutdown: 'Don't worry, you'll get back p

Fourth time for McConnell! Ya' gotta be kidding me!

Could the house subpoena cohen

Trump's Approval Rating Crashes Lower Than Obama's Ever Was

Where might Trump hold his State of the Union speech?

Blue Origin Wants to Launch a Person Into Space by the End of This Year

Blue Origin's New Shepard Launches NASA Experiments, Aces Rocket Landing

How conservative media transformed the Covington Catholic students from pariahs to heroes

If Democrats cave on the wall, expect a headline like this in the near future:

Image of the Day

Nathan Phillips RE: Smirky Boy's TODAY interview..."He has a PR firm and those weren't his words."

The Constitution says Senate rules are for proceeding not interfering.... Mitch.

Maduro expels US diplomats, they refuse to leave because Guaido has not asked them to

How long before Nathan Phillips is called the aggressor, and the boys become the victims?

what did you make of Ari Melber's interview with Page, Corsi, Caputo, et al today??

I am afraid that Venezuela will be the target of Trump's attempt to start a war?

Parkland survivor David Hogg sees double standard in defense of Covington Catholic students

Secret service personnel reportedly sharing special challenge coins jabbing shutdown

let's just take a moment to admire what an astoundingly incompetent politician donnie is.

Trump: Chuck Schumer's 'A Puppet for Nancy Pelosi,' He's 'Dominated' by Her

Are MAGA Hats the new KKK Hoods?

"The Dictator's Playbook," Wednesday night, 10:00 p.m., on WETA

Air traffic controllers calling in sick so they can make money somewhere else.

It's a sad state of affairs when you realize that Speaker Pelosi's SOTU denial to trump is actually

Anyone Watching Chris Hayes?

Idea for a reality cooking show

Trump is waiting for right-wing media to advise him on shutdown and is 'trapped'

Chemo or rent.

Pelosi's Support Rises As She Forces Trump To Own His Government Shutdown

57% believe Russia is blackmailing Trump.

Every time I see Congresswoman Jackie Speier I remember that this female

The Dictator's Playbook 10:00 PM ON MPT 22,

The Administration is now gaming out shutdown implications into March or April.

My husband and I spent several hours yesterday at the Brentwood Getty...

Lindsey Graham says denying Traitor don his SOTU speech is :...absurd, petty, and shameful."

Trump sold $35 million in real estate in 2018--over half came from a deal requiring HUD approval

Bernie Sanders By Peter Buttigieg - 2000 Winning Essay

The Pope in Panama.

Nancy Pelosi is impressing me.

Overall, 34 percent of Americans approve of Trump's job performance

Katie Hill on "All In" just said "not gonna happen that this freshman class will ...

Gun show operators file lawsuit against board that oversees state-owned Del Mar Fairgrounds

Damn: US does not consider Maduro's evacuation order for diplomats legitimate

No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime

Earth Swallowed Another Planet and (Maybe) That's Why Life Exists

As Expected Faux News makes Covington Kid to be a hero

Air travel union leaders release dire safety warning as shutdown continues

FBI agents: Trump shutdown helping terrorists and child sex criminals

I just checked the International Space Station's Twitter feed and it has been confirmed ...

Ha! Barbara Boxer didn't exactly call McConnell a turtle but she did say he "came out of his shell"

Curly or Shemp?

Andes Grew to Towering Heights in Two Explosive 'Growth Spurts'

Just a Question

Women are just so damn intuitive, smart, sharp, selfless...

3,000-Year-Old Tomb of King Tut Finally Restored

Anti-Muslim post appears on Sangamon County circuit clerk's Facebook page

How do Mexicans feel about Trump's wall?

Tiny, Previously Undiscovered Capillaries May Exist Inside People's Bones

Kamala Harris is coming up on Rachel. I'm a big fan of her.

Dell CEO rejects Ocasio-Cortez's tax plan at Davos

Revealed: the free-market groups helping the tobacco industry

Illinois offers $100 million in state-backed loans to 8,000 furloughed federal workers

Democrats launch inquiry into White House's use of security clearances

Tony Schwartz: Trump's "turning Nancy Pelosi into a bigger powerhouse than she already was."

Wouldve been better for Trumpy to do state of the union

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Change is Gonna Come!

Trump Thought Pelosi Was Bluffing

Trump Thought Pelosi Was Bluffing

US, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica first to recognize Guaido


Senate set to reject government funding plan it once embraced

White House officials caught off guard by Pelosi's letter canceling State of the Union address

'The Surgery to Remove the Lung Cancer Is On Hold.' The Shutdown Is Forcing Workers to Delay Vital M

More See Mueller Probe as Justified

Pritzker hints at pay, pension plans for public workers

Nat'l Air Traffic Controllers Assoc: "We cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play"

EU calls for "credible elections" in Venezuela in face of Chavista meltdown

Number of uninsured Americans hits 4-year high

OMG Rachel...

Pompeo: US will conduct relations with VZ through Guaido

Schwartz: Never seen Trump as flummoxed/outgunned as he is by Pelosi. Fun to watch.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tomi Lahren Addresses Cardi B's Threat to 'Dog-Walk' Her: 'I Would Never Get Away with That'

Your Rose' May Be Late this Year: Wine and the Government Shutdown

Migrant caravan grows as Mexico fast-tracks humanitarian visas

U.S. to defy Venezuelan order for American diplomats to leave Caracas in 72 hours

Pelosi tells Republicans: 'Take back your party'

The [Redacted]-Era Overcorrection

Examining a Covington Catholic Promotional Video

Trump has a major weakness and that is open testimony.

Can Nancy Pelosi Really Stop Trump From Delivering the State of the Union?

Kamala Harris is being interviewed by Maddow right now.

Repost because it's so good

Jamie Raskin on Cohen withdrawing from Oversight Committee testimony

Pelosi ups ante in Trump showdown

Secret Service members create challenge coin for working without pay

We are going backward': How the justice system ignores science in the pursuit of convictions

Brazil accuses US missionary of putting isolated tribe's lives at risk

Were DHS and ICE funding excluded from today's House spending bill?

Blumenthal: 'Clearly' Trump is violating law against intimidating witnesses

Erin is one reason that I do not listen

Brazil accuses US missionary of putting isolated tribe's lives at risk

Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living

Washington's Bold Plan to Save Its Orcas

Elijah Cummings respect

Hallandale panel condemns commissioner's anti-Muslim comments

I am so proud of these teenagers


Jill Scott "A Long Walk"

Poll: Increasing number see Mueller probe as justified

After listening to Kamala Harris on Rachel, I believe she is a strong contender

Jair Bolsonaro alarms climate activists with pro-business speech

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 24 January 2019

Jair Bolsonaro alarms climate activists with pro-business speech

Rachel clearly thinks

Trump has chosen an alternative venue for State of the Union.

States move to ease restrictions on child sex-abuse lawsuits

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is back tonight. N/T


Very appropriate: Tom Nichols' response to the RNC's undivided support for Trump is in Russian

Public health emergency declared over measles in anti-vax hotspot near Portland, Oregon

NFL ref cartoon

Furloughed IRS employees defy order to go back to work without pay

Milwaukee secures line of credit for its 2020 Democratic convention bid, clearing last major hurdle

Invite Trump to come to the House on the 29th

Whew Joy Ann Reid just took

Joy Reid on Lawrence O'Donnelll's show: The money Trump wants for the wall "IS NOT A BINKIE!"

Oh Sweet Jesus, He's just so freaking dumb!

John Nichols: The history of this time will be a book about Speaker Pelosi -- not Donald Trump.

Harry Hopkins said, "People don't eat in the long run, they eat every day."

In love now with Kamala Harris

The Cause of Alzheimer's Could Be Coming From Inside Your Mouth, Study Claims

Dunkirk VFD to offer free spaghetti dinner to furloughed Federal Workers.

NY lawmakers pass state Dream Act

Krugman on Trump calling Schumer a "puppet" who's "dominated" by Pelosi:

Mussolini: Fascist Dictator of Italy, 1925-1943: 'The Dictator's Playbook' Series PBS

Y'all know what to DU

Dems Need a Hannity...

Florida woman

Approval lowest in over a year amid shutdown

Vanity Fair: Kellyanne Conway reportedly ID'd as leaker 'bad-mouthing' White House to press

Great Horrible Blotch

David Rothkopf wins twitter regarding The Beat guests today

IHG is crazy - Holiday Inn Express and other related properties

Merely a formality

The Daily Show - The State of the State of the Union: Not Good, Folks

The REAL State of the Union

Trump's FBI furlough has opened the door to criminal gangs and terrorists!

What Republicans Are Saying: "Pampered Federal Workers Don't Deserve Anyone's Pity"

Going down at the head...34% and sinking fast..

RWers are viscously attacking Nathan Phillips.

Leaked pic of SOTU venue.....

Trump Tweet, per MSNBC, paraphrased: He will not challenge Pelosi on postponed SOTU

Trump Looks for New Venue for Speech, as Democrats Draft Border Security Plan

Trump Says He Will Deliver State of the Union Address When Shutdown Over

YET SHE PERSISTED, Nancy Pelosi Edition. The first written concession speech of Trump's "presidency"

Joy Reid: Trump capitulates, completely, to Speaker Pelosi on the SOTU.

The Daily Show - The State of the State of the Union: Not Good, Folks

trump's take on international trade:

State to study leaky Capitol dome

Tweet of the Day

I just wanna say

Seth Meyers - Trump's State of the Union Address, National Hot Sauce Day - Monologue - 1/22/19

Good for the goose...

Brian Williams Just Said Scaramucci is Already Gone from the Big Brother House

I love this headline...

Seth Meyers - Cohen and Giuliani Cause Problems for Trump: A Closer Look

Illinois ends participation in multi-state voter database

'Master negotiator' or 'nonentity'? Kushner thrusts himself into middle of shutdown talks.

Antigay megachurch pastor Earnest Angley caught on tape talking about all the gay sex he's had

****Pelosi's response to Trump's capitulation on SOTU****

BADASS is as BADASS does.

have to go to DMV and renew my license...

Mind Games, John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band

The Daily Show - Rewind 2017: Transgender Veterans React to Trump's Trans Military Ban

Holy Crap! Who knew Terry Bradshaw could sing?

The Daily Show - Rewind 2017: Transgender Veterans React to Trump's Trans Military Ban

Many people couldn't help but notice how exceptionally tiny Trump's hands looked this evening

BOOM: Trump says he will give his State of the Union address after the shutdown. Thank you N. Pelosi

Chicago Tribune's Rex Huppke: Nancy Pelosi just gave birth to three dragons.

From Maddow, about the Russian young woman "sex instructor" who was arrested and released . . . .

The Guardian: Assange launches legal challenge to prevent extradition to the US.

Laura Ingraham slaps Trump for "bad decision" on SOTU

Number of uninsured Americans increases by 7m in four years

Kavanaugh Supporter, Joni Ernst: Says she was raped in college, embarrassed to come forward.

Zimbabwe: beatings and abductions continue despite Mnangagwa pledge

More than 10,000 migrants request visas as caravan hits Mexico

More than 10,000 migrants request visas as caravan hits Mexico

'I think he's scared': Trump biographer calls Trump caving into Nancy Pelosi 'shocking'

"Boys Don't Cry."

Federal workers affected by partial shutdown to be billed for dental, vision coverage

So how long before Trump walks back his SOTU concession?

Democrats launch inquiry into White House's use of security clearances

Democrats launch inquiry into White House's use of security clearances

Can Kamala Harris take on Trump in 2020????

White house leaker found, you know her

For the toughest damn Speaker of the House in our lifetimes:

AP-NORC poll: 6 in 10 Americans blame Trump for shutdown

When the ships come in

White House Preparing for Long Shutdown

My prediction...

Transgender woman sues over 'false personation' arrest

Something Worth Buying: Presenting The Donald Trump Commemorative Plates

Green Beret killed in Afghanistan is identified

Lara Trump: Fed employess going thru 'A little bit of pain", but border wall is bigger than them

Coast Guard deployed in Middle East, Pacific without pay during government shutdown

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 24, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight - Sword and Sandals

First major policy paper advocating for Green New Deal

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Cher sings Those Shoes (Eagles). No, really!

Finally, a Trump yard sign I'd buy.

"Guess Who Got Invited To The White House"

Dog-walking app accused of cover-up over dog's death

More GOP Nanny State: Install Chip on Phones & Computers to block porn, unless paid extortion fee.

My greatest fear is that Trump will make a turn.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: What's Worse: Working for Trump or Being Married to Him?

The Big Con can have his propaganda speech as soon as he lets his hostages free...

Rival for Wikileaks emerges and starts by leaking russian secrets.

A crack team of White House experts has chosen the perfect location for the State Of The Union

Bail increased for Minnesota man accused of raping a coworker at St. Charles hotel

Fleet Foxes.."In The Morning"..Live

Trump Is Mirroring Hitler - Fahrenheit 11/9

You know, if someone could force Limbaugh and Coulter to order Trump to end the shutdown...

Where Gay Is Criminal: The Definitive Guide to Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

Report: White Supremacists Lead Nation In Domestic Terrorism

(UK) Antibiotic resistance plan to fight 'urgent' global threat

Records show feds' investigation of Chicago Alderman Burke broader than previously known

Barclays bosses 'paid Qatar secret fees'

6 CPS workers fired, 33 removed as hundreds of sex misconduct complaints roll in

CPS finishes year with budget surplus -- just in time for CTU contract talks

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said she spoke with Ald. Edward Burke before hiring his

Why Donald Trump Jr. Is Worried He Could Be Indicted The Russia Desk NowThis

(Jewish Group) I thought the horror of the Shoah would mean no more antisemitism. I was wrong

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/23/19

House bill would raise gasoline, income taxes

(Jewish Group) Ilhan Omar and the Myth of Jewish Hypnosis

(Jewish Group) 'Raging Crisis' of anti-Semitism Threatens Europe's Jews, Community Leaders Warn

Another impact from the shutdown

Ex-bodyguard for former Gov. Martinez files suit

Trump's other vanity project: manned Mars landing by 2020.

Panel approves raising minimum wage to $10

President Donald Trump Postpones State Of The Union Until Shutdown Ends

Democrats back bill prohibiting state funds for private-school books

National popular vote measure clears first hurdle in House

Iowa Sen. Ernst denies allegation of affair with soldier

A group representing Nathan Phillips wrongly said he served in Vietnam

Here's how some military spouses could get potentially thousands of dollars in tax refunds

DAILYFAIL article says Trump's allies think Guiliani drinking leads to unhinged interviews

Medical cannabis producer sues state over gross receipts taxes

Is McConnell a Russian asset as well?

Kentucky GOP lawmakers order recount in House election

Jesus be like....

Legislation threatens to strip striking teachers of their licenses

Europe court orders Italy to pay damages to Amanda Knox

Governor's son fighting DWI conviction

Wow, Senate chaplain and retired Rear Admiral Barry Black offered a very pointed prayer

Pulitzer-Winning Cartoonist Among Laid Off at Arizona Republic

Ousted Ukrainian Leader Yanukovych Found Guilty of Treason

The Con will soon expose himself

Russia and key allies vow to stand by Maduro in Venezuela crisis

The Unfinished Business of Bernie Sanders

What's in Gov. Edwards' $350 million coastal plan? Protecting LaPlace, levee repairs, more

Nancy Pelosi is an alien species to Trump - and he has no idea what to do

Gov. John Bel Edwards makes it official with roll out of re-election campaign pitch video

So Trump is going the wag the Venezuelan dog?

New trend on Youtube: Getting famous by harassing cops until they do something stupid/illegal.

Rep. Cedric Richmond raises antitrust specter in seeking answers from Roger Goodell

What I don't understand with the 800,000 Federal employees, why are they NOT picketing

Yang Hengjun: China holds Australian writer for 'criminal activity'

Alex Salmond charged with sexual assault and attempted rape

The Art of Asking Nancy Pelosi For A Permission Slip

Thursday TOONs 1 - Speaker Pelosi is "IN"

Thursday TOONs 2 - Spirit (of Hate) Drummer

Texas teen arrested again after Fort Worth officer hears new school shooting plans while playing

The Parliamentary system has a much stronger and more

House Speaker shakes up committee assignments with new leaders, extends olive branch to Democrats

U heard it here 1st: Biden/Harris vs. Kasich/Haley

Why does hate-radio get a pass from the MSM for the "Hate-Radio Shutdown"

LRB analysis: Tony Evers can't order Josh Kaul to drop ACA lawsuit without legislative approval

Age bias law does not cover job applicants: U.S. appeals court

Trump's challenge to Venezuela's president could lead to a military occupation. Here's why -- and...

Amanda Knox: European court orders Italy to pay damages

John Kelly joins former secretaries in call to end DHS shutdown

Sadly, as I have laid out before, I doubt we will actually see Nancy Pelosi become President

Editorial: Sen. Cory Gardner to break with Republicans on Trump's wall -- it's the right thing to do

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Dismisses Climate Change in Favor of a "Higher Authority"

24 Million Mortgage And Bank Loan Documents Leaked Online -- Visible for 2 Weeks!

Australia horse deaths: Wild animals perish at dried-up waterhole

Footage of yesterday's secret meeting between Trump and Pelosi

Pompeo discourages speculation on Kansas Senate race, but leaves door open a bit

Minnesota Rep. proposes abortion ban on same day similar ban is struck down in Iowa

Mama Pelosi and the little Orange Stain

3 men and a teenager are accused of planning to bomb a Muslim community in upstate New York

Stephen King's Scariest Horror Story Ever.

Someone will die. Sooner or later trump's shutdown will kill someone. Trump will finally have

Jim Carrey: There's plenty to eat during the shutdown.

Nathan Phillips on TODAY right now by remote.."I WAS TRYING TO WALK AWAY"

Roger Stone has had his twitter account suspended !

BTRTN: Time for Republicans to Build a Tunnel Underneath Trump's Wall

BTRTN: Time for Republicans to Build a Tunnel Underneath Trump's Wall

Lawrence O'Donnell: Pelosi 'Crushed' Trump Over State Of The Union

Trump: 'Interesting' Cohen is using Clinton lawyer, 'sadly' will not testify

Nancy Pelosi Responds to Trump Saying He'll Wait Until After the Shutdown to Give State of the Union

I'm beginning to agree with Frank Schaeffer re: SHS

Trumps finds "perfect location" to deliver State of the Union address

Conservative anti-tax groups ask Trump to give the rich another tax cut by executive fiat

Can we please stop writing OPs about how well Nancy handled T?

Sam Donaldson on Trump and Kellyanne's 'Symbiotic' Relationship: They're Like 'Mongoose and Cobra'


Trump says he won't given SOTU address after being disinvited and humiliated by Pelosi

"Trump can't just show up somewhere he's not invited. This isn't the dressing room at Miss Teen USA"

This Sebring Bank shooting was horrendous!

South Carolina foster care providers can reject based on religion

"a shutdown achieves kleptocratic goals they've held for a long time."

Turkey's at the salt lick!

Why doesn't Trump have his border wall?

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft sponsored a right-wing conference that promoted climate change......

The Hard Part of Computer Science? Getting Into Class

Elizabeth Warren criticizes Trump's wall as 'dumb' and cruel in Puerto Rico

Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care -- the Human Caravan You Haven't Heard About

'I don't understand why they don't just eat cake' (Wilbur Ross edition)

Litter Of Kittens Found Crying In Trash Bag 🔹 The Dodo Little But Fierce

"Transgender soldiers are waking up and seeing this nation is going to turn their backs on them, and

FDA's opioids adviser accuses agency of having 'direct' link to crisis

Michael Cohen's Lawyer Rips Trump's 'Mafioso Don' Witness 'Intimidation'

Bird-hemian Rhapsody - Cockatiel serenades Freddie Mercury:

Fact Checker Analysis - Ocasio-Cortez's misfired facts on living wage and minimum wage

Walter the dog sings "Roxanne" better than Sting!

Moscow Trump Tower Plans That "Don't Exist" Found with Putin Bribe

Trump Walked Out of Policy Meeting to Watch TV

Feline enjoys his catio while the canine is under house arrest.

Ross: 'I don't quite understand why' federal workers need food banks during shutdown

Secretary Wilbur Ross shows a deep understanding and compassion for 800,000 Federal workers.

Watch to the end.

Trump touts advancements with North Korea ahead of second summit

Wilbur Ross is as big a POS as his boss.

Kamala Harris wins latest Daily KOS straw poll

Terry McAuliffe to decide on Presidential bid...

The CBS Morning News today had a story about a Federal worker who was rationing insulin.

Billionaire Wilbur Ross "doesn't really quite understand why" Fed workers are going to food banks

Speaker Pelosi is effective...

"The money Congress has been given by us is not...a binky, it's not there to just make Trump behave"

Price of US stamps goes up in 2 days!

So if another country declares our 2016 election a fraud based on Russian interference, it can

Wind chills as low as 35 below zero expected. * WHERE...Portions of northwest and west central Wisc

Ladder shown defeating border wall

Mitch McConnell Is Spending the Shutdown Confirming More Trump Judges

Anthony Scaramucci has exited CBS' "Celebrity Big Brother" house after just six days.

Remember when it was considered a scandal that W's cabinet was 'the millionaire cabinet'???

Fox News Poll: Voters see shutdown as bigger problem than border situation

Trump and GOP are terrorist mobsters

Wikileaks has sunk to a new low.

Could This Shutdown Also be an Intentional Test of Americans' Mettle?

AOC comment about Hannity and Fox

Trump Starts To Lose Conservatives Who See Wall As Simplistic Fixation

Has anyone here considered the potential irony of a 'Kennedy/Castro' ticket?

The Rundown: January 23, 2019

Sorry that it is Fox: Awful letter to furloughed workers

Cher: "No one is safe in Trump's America

Art of the Week: Week of 1/23/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 1/23/2019

'Make-believe' lawmaker Lindsey Graham burned to the ground by George Will for sucking up to Trump

Trump's Poll Numbers Are TANKING

Howlin' Wolf--one of the very best bluesmen. 'Goin' Down Slow'

Pic Of The Moment: This Is Making America Great Again?

The Trump Administration Quietly Changed the Definition of Domestic Violence

Kamala Harris Dances to Cardi B While Preparing to Give Her Speech

Hebrew Israelites See Divine Intervention in Lincoln Memorial Confrontation

Deutsche Bank queried by House panels on Trump ties

Dan Crenshaw Hyperventilates About Media Coverage of Christians: 'This Is a Crisis'

Lindsey Graham renews probe into Hillary's emails; Democrats burst out laughing

Pelosi claims win over Trump in State of the Union showdown


EPA fines for polluters drop 85 percent under Trump, which former officials say could cripple effort

Why Did Trump Choose This Song For His Inauguration???

Five people murdered in a bank in Florida. The perpetrator? Another white male born in the US.

Okay, seriously, why so much talk about the wall instead of about immigration issues?

"Economic anxieties" strike again

I just figured out where I have seen Trumps signature before.

Mueller grand jury meeting today--first time since indictments in July

My current Top 6: Warren, Harris, Brown, Booker, Castro, Klobuchar

To everyone in the Aviation industry, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Mechanics, Technicians

One of Pelosi's greatest moves is NOT to allow the GOP to sully Democrats with their bad ideas

How your grandparents describe their journey to school:

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (@RepAOC) explains why she voted "NO" on Passage of H.J.Res. 28

CNN's Alisyn Camerota is in awe of the "presidential tone" of Trump's SOTU concession tweet.

The protests are growing, more and more workers are not showing up for work.

An unintended consequence? Shutdown highlights the importance and value of government.

Judge Extends Restraining Order Against Michael Avenatti

Trump's tweet below is a felony.

Netflix busted me! One episode of Ozark

Hubby goes on axe rampage over prized action figures, say cops

In line at Broward County Courthouse

Rep. Luria, Virginia Democrat, urges Pelosi to offer Trump a vote on border security funding

Chavistas beg party zealots to surround them in all night vigil. Nobody shows up.

Is a right wing source?

S&P, Dow dip on Commerce chief Ross's trade comment; chips buoy Nasdaq

How crass would it be to propose a bill/resolution requiring republicans register as foreign agents?

"Moby Wall," A Novel

Court in Italy rules interior minister should be tried for kidnapping of migrants

A 53 year-old homeless man was arrested after trying and failing to use a counterfeit $20 bill to...

Does Trump Realize The Longer He Extends The Shutdown That The SOTU......

Is this really too much to ask

Expert: Trump Suborned Perjury Many Times Before Cohen

El Helicoide: From shopping mall to torture prison

Michael Cohen subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence committee

I've got it now: he's Poundfoolish, a deranged clown hiding in a tower

In just one day, House committee chairs announced three new investigations into Trump.

Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care -- the Human Caravan You Haven't Heard About

SOTU Article II Section 3

Joe Manchin will vote for Trump's plan to end shutdown

So, What Does the Word "Christian" Mean?

Don't believe your own eyes.... this is straight out of the Nazi playbook.

Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Cohen to Testify in February

All 5 of the Sebring shooter's victims were women, police chief says

Third GOP senator to break with party, vote to reopen government without border wall funding (We got

New--Was just told that FBI internships are being canceled due to the shutdown, which amounts to...

The Divine Ms. M

Doomsday Clock - 2 minutes from Armageddon

Did Michael Cohen Say He'd Take A Bullet For Trump Or.....

Speaker Pelosi: "Is this the 'let them eat cake' kind of attitude, or 'call your father for money?'"

Who am I to argue with John Dingell?

How did such an ignorant/stupid person get to be president?

Trump Commerative Plates -


Oh Joe

Laurence Tribe: "Crimes in plain view, not so much."

Where are the candy hearts? Popular Valentine's Day tradition missing

CNN: Cohen subpoenaed today.

Joe Manchin will vote for Trump's plan to end shutdown

NY institutes $15 minimum wage and they raise the price of my Pizza Slice.

"Women of the House" S01E10 "Women in Film"-- one of the best comments on the subject I have seen

I must clarify a recent post I wrote. Some people here took it the wrong way.

"Women of the House" S01E10 "Women in Film" one of the best commentaries on that subject I have seen

Trump's tariffs didn't bring back all those factory jobs he promised

Mourning military families won't get government death benefits

I don't understand why some of the federal workers don't just tap into their inheritance.

Pat Summerall and John Madden called Brady's first Superbowl

Mac and Cheese recipe!

Now that is funny! Sarcasm!

The Fish You Really Should Be Cooking

Wilbur Ross is an out of touch piece of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 .

'where this thing went so wrong"...

Trump is seething and stewing in his own bile, just itching for a reason to lash out at Nancy

Putin and the Weaknesses of the West

Samantha Bee Full Frontal-- "Women Running for President"

Bat squee!

LOL! Altered video of Lara 'let them eat cake' Trump

Group launches 'Draft Ann Coulter' for president

I want a slam dunk candidate, and I don't think Harris, Biden, Warren, Sanders, etc., are it

Thank You people of NYC

Europe court orders Italy to pay damages to Amanda Knox

Iowa's controversial 'heartbeat' abortion law deemed unconstitutional

Trump break.. Found this on my computer

Gematria, Professional Wrestling, and Trump's Biblical Border Wall

EU steps up legal procedure against Hungary for criminalising support for migrants

Victorian photos of frozen Niagara Falls

The Defense Dept. Is About to Fire More Than 13,700 Trans People

Off-duty St. Louis police officer killed in 'accidental shooting' involving two other officers

Nobody expects... the Hate Mailbag!

The Plum Line Opinion There is only one way to break Trump's pathology. Pelosi has found it.


Stand By Me: John Lennon

That man & his nicknames habit

Bloomberg Calls (Marijuana) Legalization 'Stupidest Thing Ever Done'

Sure my employer may not pay me, but he tells it like it is and he makes liberals uncomfortable

The shutdown is Trump's ultimate attack on American intellectual life

72% of Americans are 'very worried' about climate change

Deer jumps over surprised dog on doorbell cam

White House patronizes 'freshman' @AOC to Fox News - tells her to leave climate change up to God.

Extreme Arctic outbreak possible next week as polar vortex targets northern U.S.

The woman who was assaulted at a home care

Reflecting on Trumpers and horses

This is called witness tampering

Morning Joe MSNBC January 24

When the reviews are better than the cover

NEW: State Dept.: U.S. "ready to provide more than $20 million in initial humanitarian assistance to

MSNBC Just Said His Approval Is Down To 34%

Weezer's new covers album

Brexit : Dyson's move shows that the Thatcherite dream of a free-market Brexit is dying

The ugly facts about the MAGA hat kids

Forced to work, and unable to strike: US federal workers need solidarity Anonymous The shutdown is

Watching the Senate and seeing the Repubs pleading for paying the Coast Guard...

Will the House subpoena Cohen today?

Achievement unlocked

Great Television - Tune in the Senate TV, some great debate going on

Young Voters Keep Moving to the Left on Social Issues, Republicans Included

Some Fed workers will probably die, because

The Letter, To Show To Creditors, Unpaid DHS Agents Are Given.

This Time It's Russia's Emails Getting Leaked

Rusty Lintballs has a sad....(We ARE WINNING!)

This Time It's Russia's Emails Getting Leaked

The Dude returns...

When did Red Rose quit putting figurines in their boxes of tea?

Get on the stick Robert Mueller

Let's brainstorm some ways to get Fed employees paid...

Now here's a "border" wall I would support....

Hope for Paws helps more than homeless pups.

I really enjoy the animal posts here.

All the elements are in place for a presidential coup as evangelicals openly long for a 'king'

Ceiling Cat Redux

Democrats need to organize a massive telethon to raise money to assist Federal Workers and

Ann Coulter whines that Trump 'unfollowed me on Twitter'

covington hs-- an incubator for baby kavanaughs.

WAPO: Fact checks AOC statements on living and minimum wage

Trump's shutdown gift to Pelosi: A unified Democratic caucus

National Sick Out

Trump's Disney Robot Obsession and The Mooch's Dick Joke: Scenes From a WH Insider

Black Children Don't Have Nick Sandmann's Rights

Dear Furloughed Federal Workers, Please Take Note....

The Pain of the Second Missed Paycheck

Look At Me: John Lennon

Elizabeth Warren to propose new 'wealth tax' on very rich Americans, economist says

How Polish Women are Pushing Back on Anti-Abortion Policies

How Polish Women are Pushing Back on Anti-Abortion Policies

So, let me get this straight: All you have to do to not show up and testify to House commitees is

How Polish Women are Pushing Back on Anti-Abortion Policies

Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Do you really want to get on a plane?

the covington assholes--let us remember that they were in DC for the woman-hating, anti-choice

All those federal workers on furlough or not being paid

Under Trump, states step up effort to restrict abortion access

Under Trump, states step up effort to restrict abortion access

Knehans: ""Drift" (Oboe & Strings), "Ripple" (For Orchestra)/Bryars: "The Fifth Century-Eternity Is

Move On is organizing "Shut Down the Wall, Open the Government" day of action on Tuesday, 1/29

Under Trump, states step up effort to restrict abortion access

Under Trump, states step up effort to restrict abortion access

Schumer speaking in the Senate now n/t

Voters in one English town warn London: 'Do not betray our Brexit'

HAPPENING NOW.... A bunch of house Dems are marching to the senate to pressure them to reopen...

Soldier & Pup are SO Happy To be Reunited

Holy shite: Righteous rant by Sen. Bennet in response to Sen. Cruz.

Airbus CEO warns it could move in event of no-deal Brexit

Government Shutdown will shut down reelection of Trump and his gang of Republican thieves

Guess who else went to a religious high School!

Fox News host gets visibly frustrated as raving Trump adviser Larry Kudlow ducks questions on the s

Spain's far right hates not only immigrants, but also women

Spain's far right hates not only immigrants, but also women

Spain's far right hates not only immigrants, but also women

I'm wondering

Nancy Pelosi is an alien species to Trump - and he has no idea what to do

Furloughed worker: "I have $1.06 in my bank account"

Low-key Dem senator rains hell on Ted Cruz for crying 'crocodile tears' while refusing to end the sh

Senate Sets Test Votes to End Government Shutdown as Pressure Mounts

Food Banks Usually Replenish Their Resources in January. This Year, They Got the Shutdown Instead.

Sen. Michael Bennet slams Ted Cruz: "These crocodile tears that the Senator from Texas

Vote started in the Senate

Women's March 2019: Thousands across the US march for third year Women and supporters across the US

Roger Stone lives in fear -- and spends his Fridays waiting to be hauled off to jail: CNN

Women's March 2019: Thousands across the US march for third year Women and supporters across the US

Besides Trump wanting him. What gives Guaido legitimacy in Venezuala?

Black Children Don't Have Nick Sandmann's Rights

Michael Cohen adviser Lanny Davis wants Trump censured by Congress for 'witness tampering'.

Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel resigns after Halloween blackface photos emerge

Analysis: Nancy Pelosi flexes her muscle over Trump

House Dems storm the Senate floor to pressure Republicans to end the shutdown

Anybody know why Cotton and Lee were both Nay on the funding-with-wall bill?

With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but...

Hypocrite News

NPR says all five murdered in Sebring, FL were women.

Senate needed 60 votes to fund the wall and open govt....they got 51

U.S. Commerce chief to federal workers: get a loan

CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent can F off

PG&E says it might have to quintuple its utility rates

Here are the other two blankets I made at Christmas

House Speaker Pelosi: Ready to meet Trump any time over shutdown

In Hypocrite News

Remember The Titans

US requests meeting of UN Security Council to discuss 'ongoing crisis' in Venezuela

Bahrain to sink Boeing jet for underwater theme park

Happy is getting big!

Op-Ed: Get Politics Out of Our Parks

Federal workers affected by partial shutdown to be billed for dental, vision coverage

Luckovich-I wish that you'd remove that confederate monument you're wearing

GOP seeks to chip away at Dem unity with shutdown votes


GOP compares Ocasio-Cortez to Trump

The dangerous Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota ... must be stopped.

Bonds and Clemens kept out of the HOF again. What are your thoughts?

Stepson of target in Russia probe testifies to grand jury (APNews)

52-44 for the Dem bill

Mama Don't Take My Kodachrome Away (P. Simon)

Dem vote in Senate: 52 yes, 44 no

Any trump supporters lurking? If so, I like to know how you think these rich guys

3 years in the making: New law on police use of deadly force

Six GOP Senators Buck Trump As Competing Shutdown Measures Fail

The headline news tonight should be Republicans voted against a bill that they previously voted for.

Nile Rodgers & Chic Offer Free Tickets to Furloughed Government Workers

Ha! Dem proposal got more votes than tRump proposal in the Senate just now.

Still No Wall and Trump Takes the Fall

The Times They Are A Changin' By Bob Dylan

Manafort to confront lying charges in court Friday (in person)

Most Americans think climate change is happening -- National polls

Report: Two coyotes in Ballard got drunk on craft beer

Who knew? Trump's top White House attorney is Covington Catholic High School graduate

San Diego Republican Assemblyman Brian Maienschein switches parties and joins Democrats

Nina Cried Power - Hozier w/Mavis Staples

Dems Agree to Fund Wall and Reopen Government If Trump Leaves Country Forever

Meanwhile, 800000 people are trying to work and live without an income.

Regarding Cohen's FIL...

Happy 78th birthday, Neil Leslie Diamond.

Poll: Majority of voters support $15 minimum wage

Florida Secretary of State Mike Ertel resigns after Halloween blackface photos emerge


California GOP fumes after assemblyman leaves the Republican Party and trashes Trump on his way out

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 24,2019

Economic turnaround seen with regime change in Venezuela

Why come to Congress only to kneel to president's whim?

BREAKING: Michael Cohen Subpoenaed by Senate

Happy 78th birthday, Neil Leslie Diamond.

Why stop at Trump's fingers when altering reality

He will NEVER EVER re-open the govt...NEVER.

George Soros says the US and China are in a cold war that 'threatens to turn into a hot one'

Cartoons 1/24/19

Quick question to the legal beagles here re: Cohen House testimony date vs. his incarceration date..

FL GOP Sec of State resigns after blackface photo surfaces

Ana Navarro: "Do me a favor, do us all a favor, either shut the hell up or fake it."

Top notch AP reporting strikes again

I hate hearing the Dotard called "President Trump".

Dying ain't easy.

So Cohen has to testify now?

A few minutes ago on Nicolle Wallace's show: "Nancy Pelosi is NOT a condo buyer!"

Airline workers 'cannot even calculate' risk from Trump shutdown

Other birthdays today: Aaron Neville, Jools Holland, and John Belushi.

surprise surprise trumpy loves the covington kid

44 GOP senators vote to keep government shut to make Trump happy

Burn baby, burn ...

Pelosi for President 2020

It's not the "Government" or "the Congress" or "the Senate" who's keeping it closed

Florida elections chief resigns after blackface photos emerge

The real-life Garfield the cat? "Fucks given: zero"

Since Cohen has been convicted, can he plead the 5th now?

How can teachers teach about govt and constitution today? Eg, how bills become laws?

Ok friends how about Manchin from W. Virginia ?

Japanese Maritime Patrol Incidents- Part II

Exclusive: U.S. to begin returning asylum seekers to Mexico on Friday - official

Just so no confusion, NO COMPARISON between Manchin and AOC votes, NONE

Six Nominations Sent to the Senate

Looks like they're gonna pass a 3 week CR....

The Fall of 'Davos Man': Robert Reich

Pentagon Fears Confirmed: Climate Change Leads to More Wars and Refugees

Pentagon Fears Confirmed: Climate Change Leads to More Wars and Refugees

Joy-Ann Reid: Taxpayer Dollars Are Not A Binky You Give To Trump

"Crocodile Tears!"

These lawmakers crossed the aisle to vote for plans to reopen government

Please remember trump said most federal workers were Democrats

Emotional support bear?

On being furloughed from your job.

The World's Biggest Brands Want You to Refill Your Orange Juice and Deodorant

Teenage Diver Finds Tons Of Golf Balls Rotting Off California

10-Year-Old Boy Wins Science Fair By Questioning if Tom Brady is a Cheater

The President of the United States is compromised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Jong-un applauds Trump

Former Coast Guard master chief slams administration for shutdown: 'We are so ashamed of you'

How Every Senator Voted on Ending the Government Shutdown

Lindsey thinks Dems should give Trump the $5.7B in exchange for re-opening gov't for THREE WEEKS.

'The crisis isn't at the border, it's right here in America': Shutdown threatens housing for 40,000

Pro-Trump PAC loses faith in the president - tries to recruit Ann Coulter as 2020 challenger

Laura Rozen: When did Mueller Grand Jury start meeting on Thursdays?

After Drumpt's SOTU debacle reporters should

Feds Working Without Pay are 'Volunteering' Out of Love For President Trump, Kudlow Says

Los Angeles and Other Cities Stash Money to Prepare for a Recession

Scamming Grandma: Financial Abuse of Seniors Hits Record

Shutdown May Be Proving Value of Government

NASA space center asking employees to volunteer to clean bathrooms during shutdown

Trump's live now: "Almost all of the Democrats are breaking for the wall."

Who's going to control the world's largest oil reserve?

The Monk Who Taught the World Mindfulness Awaits the End of This Life

Trump: "I have other alternatives, and I'll use them if I have to."

Who the FUCK is he talking to??????

Border agency shares video of migrants scaling wall with ladder

Exclusive: White House preparing draft national emergency order and identified $7 billion for wall

White House says no short-term funding bill without 'down payment' on wall

Drumpf is so delusional!!!!! He believes his own lies! Will the last American

So, now Trump only wants a down payment and he will open the government for only 3 weeks?

Okay They Did Not Open The Government Today

Trump: "Many of those people who are not getting paid are totally in favor of what we're doing"

Not one fucking penny! No "down payment"

Pelosi: No Dem counteroffer on border security

We are living in the movie The Truman Show!

Florida Secretary of State resigns after blackface photo emerges:

Do you think Trump will declare national Emergency use the $7 billionfor the wall and open the govt?

Photos difficult to see. People in the last moments with their animals.

Trump should ask Oleg Deripaska to help fund the wall

Desperate for Cash, Venezuela Gives Putin Control of Oil Assets

Trump's asked about Wilbur Ross statements, says he hasn't seen it, then explains what Ross meant.


Donald Trump's medical reveals serious heart disease concerns, say doctors

Let's all say it....ONE. TERM. PRESIDENT.

Claire McCaskill just exposed Trumps lie.....

Young Voters Keep Moving to the Left on Social Issues, Republicans Included

Can any Russian speakers help me out with a video?

Exclusive: White House preparing draft national emergency order, has identified $7 billion for wall

Is this a possible way out of the shutdown?

The widening impact of the shutdown, from agencies to contractors.

The US has a long history of inappropriately intervening in Latin American nations ...

I love all our announced candidates but Elizabeth's tax reform speaks for me. I like it.

Europe court orders Italy to pay damages to Amanda Knox

Robert Mueller's probe extends to NRA!!!

Hawaii's Gabbard formally launches campaign for president


Sen. Mazie Hirono destroys Trump:

Exclusive: U.S. to begin returning asylum seekers to Mexico on Friday - official

Donald Trump Tried To Bribe Reporter To Reveal An Anonymous Source In Search For White House Leakers

Media keeps saying; "maybe Donnie Short Fingers has met his match"

Trump wanted his Disney Hall of Presidents robot to boast about his real estate career to amusement

NY Jets trying to win next year's "Most Ugly New Uniform" contest?

Border agency shares video of migrants scaling wall with ladder

Hair Art Or Unmasking?

Fox News reporter stunned after Trump-backed bill gets less votes than the Dems' bill in GOP-led Se

Scaramucci Bragged About Being 'Black From the Waist Down,' Former Trump Aide Says

Trump Just Showed That He Has No Clue How Grocery Stores Work